It's official - Idris Elba is part of the James Bond conversation

The James Bond bosses have officially responded to rumors about Idris Elba being possibly cast as the next 007.

Fans have long wanted to see a black James Bond make it to the big screen. So far, this hasn't happened yet. But, many would like to see Idris Elba make history as the first black Bond actor. Although the Luther star is a bit on the older side at 49 years old now, Elba just received a vote of confidence from the producer, Barbara Broccoli.

Idris Elba Part James Bond Conversation
If chosen, Idris Elba would be the first Black actor to play James Bond.

Daniel Craig recently ended his run as James Bond after over a decade with No Time to Die. The film was a huge success at the global box office, setting a pandemic box office record during its initial theatrical run. The film recently returned to theaters on January 21 to help celebrate the franchise's 60th anniversary.

Having said that, even though Daniel Craig could not care any less about who will take over, Broccoli shed some light on who could be the next James Bond.

In an interview with Deadline Podcast, Broccoli revealed that Idris has "been part of the conversation." But, the longtime James Bond producer did clarify that her focus was on giving Daniel a proper sendoff and "reap the benefits of Daniel's wonderful tenure." As we've already mentioned, Craig's run as James Bond is over now, so it stands to reason that fans are curious.

As for Elba, he mentioned last year that he isn't going to be the next Bond. Of course, at the time, Broccoli probably hadn't started her search yet, so things might have changed since. We reckon Elba wouldn't hesitate to change his mind if Broccoli approached him to star as the next James Bond, whenever the next film might happen. Then again, we don't think Broccoli is in a rush to replace Craig.

Elba is far from a bad choice for the next James Bond. Elba is a proven and versatile actor that has handled different types of roles over the years. It's easy to imagine Elba suiting up as the dashing debonaire superspy and ordering 007's favorite martini while telling the bartender that he prefers to have it "shaken, not stirred."

If Elba does officially throw his hat into the ring, he'll face some heavy competition. For one, Ryan Reynolds has expressed his interest in the role in the past. The same goes for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Even Tom Holland wants to be James Bond too. Then there are a handful of others who are interested in the role. But, if you left it up to fans, odds are that most would vote for Elba as the next James Bond.

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