Idris Elba wants to fight Superman in the DCEU

The Suicide Squad actor is open to reprising his role as Bloodsport if he can get a chance to go toe-to-toe with Superman.

Idris Elba had his time in the DC Extended Universe as Bloodsport in last year's The Suicide Squad. But, if you ask him, he's still up for more. Not only that, but Elba apparently wants to take a page out of the comic books and bring Bloodsport's comic book storyline to the big screens - him going up against Superman.

Idris Elba Fight Superman Dceu
Although unlikely, a possible scenario in the Snyderverse is Bloodsport teaming up with the resistance to take out a rogue Superman.

Technically, The Suicide Squad touched up on Bloodsport's previous scuffle with the Man of Steel. Just as Amanda Waller, who was masterfully played by Viola Davis, was rounding up the members of Task Force X, she mentioned that Robert DuBois is an assassin who almost killed Superman using a kryptonite bullet. Unfortunately, Bloodsport failed, which led to his arrest and incarceration in Belle Reve.

Here's what Elba recently said to Variety in an interview while promoting "Beast":

I would definitely like to tell the Superman story. There's no doubt. Bloodsport versus Superman. It needs to happen.

Idris Elba Fight Superman Dceu
A Bloodsport prequel detailing the events of the failed Superman assassination could do well under the right direction.

Bloodsport is a notorious figure in the comic books for coming close to killing Superman. In fact, if not for Jimmy Olsen, Bloodsport could have very well succeeded.

If Elba has his way, which we might given his pull and stature in Hollywood, the Bloodsport vs Superman film will have to be a prequel. Then again, we're pretty sure someone with a creative mind like James Gunn could find a way to work that into the current DCEU timeline.

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Speaking of, did you know that one of the original plans of The Suicide Squad was to pit them against Superman? Obviously, this never happened. If it's any consolation, something similar will take place in Rocksteady Studios' upcoming Arkhamverse game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which was delayed to 2023.

Also, going back to Elba, the prospective James Bond actor revealed in a separate interview with Fandango's Erik Davis that "something really sexy's cooking" between him and DC.

At the moment, Elba's filming Training Day 2, a sequel to the 2001 film, which is due out in 2023. After this, Elba's schedule is pretty open. If nothing else, this implies that we'll hear more about Elba's next project with the DCEU pretty soon.

In the meantime, DCEU fans can look forward to a handful of The Suicide Squad spinoffs that remain intact despite the cancelation of Batgirl. The movie will reportedly get a spinoff centered around Viola Davis' Amanda Waller and the second season of Peacemaker, as well as other spin-offs all involving James Gunn.

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