id Software might be working on a new DOOM or Quake game

It's been two years since id Software released Doom Eternal, which makes it the perfect time to announce its next project.

id Software is a studio that is synonymous with first-person shooters. From DOOM to Wolfenstein and Quake, id Software is the studio that kickstarted an entire genre that's worth several billions of dollars. So, when id is showing even the smallest sign that it's working on a new game, fans are quick to take notice.

Come to think of it, a new Quake game for the Xbox Series S/X wouldn't be the worst idea.
Come to think of it, a new Quake game for the Xbox Series S/X wouldn't be the worst idea.

Case in point, XboxWorlds recently spotted a listing on the official ZeniMax website that suggests the studio is prepping for a new first-person game. Specifically, the post details the studio's need for a Combat Designer with "in depth knowledge of recent id games, including DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal." Several fans believe that this is "confirmation" that id's next project is a third DOOM game for the rebooted franchise for next-gen consoles.

DOOM is one of the oldest properties in existence. The game was originally launched in 1993 and has since spawned several sequels. After getting a live-action adaptation, a handful of expansions and spinoffs, as well as a remaster, id Software rebooted DOOM in 2016, giving the decades-old shooter a modern facelift while retaining its identity as a twitch shooter. Four years later, DOOM Eternal further proved that there's still a place for insanely fast shooters in this day and age.

Ultimately, the job post could mean several other things. As we've already mentioned, id Software is sitting on a handful of shooter franchises. In addition to DOOM, id Software could also be working on a new Quake game. Lest we forget, there were rumors of a Quake reboot last year. Even if this turned out to be a remaster, the warm reception from both fans and critics alike could have encouraged id Software to reconsider and work on an actual reboot instead.

We're sure fans wouldn't mind seeing more DLC for Doom Eternal if this was what the listing was for.
We're sure fans wouldn't mind seeing more DLC for Doom Eternal if this was what the listing is for.

Having said that, a new DOOM game isn't entirely good news. In particular, don't pin your hopes on a multiplatform release if it is indeed confirmed. After Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media in late 2020, it's been a guessing game for all of the publisher's properties. Although a new DOOM or Quake game would benefit more from being released across multiple platforms for a larger audience, who knows? Games like Redfall and Starfield are already exclusive to the Xbox Series S/X, so what's stopping Microsoft from doing the same to the next DOOM or QUAKE game?

In other shooter news, Microsoft is hoping to bring Activision Blizzard's marquee shooter, Call of Duty, to the Nintendo Switch. While this alarmed fans due to the potential compromises that would need to be made on the slower system, it's worth pointing out that DOOM Eternal is also available on Nintendo's hybrid console.

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