Unannounced id Software Game Spotted Being Rated in Australia

It looks like id Software is busy working on two unannounced projects simultaneously after the Australian Classification Board leaked Project 2021B.

Keen-eyed fans have just spotted a new and unannounced game from the developers of the DOOM series of shooters. The listing was found in Australia, courtesy of the Australian Classification Board.

After 2020's Doom Eternal, id Software now has two unannounced projects that's been leaked by the Australian Classification Board.

According to the details found on the listing, the game is named Project 2021B. It's rated M for violence and online interactivity. In addition to this, the listing reads that Project 2021B is a multiplayer "computer game" that is being developed by id Software and will be published by ZeniMax Europe.

If you're curious and want to see the listing for yourself, click here.

What Is Project 2021B by id Software?

id Software is known for ultra-violent games. This is why the M rating for Project 2021B is so interesting.

The odd title might look familiar for those who've been following id Software's projects lately. It's similar but different from Project 2021A, which was also leaked back in January via another Classification Board website. Project 2021A is also an unannounced game that will be published by Bethesda and is not the same as Project 2021B.

Aside from the difference in publishers, Project 2021A is also rated 18+ for "high impact violence" and is a virtual reality game. This has led to numerous websites predicting that Project 2021A is a code name for a Doom Eternal VR game.

On the other hand, 2021B is rated two full levels below 2021A's R18+ with an M rating.

Some believe that 2021B isn't necessarily a new game and argue that it's merely just a next-gen version of 2020's Doom Eternal. However, Doom Eternal was rated R18+. So was 2016's Doom before it. It just doesn't make sense for a next-gen version of Doom Eternal to drop down multiple tiers in terms of rating just because of a technical update.

So, what exactly is 2021B? At this point, no one seems to know. Even 2021A is unconfirmed. Both could very well be related to each other. At the same time, both could be separate projects that id Software is just working on at the same time.

The most interesting fact here is 2021B's rating. It doesn't make sense for the next Doom game to just have an M rating. Even the Quake games, which have long been rumored to be a part of a remastered collection, were rated MA 15+ by the Australian Classification Board.

TLDR; Project 2021B probably isn't a Doom or Quake game and it definitely isn't a VR game. It could be an entirely new IP that's less violent than what id Software is known for.

Speaking of listings, the Australian Classification Board has been a steady source of leaked games in recent weeks. The same games classification board also leaked the Castlevania Advance Collection a few weeks ago.

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