Hulk Hogan has high praise for The Tribal Chief

The Hulkster's championship reign is one of the records that the WWE supposedly wants to surpass with Roman Reigns.

You could say that Roman Reigns has been officially acknowledged by one of the foremost legends in WWE history.

The Tribal Chief might get plenty of heat from WWE fans as the top heel of the company but it appears that he's got a huge fan (both literally and figuratively) in Hulk Hogan.

In a recent interview on FS1's TMZ Sports, the beloved but controversial WWE Hall of Famer expressed his admiration for the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. Hogan credits Rogan for helping to keep the old-school style of wrestling alive and relevant in this modern age. Hogan says that Reigns has stepped up and brought professional wrestling "back to where it should be" with his style and presentation.

Ironically, Hulk Hogan is one of the guys that the WWE is rumored to be gearing up to surpass in the WWE record books.

The Head of the Table recently celebrated his 1,000th day as the reigning world champion at the Night of Champions albeit things didn't exactly go his way at the event.

Reigns' most recent accomplishment positions him as one of the longest-reigning WWE champions in history, surpassed by only a few including Hogan himself, Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, and the legendary Bruno Sammartino who had two runs of at least a thousand days each. 

Hulk Hogan has gone through several reinventions throughout his long and storied career but most will remember him for his "Hollywood Hogan" persona.

Hogan's comments come at a time when the pace of pro wrestling has changed compared to his era. The more constant, as well as intensified exposure of the WWE in mainstream media, has made long championship reigns a thing of the past. Not to mention, the modern style of wrestling that favors smaller, faster, and more athletic wrestlers, means the brutes such as Reigns, are far and few in between. But, Hogan contends that Reigns proves that there's still a place for a slower and more methodical style.

Coincidentally, Gunther, who's on track to becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion, favors a similar style. It's believed that the WWE is heavily considering pushing Gunther as a main-event wrestler in the future.

The Tribal Chief has fought and defeated the best superstars on WWE's roster, including being the only one to have beaten Brock Lesnar clean twice in a row. The list of names that Reigns has taken out during his historic run includes the likes of Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, Goldberg, and more. His latest opponent, Cody Rhodes, is an example of a wrestler that employs the more modern style of WWE wrestling.

Hogan's old age and a long list of injuries has made it difficult for him to get the retirement match he's always wanted.

Unfortunately, while Hogan expressed his desire to work together with Reigns, especially if he was in his prime, the Hulkster admits that his body is "just too beat up" right now to do this.

The wrestling icon, who hasn't wrestled in over a decade, has had several back surgeries and other maladies over the years. To date, Hogan laments not getting a retirement match as his physical condition restricts him from doing so.

If the opportunity presents itself, Hogan would've loved to have worked together with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. However, at his age and the toll that his long career has taken on his body, it seems unlikely that Hogan will return to the ring soon if at all.

But, hey, at least we got that special moment between Hogan, Austin, and The Rock at WrestleMania 30.

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