Hugh Jackman reveals that MCU's Wolverine is be "angrier"

Wolverine's always been an angry mutant but his MCU debut might see an even angrier version of Experiment X.

It's no secret that Wolverine has anger management issues. It's the defining characteristic of Logan, better known as Wolverine.

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Hugh Jackman reveals that we are going to get an angry Wolverine in Deadpool 3.

We may get an even angrier version of Wolverine as he joins the MCU. Hugh Jackman, the actor who portrays Logan, aka Wolverine, revealed that his character for Deadpool 3 is even angrier than any of his previous portrayals of the superhero.

Speaking to Associated Press at the red-carpet premiere of his upcoming movie The Son, Jackman reveals that he is excited to play the role of Wolverine again. "It’s a lot of fun. It’s been five years and I really never thought I’d come back. And I’m really, really excited to come back," Jackman tells AP.

"I can tell you I’m going to have the time of my life. I can tell you I’ve started back at the gym, and I’m eating a lot, and I feel bad for the cast of The Music Man [his current project] with the amount of protein shakes I’m having," Jackman reveals.

He has recently returned to Broadway as Prof. Harold Hill in the musical The Music Man. The actor has recently shared that his costume has been altered several times since he began training for his role in Deadpool 3.

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Jackman has begun training for his role in the third Deadpool movie.

When asked if his character was the gentler version in the X-Men or the angry one, the actor replies "there's no choice." He adds that Wolverine is "definitely angrier, grumpy, and he's gonna take a lot of free shots at Ryan Reynolds, let me tell you. Physically, that is."

Good thing that he is taking free shots at a character that is seemingly immortal with his superhuman ability to heal. Deadpool has tried all sorts of ways to end his life in Deadpool 2. He was even ripped in half by Juggernaut and regrew the lower half of his body.

An angry Logan teaming up with the comedic Wade Wilson will surely be a lot of fun. The Deadpool versus Wolverine fight has been done before albeit with a mute Wade Wilson. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Logan defeats Wade Wilson by decapitating him and burying the body beneath the rumble of a nuclear powerplant cooling tower.

Wolverine Vs Deadpool
The duo of Deadpool and Wolverine should be very entertaining.

Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool is more of a happy camper and will surely find ways to annoy Wolverine. In the previous movies, Deadpool always pokes fun at Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

The upcoming movie will be the debut of both Deadpool and Wolverine in the MCU. During a previous trailer, Reynolds and Jackman thanked Kevin Feige for bringing the characters into the MCU. With Logan and Professor X being present in the MCU, the X-Men will surely be added sometime in the future.

Fans eager to see Deadpool 3 must wait a while before the movie premieres. Disney has pushed back the premiere of the film to November 8, 2024, from its original September 6, 2024 launch after Blade III was delayed.

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