Hugh Jackman reveals possible title for Deadpool 3

The actor posts a monologue on Twitter where he mentions the title of the third Deadpool film.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have poked fun at each other for several years and in his latest gag, Jackman may have inadvertently revealed the official title of Deadpool 3.

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The Wolverine actor may have accidentally revealed the title of the upcoming Deadpool movie while trolling Ryan Reynolds.

The actor posted a video on social media to spread a positive message for 2023. Jackman mentions in his monologue that he loves the movie Spirited which stars Ryan Reynolds and Will Farrell. However, he doesn’t approve of the song "Good Afternoon" being a part of the shortlist of nominees for Best Song in the Academy Awards.

"Hey everybody it’s 2023, and I really really wanted to send out a positive message at the beginning of the year, but recent events have made that impossible," Jackman said. "Don't get me wrong. I love Spirited. It's a great movie."

The actor then added that "Good Afternoon" was part of the shortlist of nominees for Best Song. While he enjoyed the song, he said its inclusion in the Best Song category would make the next year of his life "insufferable."

"Ryan Reynolds getting a nomination in the Best Song category would make the next year of my life insufferable. It would mean I have to spend a year with him shooting Wolverine and Deadpool and trust me it would be impossible,” Jackman stated. Deadpool 3 will start filming this year. 

The actor then pleads with the Academy not to nominate Ryan Reynolds. "Please, from the bottom of my heart, do not validate Ryan Reynolds in this way," the Logan star said.

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The two actors have a long-running gag of trolling each other on social media.

Reynolds later retweeted the video, saying: "Disagree. I think the deepfakes that sung and danced for Will and I would love to perform at the Oscars."

The exchange is humorous and all but the really interesting bit is when Jackman called the upcoming movie "Wolverine and Deadpool." Reynolds picked up on the reference and tweeted "Also “Wolverine and Deadpool”, bub?" Jackman would reply "It’s catchy, right!?"

Wolverine and Deadpool would be a more apt title for the movie as it's not likely that Marvel would just name the film Deadpool 3.

Whatever Marvel chooses as the official title of the movie, we're sure audiences will laugh their hearts out at the cinemas, especially if the banter between Reynolds and Jackman in real life can translate into the big screen.

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New rumors suggest that Deadpool is out to kill the Fox Marvel universe.

New rumors suggest Deadpool 3 will pick up following the events of the previous film where Wade Wilson skips through timelines and causes mayhem. The plot may be similar to Marvel’s Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe comic series where Wade becomes insane and starts assassinating everyone. According to speculations, Wade will be killing off the Fox Marvel universe characters in reference to the MCU recasting every superhero from the Fox universe.

However, fans speculate that Wade will save a version of Wolverine from another timeline or multiverse. This may be the reason why the MCU will get an angrier version of Wolverine and it will also help preserve the timeline of the Logan movie.

There are rumors that characters from the Fox Marvel universe like the Fantastic Four and X-Men will appear in the upcoming movie. Deadpool 3 may ultimately be a send-off for the Fox universe and usher in the age of mutants in the MCU.

In this scenario, the Time Variance Authority will eventually have to intervene with Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius and other members of the TVA going after Deadpool. We may even get a cameo from Loki since the TVA will be part of Deadpool 3.

There are so many things that could happen in Deadpool 3 and we have no choice but to wait until November 8, 2024, to find out if all the speculations are true.

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