Huge WWE 2K announcement reportedly coming soon

Fans are expecting more WWE 2K news soon, presumably in April at WrestleMania 39.

WWE 2K23 is unfortunate enough to be a follow-up to one of the long-time wrestling sim's best games in decades. But, the high expectations aren't necessarily a bad thing as sticking the landing with WWE 2K22 means that Visual Concepts have nowhere to go but up. But, it's been nearly a year since WWE 2K22 came out, and fans are wondering if WWE 2K23 will also be released in March. Although we've no clue about a potential release date for the next WWE 2K game, we are hearing rumors about it.

huge wwe k announcement coming soon
WWE 2K23 is expected to double down on the MyFaction feature.

According to Sean Ross Sapp (via Ringside News), fans can expect to hear more about WWE 2K next month. Sapp didn't specifically say if it's going to be about WWE 2K23, but seeing as the game has already released most if not all of its post-launch content, we doubt that it'll be about WWE 2K22.

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Furthermore, Fightful reports that the WWE recently filmed a commercial in Los Angeles that features The Miz and Cody Rhodes, as well as presumably others like Maryse, Triple H, and Bad Bunny.

huge wwe k announcement coming soon
WWE 2K23 could be out as early as in March.

Unless 2K sports, WWE, and Visual Concepts are okay with skipping yet another year, WWE 2K will be back sometime next year. Once it comes out, it'll contend with its first legitimate competition in a long while. Yuke's, the former developers of the WWE 2K series, is working with All Elite Wrestling for AEW Fight Forever. The rival promotion's video game is set to come out in February.

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