HoYoverse is giving away free Primogems for winning the PlayStation Partner Awards 2022 Grand Award

HoYoverse is known to give away free Primogems on special occasions. Luckily, they just had another one.

If you're a Genshin Impact player, you know saving up Primogems for your favorite characters is not easy. If you're not aware, Primogems are a premium currency in Genshin Impact, used to wish for the characters in-game.

Free Primogems Featured

While newer players have multiple sources (archon quests, side quests, exploration, etc.) to earn free Primogems, end-game players are limited to only ongoing events, Spiral Abyss resets, and spending actual money. However, HoYoverse has been extremely generous these past few patches.

Fortunately, its generosity has been extended thanks to a recent award. Genshin Impact recently won a PlayStation Partner Awards 2022 Grand Award. To commemorate, HoYoverse is giving away a total of 800 free Primogems over four days from December 4 to 7, 2022.

Players will get 200 free Primogems daily from December 4 to 7 via in-game mail. Be sure to check your in-game mail every day you log in. The Primogems will be available in the mail upon server reset times.

The only requirement is to be at least Adventure Rank 7 or above. These rewards will stay in your in-game mail until the end of version 3.3. So be sure to claim them before the next patch ends, in order to get the full amount.

Like last year, players can also expect to get some more free Primogems if Genshin Impact wins this year's best mobile game award at The Game Awards 2022.

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