Triple H reveals how WWE will crown new World Heavyweight Champion

It appears that the championship belt for Monday Night RAW will be earned and not given to whoever will prove worthy enough to wear it on May 27.

Triple H is making sure that the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt is a big deal even for stars in SmackDown.

Triple H just made the "World Heavyweight Championship Tournament" official.

Ahead of WWE Backlash tomorrow, May 6, Saturday, the WWE Creative Head confirmed at a press conference that the road to earning the World Heavyweight Championship Belt won't come so easy.

According to the King of Kings, the May 8 episode of Monday Night RAW, the very first one after WWE Backlash, will host two Triple Threat matches. The winner of each one will then face off against each other. The same thing will happen on the May 12 episode of Friday Night SmackDown. The RAW and SmackDown winners will then go on to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship belt on Saturday, May 27, at the Night of Champions.

Unfortunately, the pre-Backlash press conference didn't have a Q&A portion. So, journalists in attendance couldn't ask the Cerebral Assassin about the participants of the Triple Threat matches.

More importantly, why is the WWE holding the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament for both brands? Didn't the WWE introduce the new belt for RAW?

Bobby Lashley moving over to RAW to become the WWE Heayvweight Champion isn't actually a bad idea.

We have a two-pronged theory about this. The first one is that it makes sure that there are enough stars competing for the title. RAW has a deep talent pool, as we mentioned in another article, but it's not as star-ladden as SmackDown. By making sure that both brands are included, all 12 participants look like they have legitimate shots at the title and not just fillers for the sake of being part of the title hunt.

The second one is to address the top-heavy SmackDown roster. RAW is full of babyfaces but there aren't as many stars that have been contenders for a while.

If someone from SmackDown ends up winning the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, the WWE will bring him over to Monday Night RAW.

In this scenario, the WWE will have solved two problems and have a proper story to justify it. For starters, removing a top star from SmackDown because they won the World Heavyweight Championship makes sense. Secondly, the WWE gives RAW a "new" threat for its plethora of babyfaces and other rising stars.

We're hoping the WWE gives Drew McIntyre the opportunity to become a proper champion.

Regardless of what happens, Triple H just guaranteed that more eyes will be glued to their screens as they keep on the lookout for who ever will be the top contender for the World Heavyweight Championship on RAW and SmackDown at this point next week.

But, for now, let's turn our eyes to Cody Rhodes vs Brock Lesnar at WWE Backlash.

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