How to Use Maze of Memories in Loop Hero

Loop Hero is a unique game that has multiple sets of mechanics to learn. The game lets you build your deck of cards and those cards determine what you can build in your map during the loop. However, one of the weirder cards you can find in the game is called the "Maze of Memories" and according to its excerpt, it does not do anything.

What is the Maze of Memories?

The Maze of Memories is a golden card that spawns multiple tile cards.

The Maze of Memories is a golden card that spawn tile cards all over the map. According to the information on the tile card, Maze of Memories does nothing and only takes up a lot of space. Indeed, once you place the Maze of Memories down in the map, the card spawns numerous tiles that does not give any benefit or effects to the playthrough.

How to Unlock the Maze of Memories?

To unlock the Maze of Memories card, you need to build the Library in your camp.

If you would like to unlock the Maze of Memories, you will first need to build the library camp building in your campsite. You also need to build the Smithy, Intel Center and Supply Depot beforehand to get an access to the library. You can choose the Maze of Memories card in the golden card part of your deck.

Putting the Maze of Memories onto the map will fill up the map with a lot of tiles. These tiles will not do anything, just like the card says. However, you can use this card to control what spawns in your map and limit enemy camps like the Bandit and Goblin camps. It cannot replace the tiles already placed on the loop, however.

Golden Cards and Deck Building

You can only select one Golden Card in your deck.

Golden Cards are special cards you can unlock when you build structures in your camp. These Golden cards have different effects when placed down. There are four Golden Cards in Loop Hero. However, you can only choose to play one golden card each loop. Once you select one golden card on your deck, you cannot choose the others so choose wisely.

How to use the Maze of Memories?

The Maze of Memories card can spawn the first boss instantly in the fourth chapter.

So what exactly is the purpose of the Maze of Memories card? The Maze of Memories is a double-edged golden card that can speed up or destroy your loop. When placed, the Maze of Memories will spawn up to 36 tiles on your map. The main purpose of the Maze of Memories is to fill up your boss meter.

The boss meter fills up when you place tiles on the map, this can take a long time, and the more loop you play, the harder the enemies get, making it extremely dangerous. The Maze of Memories can shorten the amount of time you need to summon the boss. If you are ready to fight the boss for that chapter, you can place the Maze of Memories on the map to instantly summon them.

Boss Strength and Loop

The boss and enemies will get stronger as the loop progresses,

While you do not need to fight the boss with every loop, they are definitely the end goal to progressing and finishing the game. The boss will also grow stronger when you keep on progressing through the loop and not fighting them. The Maze of Memories is one of the tile cards that can help you summon the boss very early into the game and make the battle much easier.


The Maze of Memories card can summon bosses faster.

The Maze of Memories is a golden card that can be quite confusing for players of Loop Hero. The card does not do anything nor give you any helpful effects. However, spawning multiple tiles at once by using the Maze of Memories card can speed up your loop progress and help you spawn the boss early, making the boss fight easier to deal with.

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