How to Unlock Thor's Hammer: Black Ops Cold War in Zombies Mode

What is the best way of killing zombies? In the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War zombie mode, you can do exactly that. There are various new additions to Cold War's zombie mode, including a new weapon called the Sledgehammer. Once you upgrade the Sledgehammer to the fullest, you get to take down zombies using Thor's hammer. This article will show you how you can unlock both the Sledgehammer weapon and upgrade it to look like Thor's hammer.

Unlocking the Sledgehammer

Use the Combat Knife to unlock the sledgehammer melee weapon.

The first requirement on getting Thor's hammer or, more specifically, a maximum level Sledgehammer, is unlocking the Sledgehammer first. To unlock the Sledgehammer, you will need to kill at least two players rapidly using the combat knife in fifteen different matches. The Sledgehammer is a perfect heavy melee weapon, but it can be hard to unlock if you do the challenge in large maps. To unlock the Sledgehammer quickly, the best map to use the combat knife is the Nuketown 24/7.

The map is relatively smaller, and you can find yourself head to head with your enemies. You can sprint around the map or sneak around to get a perfect strike on the enemy. After you complete the challenge, you will receive 1000 XP, and you will unlock the Sledgehammer weapon in the melee category. However, make sure that you complete the game as there is a current bug that does not track your kills if you leave the game.

The Pack-a-Punch Die Maschine

Using the Pack-a-Punch machine to upgrade your weapon.

To fully upgrade your Sledgehammer, you will need to power on the Pack-a-Punch Die Machine. Below are some steps to follow to turn the power on and reforge the pack-a-punch.

Restoring Power

Restoring the power to the machine.

Head to the Nacht der Untoten bunker using 500 points. Head up the stairs and clear the way. You will need to use 750 points. Follow the Dark Aether arrows, and you will find a wall that needs to be opened. Set an explosive to the structure for 1000 points and head back outside. As you head out, you will find a Juggernog machine, and you will need to clear more rubble for 1200 points.

Open the bunker door and head inside. Go down the stairs and you will encounter a door on the right-hand side. Open it for 1500 points and spend another 1500 points on the collapsed doorway blocking the end of the room. In the Particle Accelerator room, look up to see a Dark Aether arrow leading the way. Follow the arrow to get to the final door that you need to open for 1750 points. After opening the door, you can restore the power to the Pack-a-Punch machine.

Reforge the Pack-a-Punch

Reforged Pack-a-Punch machine.

Go back to the Particle Accelerator room, and you will see two terminals that are not activated. A Dark Aether portal will activate on your screen. Enter the portal, and you will see an alternate map for the Zombies map on Black Ops Cold War. Backtrack to the room where you found the power switch, go back up the stairs, and you will go back to the map's spawn point. You will find Dark Aether arrows leading the way once again.

Follow the arrows, and you will see an Aether Tunnel that you have to unlock for 500 points. You will see the Pack-a-punch machine. Head back to the particle accelerator room once again, and you will find the area to reforge the Pack-a-punch machine. Afterward, the game will send you to the normal map, and the Pack-a-Punch Maschine is ready and activated for use. The total points you need to restore and reforge the machine comes to 8700 points.

Using the Pack-a-Punch Machine

You can choose to upgrade your weapon or ammo mods.

Upgrading your weapon can cost a lot of points. Each upgrade costs about 5000 points and you can upgrade your weapon three levels. You can also choose Ammo mods and elemental damages additions to your weapon. There are many options to choose from, and you will use the machine to upgrade your Sledgehammer to get Zjolnir. You will also need the mods to upgrade your hammer to look and feel like Zjolnir.

Getting Thor’s Hammer

Attaching the Dead Wire Mod to your Sledgehammer.

Once you fully upgrade the Sledgehammer, it will gain a new name called Zjolnir.  The weapon also gains a new skin that resembles Thor's Hammer. You can also equip the Dead Wire Ammo mod so you can electrocute your enemies. Below are the steps you can follow to upgrade your Sledgehammer fully and get Zjolnir. Below are some easy steps to follow to upgrade your Sledgehammer to Zjolnir.

  1. Unlock the Sledgehammer weapon.
  2. Equip the Sledgehammer during a Zombie match.
  3. Go to the Pack-a-Punch machine we activated and upgrade your hammer three times to change your Sledgehammer name to Zjolnir.
  4. You can also upgrade the hammer to Tier five to get the legendary status.
  5. Using the Pack-a-Punch machine, Use the Dead Wire Ammo mod on your Sledgehammer.

Now you can wield the power of "Zjolnir" to bring down your enemy zombies! The melee weapon is heavy, so you swing the weapon slower. The fully upgraded Combat Knife also deals the same damage as this weapon. However, who wouldn't want to slay their enemies with style?


The Sledgehammer melee weapon.

Slay zombies using Thor's hammer in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold war. The video game comes with an update that allows players to use "Thor's hammer" in slaying zombies. You will need to unlock the Sledgehammer melee weapon by killing at least two players rapidly in fifteen different matches. Unlock the Pack-a-Punch machine by activating and reforging it. Fully upgrade your Sledgehammer to give it a new name called "Zjolnir". Equip the Dead Wire mod so you can electrocute your enemies and provide the maximum feel of Thor's hammer!

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