How To Unlock the Machete In Black Ops Cold War

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There are always new unique melee weapons added whenever a new season of Call of Duty drops, and this time, Season 2 isn't any different. The brand new addition to the melee weapon category is the Machete, which is locked initially. It is unlocked through a tedious process which we will take you through in this guide.

There is a certain challenge that you must complete in order to unlock the Machetes, and in this guide, we will show you exactly how you can do the challenge. The Machete has been one of the most popular melee weapons across all games, especially against zombies. And seeing how this season revolves around the zombies, the Machetes are a welcoming addition.

The challenge requires you to get 15 Back Stabber medals in 15 different matches. You must complete the full match, or else the kill won't be counted towards the challenge progression. This means you will need to play 15 different matches and get one Back Stabber medal in each one of these games.

The Back Stabber medal is earned when you kill an enemy player using a knife from the back. Sometimes the players perform the finishing move from the back, but it is important to note that the finishing move does not count towards the challenge progression. You must kill the enemy players using your knife only from behind.

As mentioned before, you must complete the full match after getting the kill to ensure the challenge's progression. The best thing you can do is set a loadout with your knife set to primary, get the kill, and then switch back to your desired regular loadout to complete the match.

It would be best to do this challenge on smaller maps where CQC is favored. One such map is Nuketown. You can always sneak up on people camping in the houses on either one of the houses.

To help you sneak better and sneak up on unsuspecting enemy players, make sure you equip the Ninja perk for quieter footsteps.

This is quite a tedious challenge and time-consuming, but if you really need that Machete, then that's all you have to do. Good luck grinding those Back Stabber medals!

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