How to unlock camos in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is here and features over 180 base camos and 4 new mastery camos.

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The annual grind for the camo is back and better than ever. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 features over 180 unique camos with four new Mastery Camos. The new camos are split into Base Camos and Mastery Camos.

Unlike previous years' tedious and unrealistic camo grinding benchmarks, Modern Warfare 2 features a much smoother experience, with the grind being much more streamlined. Here's a rundown of how to unlock all the new camos in Modern Warfare 2.

Base Camos

The Base Camos are shared across all the weapons across all weapon categories (Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, SMGs, etc.). However, Base Camos are locked behind different weapons. Once you get a weapon, you need to complete Base Camo challenges to unlock a Base Camo for not just the weapon you're using, but for all the other weapons as well.

This year the Base Camos are unified and make the grind relatively easier. There are up to four challenges for each weapon, meaning each weapon might have up to three Base Camos to unlock. Once the camo is unlocked on that weapon, it will be usable on all weapons through challenge completion.

Mw Camos Guide Base Camos
Over 180 unique Base Camos along with 4 Mastery Camos are available at launch.

The challenges are locked behind weapon level ranking except for the first challenge, which is available as soon as you unlock the weapon. The rest of the challenges unlock as you rank up your weapon. Generally, other challenges are spaced out in thirds.

If the max weapon level is 20, then the second challenge will unlock at level 7, the third at levels 13-14, and the last at level 20 (max level). Take the M4 as an example of all the camo challenges.

  • Get 'x' number of kills with the M4 to unlock the 'x' camo. Available as soon as the weapon is unlocked.
  • Get 'x' or more kills with the M4 without reloading 'x' number of times to unlock the 'x' camo. Available at weapon level 7.
  • Get 'x' double kills with the M4 to unlock the 'x' camo. Available at weapon level 13.
  • Get 'x' triple kills with the M4 to unlock the 'x' camo. Available at max weapon level, which is 20.

When you complete all the above, you unlock the Gold camo for the weapon. The same applies to all the weapons that are gunsmithable. Gunsmithable weapons are the ones that can be customized, and you can change their attachments.

Weapons with no attachments, such as RPG or Riot Shield, only have one base Camo challenge, and completing that will unlock the Gold camo. Luckily, the RPG (or weapons with no attachments) only have kill-count-based challenges.

Mastery Camo

Four mastery camos are available in Modern Warfare 2: Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion. This is how you can unlock each weapon mastery camo.

  • Gold: Complete all the Base Camo challenges of a weapon to unlock the Gold camo.
    Gold Camo Mw
    Gold Mastery Camo.
  • Platinum: Unlock Gold camo on a minimum number of weapons within a category. The minimum number here refers to the launch of weapons in a category. Even if more weapons are released in the future, you must complete a set number of weapons. You can interchange the weapons, but the set number must be met.
    Platinum Camo Mw
    Platinum Mastery Camo.
  • Polyatomic: Unlock Platinum camo on at least 51 weapons. Once the Polyatomic camo is unlocked, you must get a certain number of kills per class to equip it.
    Polyatomic Camo Mw
    Polyatomic Mastery Camo.
  • Orion: Unlock Polyatomic on at least 51 weapons. Similar to Polyatomic, you must get a certain number of kills to be able to equip it on a weapon of your choice. Orion is an animated camo.
    Orion Camo Mw
    Orion Mastery Camo.

Weapon Mastery

Weapon Mastery from the previous installment is back for those looking for an extra grind.

Weapon Mastery Mw
The Weapon Mastery is tied to individual weapons and is available once you've unlocked all four Mastery Camos for that weapon.

You can access the Weapon Mastery of a weapon to find challenges associated with all four Mastery Camos. Completing each rewards players with an emblem and a calling card. And completing all four rewards players with a charm unique to that specific weapon.

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