How to Unlock All the Safes and Lockers in Resident Evil 3

Just like its predecessor, Resident Evil 3 contains locked safes that are scattered throughout the game. Opening the safes gives you unique rewards that we will discuss in this article. We will also guide you on finding all the safes in Resident Evil 3, as well as finding the codes you need to unlock them.

Jill in Resident Evil 3.

What are the Safes?

Opening Scene of Resident Evil 3.

Safes contain valuable items that are useful in the game. Some safes contain unique weapon attachments that you can get when you open the safe. There are only three safes in Resident Evil 3, and there are two additional lockers that require three-digit codes to open. The codes needed for each safe are typically close to the safe or locker room, but we will teach you the code locations and codes to enter to unlock the safes.

Safe Locations in Resident Evil 3

The safes contain useful weapon or player attachments that will help you immensely on your playthrough. You mustn't miss them, as there are only specific times that you can access their locations.

Downtown, Shop Storage Room (2nd Floor)

Safe in the Downtown Pharmacy.
  • Code Location: Go Inside the Pharmacy Building. You can see it on the Aqua Cura Poster.
  • Code: 9 left,1 right, 8 left
  • Reward: Dot sight for the handgun

Police Station, West Office (1st Floor)

Safe in the Police West Office.
  • Code Location: You can see the code at the safe room at the bottom of the main stairwell
  • Code: 9 left, 15 right, 7 left
  • Reward: Hip pack that gives you additional two inventory slots

Hospital, Nurses’ Station (2nd Floor)

Hospital safe containing dual magazine for the assault rifle.
  • Code Location: While playing as Carlos, use the ID Card on the first floor Operating room.
  • Code:9 right, 3 left
  • Reward: Dual Magazine for the Assault Rifle

Locker Locations in Resident Evil 3

The lockers in Resident Evil 3 do not contain weapon or player attachments like the safes, but they still contain rewards that can help you along the way.

Raccoon City Police Station shower room (2nd Floor)

One of the lockers in the Police station.
  • Code Location: As Carlos, go to the back wall of the shower room. You can find the code on the whiteboard nearby.
  • Code: CAP
  • Reward: One flash grenade

Raccoon City Police Station (3rd Floor)

Police locker containing some assault rifle ammo.
  • Code Location: Get the Safety Deposit Key on the boxes ahead of the third-floor locker. Unlock the Safety Deposit room on the first floor and examine the photo attached to the whiteboard. You can find the code in the photo.
  • Code: DCM
  • Reward: Twenty Assault Rifle Ammo

How to Open Yellow locks

Other items, including ammo and health items, are behind Yellow locks. To open the yellow locks, you need to find a specific lockpick. Collecting this lockpick is essential so you can unlock all the yellow locks in Resident Evil 3. Below is the guide on how to get the lockpick needed to open the Yellow locks.

Lockpick Location

Dead body holding the lockpick case.

To find the yellow locks' lockpick, you need to reach the Subway Power Substation Area. Go down the stairs from the control room and walk to the end of the hall. Get the Case item on the dead body lying at the end of the hall. As Jill, grab the case and examine it on your inventory.

Inventory space is limited in Resident Evil 3, but do not discard the lockpick. You can find several yellow locks that contain items that can help you throughout the game. Always look out for yellow locks and use the lockpick to open them. If there are no more yellow locks to open, you can discard the lockpick from your inventory. A trashcan icon will appear, indicating that you can discard the lockpick.

How to Cut Chains

Chains hide useful items and ammunition that you need to get through the game. However, to cut the chains, you need to get the bolt cutter. The bolt cutter is obtainable as long as you progress through the story, as it is mandatory for opening multiple chained doors and cabinets. While some chained doors are optional, opening them can give you useful items.

Bolt Cutter Location

Bolt cutter in the safe room.

Once you put out the Downtown Alley fire, you will proceed to a safe room. However, the door outside the safe room is chained and impossible to open. The bolt cutters are hanging on an open cabinet, and you need to get the cutter to open the door. Once you get the bolt cutter, interact with the lock, and use the bolt cutter. You can use the bolt cutters for other doors and cabinets that are chained.


Opening Scene of Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 contains numerous puzzles to unlock and solve. Safes and lockers need specific codes to unlock them and inside them, you can obtain a unique weapon and player attachments that will help you immensely. You can find the codes necessary for the lockers and safe near the lockers' and safe's location.

Items like ammunition and health items can also help you progress through the game. You can find these items behind yellow locks and chains. To unlock the yellow locks, you need to find the Lock pick on the Subway Power Station. To cut the chains, you need to find the bolt cutter in the safe room after putting out the Downtown Alley fire.

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