How To Tame & Breed Boars In Valheim - Full Guide

Valheim is an adventure and action-packed survival game, and like any other survival game, you need food. At the beginning of the game, finding food is quite difficult. So it would be wise to set up a constant and passive supply of food at your Valheim base, as food plays a major role in it.

You won't be able to plant seeds until you've beaten the first boss, as he drops 'Hard Antlers' used to make a pickaxe that is needed to mine copper and tin. But, to take down the first boss, you must be fully prepared, and food is an essential element in Valheim for survival.

You can set up a fairly simple Boar breeding farm once you've built your simple shelter. Note that this guide is written assuming you've already established a basic starter base in Valheim. To create a Boar breeding farm, you must have plenty of wood, to begin with. You will need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Find Raspberry
  2. Build a pen
  3. Find and Lure Two Boars
  4. Feed and Breed

Find Raspberries

First, you must find Raspberries, as these are commonly available in the vast world of Valheim. We are going with Raspberries because these are the easiest source of breeding food you can get early in the game. You can find Raspberries in the Meadow biome forests and even in the abandoned settlement farms. Gather as many as you can and then move to gather wood.

Raspberries in the Meadows Forest

Other feeding food items include Mushrooms, Carrots, and Blueberries. You can find Blueberries in the Black Forest, should you come across one early in the game.

Mushrooms are found in several biomes, including the Black Forest and the Meadows.

Mushrooms in Meadows Forest

Build a Pen

The next step is to build a pen. To build a pen, gather lots of wood by chopping down the trees, which is in abundance all around you in Valheim. A stack of wood should be good enough if you're planning on creating a small pen.

A pile of wood after chopping down a Beech tree

We recommend building a small pen, and later on, you can expand it as destroying structures and rebuilding is super convenient in Valheim. First, use your hoe to level the ground where you wish to build the pen.

Level ground option when using the hoe tool
Leveling the ground using the hoe

Then, switch to your hammer and navigate to the 'Building' tab. Here, select 'Roundpole fence' to create the pen.

Roundpole fence under the building tab in hammer interface
Placing the roundpole fence

Create the pen as big or small as you wish to. Just make sure you leave spacing for a door.

Boar pen built with a single gap for the door

Navigate to the 'Building' tab and select the 'Wood door.' Place it in the spacing. Now, you will have a way to enter and exit the pen without worrying about the Boars leaving the pen.

Wood door under the building tab
Wood door placed

Find and Lure Two Boars

Boars are also commonly found near the abandoned settlements and in the forests. Where ever you go, you will find two or three Boars together.

Boar alerted and frightened (indicated by a red exclamation mark on it)

You need to lure at least two Boars into your pen. Open the door of your pen and go near one of the Boars to aggravate them. Once aggressive, the Boar will chase and try to attack you.

Boar chasing the player

Lure the Boars into the pen and close the door. You can jump out over the fencing as well to avoid opening and closing the door again and again.

Luring the Boar inside the pen

Once you've lured two Boars into the pen successfully, we can move to the feeding and breeding part.

Two Boars successfully lured into the pen

Feed and Breed

The Boars will be super aggressive at this point and will attack you if you are anywhere near them.

Boar attacks the player

You must drop the Raspberries on the ground inside the pen for the Boars to eat and start the taming process.

Dropping the Raspberries inside the pen

You will see yellow hearts coming out of the Boars that indicate the taming process is on-going.

Yellow hearts coming out of the Boars indicating the taming process has started

You can also check the progress of the taming process by hovering your crosshair over the Boar. The taming process takes some time. It will take approximately 30 minutes for the Boars to be fully tamed.

Boar tameness percentage

Note that as the Boars are going through the taming process, do not stay anywhere near the Boars as they will not calm down and remain aggressive. This will stop or slow the taming process. You will see their mood indicated as 'Frightened,' which is not what we want.

Frightened Boars

A good strategy is to run far away from the pen and let them settle down. You can crouch (sneak) slightly far away from the Boars, and you will notice an eye icon. Once the eye icon disappears and flattens out, that's when you can confirm that the Boars are not aggravated towards you anymore.

Sneaking away from the Boars

Once tamed, make sure there is always some food on the ground near the Boars for them to eat and breed. You will also notice that now you will be able to pet the Boars, and their mood will change from 'Frightened' to 'Happy.'

Petting the Boars

And before you know it, you will have little piggy's spawning in the pen.

Piggy's spawning in
A happy Boar family
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