How To Skip Rounds On Outbreak (Round Skip Easter Egg Guide)

The earlier rounds of Outbreak mode can get a bit boring, but with a simple round-skip easter egg, you can skip two whole rounds, moving you up to round 5 in no time. The new easter egg was added in Season 3 of the Black Ops Cold War.

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Note that you can only do this up to round 5, which means you can do it twice starting from round 1. Even if you don't skip the rounds and attempt the skipping easter egg on round 5 or 6, it will not work.

This easter egg is handy for those of you who want to reach higher levels quickly. The main reason for higher rounds in Outbreak is, of course, the crystals. This easter egg allows for very efficient crystal farming.

To perform this easter egg, you first need to play through your main region objective as you normally would.

After completing the main objective, activate the anomaly at the regular beacon site.

When you reach the beacon site, we highly recommend gearing up as much as possible by buying important perks, upgrading your weapon rarity, and upgrading your armor. This step is not mandatory for this easter egg to work, but it is recommended as you are jumping one complete round.

After the first skip, you will be on round 3, and round 3 and above can get pretty hectic if you're not at least half prepared.

Access the beacon terminal and warp to the next region.

As soon as you warp, start shooting the metallic orb on top of the beacon. It will break and hang to the side followed by a loud sound that confirms the activation of the easter egg.

That is all. Once you finish warping, you will notice that you are on round 3 instead of round 2.

Again, you can do the same in round 3. Complete the main objective, warp, and shoot the orb while warping to skip round 4 and jump directly to round 5.

This is as far as you can perform this easter egg. From round 5 onwards, you will have to play through the rounds as you normally would.

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