How To Perform A Quarterback Slide In Madden NFL 20

Quarterbacks are the most important players on an NFL team. There is a reason that nine out of the last 10 MVPs in the NFL are quarterbacks.

Quarterback performing slide

When playing the only NFL simulation video game, Madden NFL, as a quarterback, it is extremely important to know how to perform a quarterback slide, in order to keep the quarterback safe during scrambles.

This will minimize the chances of them fumbling, that would lead to a turnover and possibly even touchdowns by your opponent. The slide can also be a useful way to end the play early, in order to lock in some gained yardage and then reorganize your offense. Challenges in Madden Ultimate Team also include sliding.

A quarterback slide is an intentional act to safely give up the quarterback. In Madden NFL 20, once they perform a slide, the quarterback gains invulnerability from the opposing team’s hits and can’t fumble the ball. In real-life football, although the quarterback can still be tackled, there can be no fumble.

Sliding can be practiced.

In order to perform the slide, just hold R2 + L2 (PlayStation) or RT and LT (Xbox) together and press either Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) to slide. This is assuming that you did not change the default control scheme of course.

The animation will allow the quarterback to run a couple of yards with the motion then stopping and the quarterback sitting on the ground to end the play. Remember that you need to control the quarterback and scramble the play by holding R2 (PlayStation) or RT (Xbox). Sliding can only be performed outside the scrimmage.

Quarterbacks rated with high speed will enter the sliding animation (and safety) more quickly. Slow quarterbacks will have a slight delay in their animation, making them vulnerable to being tackled and possibly fumbling the ball.

Trying to perform the slide on players that are not quarterbacks will just make them lay flat on the ground to end the play, instead of receiving the small yardage gains you get with a proper quarterback slide.

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