How to Level Up Weapons Fast in Warzone

Now that it is playable within both Call of Duty titles, Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare, leveling up weapons and guns fast in Warzone has become quite the hot topic once again.

For those who are new to Warzone, this is not common knowledge.

Luckily, we're here to help.

Below are tips on how to level up weapons fast in Warzone.

Why You Should Level Up Weapons in Warzone

Now, first things first, why exactly should players care about leveling up weapons in Warzone? Aren't all weapons in Warzone balanced?

Good question.

All weapons in Warzone are indeed balanced and, save for the occasional meta weapon or two, there's really no single weapon that makes you significantly more powerful compared to the rest of the players.

Player performance still, by far, depends mostly on how well you aim and shoot. However, Warzone, just like in the previous Call of Duty titles, gives you an absurd amount of ways to customize your weapons via the loadout. Unfortunately, these attachments, as they are called, are locked behind an XP wall, which means that, to get the most out of a weapon, you'll want to get it to a pretty high level first.

Normally, the best way to level up weapons in Warzone is to keep on playing and using the weapon.

What most don't know though is that there are ways to optimize the leveling experience so you can level up weapons fast in Warzone.

Best Ways To Level Your Weapons

Here's how:

Play Plunder

Playing Plunder is still, by far, the best way to level up weapons in Warzone fast.

This is the most basic way Warzone players can level up weapons fast in the game. This is also the best way to unlock the weapons from Black Ops Cold War and upgrade them in Warzone without having to play them in Cold War.

What makes Plunder such a great game mode to level up weapons in is that you're not as concerned about being the last man standing.

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The pace in Plunder is arguably much faster as a result of having to complete contracts, so all you do is drive around, complete the contracts that you've taken, get kills, and that's it. Because of this, your weapons end up leveling up much faster compared to the standard mode in Warzone.

Play Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

Chase bombs, kills, as well as weapon levels in the newest mode to hit Call of Duty.

Based on the original Fireteam mode, the Fireteam: Dirty Mode puts several teams of players on a large map where they race around to see who can detonate the most bombs first.

What makes Fireteam: Dirty Bomb such a fast-paced game is that you don't have to worry about surviving as much because you can redeploy immediately after dying so you can keep on shooting and shooting and shooting.

This gives you plenty of opportunities to get kills and complete objectives, which can help you level up your weapons in Warzone faster.

Play in Nuketown

Nuketown remains the best map for all-out mayhem and faster weapon levels.

Now, if you're more of a kills and eliminations guy, there's a way to level up weapons in Warzone fast as well. At least, if you're playing in Black Ops Cold War.

Basically, what you do is to play exclusively in Nuketown in multiplayer.

Why we recommend this is simple: it's a small map.

The size of the map means that there's always someone to kill and out to kill you. Not to mention, the map is designed in a way that you can be effective regardless of the weapon that you're using.

Are There Other Ways to Level Up Weapons Fast in Warzone?

There are other ways to level up weapons in Warzone a bit faster.

One way is to play online on your PlayStation and party up with another PlayStation user. This will give you a 25% weapon XP bonus whenever the two of you play together.

You can also use Double Weapon XP Tokens to help further things along. This will be rewarded to you as you progress if you bought the Season 1 Battle Pass. However, keep in mind that the Tokens will count down even if you're not playing, so make sure to make them count.

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