How to Heal in Monster Hunter Rise

After Monster Hunter: World gave more gamers around the world a more accessible, albeit still challenging, glimpse of the entire Monster Hunter franchise as a whole, the latest installment in the series, Monster Hunter: Rise, brings back the same non-beginner-friendly learning process and the game's nuanced mechanics.

Knowing when and how to heal yourself is crucial to surviving in Monster Hunter Rise.

In Monster Hunter: Rise, it's not enough to know everything there is to know about the monsters you seek out to hunt. You also have to learn how to use the environment to your own advantage and formulate strategies based on items, as well as materials, that you find scattered all around you.

As a matter of fact, healing in Monster Hunter Rise doesn't come as straightforward as it does in so many other games.

How Do You Heal in Monster Hunter Rise?

The Supply Box is free for you to use, so make sure that you take advantage of it in every quest.

Hunters in Monster Hunter Rise have two primary methods of healing available. The first one is by using Potions and the other is using Endemic Life. However, there are other ways to heal yourself in Monster Hunter Rise as well, all of which we will explore down below.

How to Heal Using Potions in Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, hunters can bring a maximum of 10 Potions on a quest. However, you can't simply buy them outright. You'll have to craft a Potion first using a Herb that you can pick up in the field. You can also pick-up Honey from the surroundings to use, and combine it with a Potion to create the more potent Mega Potion.

Another Potion-like item in Monster Hunter Rise is the First-aid Med, which you can find inside the supply box in most quests. They're provided free of charge to players when you start a quest. The only problem with the First-aid Med is that you can't keep them after completing and/or failing a quest.

Of the two, we recommend that you prioritize using a First-aid Med to help up first.

Speaking of healing up, whenever players use a healing item or other consumables in Monster Hunter Rise, they'll be locked into an animation sequence for a few seconds. During this time, the hunter can't move until they have fully consumed the item, or you intentionally cancel the animation before it is finished.

Because of this, we recommend that you look for cover first or find the right moment to heal up, so you don't end up a sitting duck in the middle of a fight.

How to Heal With Endemic Life

Surveying the land beforehand pays off really well for hunters in Monster Hunter Rise. Knowing where the Endemic Life is found in a particular map will come in handy. This is because they will give you temporary buffs that can help you out tremendously when hunting monsters.

In particular, Vigorwasps, which you can recognize from afar via their large green sacs, releases a healing mist that restores HP to all nearby hunters.

Are There Other Ways to Help in Monster Hunter Rise?

While not necessarily healing, you can increase your HP bar in Monster Hunter Rise by eating certain types of food.

Endemic Life healing and using consumable items are two of the most common ways to heal in Monster Hunter Rise. However, there are other options available as well.

For example, players can take advantage of the Palico NPC that has a skill that releases bubbles into the air that players can touch to recover HP.

This is the same reason why a lot of hardened hunters recommend bringing together at least a Palico or two on the quest when playing together. This way, players can improve their survivability.

Another way to heal in Monster Hunter Rise is to use support weapons to heal or buff other players in the middle of the battle. The Hunting Horn, specifically, is a useful support weapon that hunters can use to keep other players topped up all the time.

Other options to heal in Monster Hunter rise include using certain ammo types via a Bowgun to literally shoot some HP onto other players.

Keep Yourself Healed at all Times in Monster Hunter Rise

It should already go without saying that you should always keep your HP bar up in Monster Hunter Rise when out hunting. Otherwise, you risk dying prematurely, which isn't ideal, especially when you're playing alone.

With that said, knowing how to heal in Monster Hunter Rise can take a bit of time to adjust as you'll have to do it a lot more mindfully as compared to other games. But, with our tips, you'll know exactly how to heal yourself in Monster Hunter Rise. This way, all you'll need to learn is when is the right time to heal and this only comes with experience.

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