How to Get the Stronghold Treasure in Resident Evil Village

Capcom made sure to complete the dilapidated feel of Resident Evil Village by filling its numerous castles and strongholds with treasures for you to discover and open. Although it's not necessary to collect these treasures at all, finding the time to collect them will reward you with some valuable resources that you can exchange with The Duke.

Guglielmo's Plate is worth 25,000 Lei, which is a lot.

Considering how Lei (the in-game currency of Resident Evil Village, and Romania) is hard to come by, you'll want to go treasure hunting so that you can buy new weapons and upgrades as well as healing items. One particular treasure that you might find difficult to get your hands on is the Stronghold treasure, otherwise known as Guglielmo's Plate.

Where to Find the Stronghold Treasure

Guglielmo's Plate is one of the most expensive treasures in Resident Evil Village.

The Stronghold treasure is one of those cheeky treasures in Resident Evil Village that's clearly marked on the map but isn't as straightforward to get to. Technically, it should be right where you first fight several Lycans. However, upon reaching the said marked location, you'll find that there's no treasure for you to find. Don't worry - this is not a bug, but intentional. The treasure isn't there because the actual location is beneath the ground and getting to it requires a bit more work.

Now, before we proceed and tell you how to get the Stronghold treasure, we recommend that you stock up on ammo and healing items. Otherwise, you might find yourself at the mercy of the numerous Lycans scattered all over the underground area of the Stronghold, and you'll find one of the most powerful Lycan bosses guarding the treasure in this area.

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You'll know that you're close to the treasure once you reach a spiral staircase and there's a big Lycan boss underneath. After defeating it, you'll pass through a cave full of crystal fragments. We recommend that you shoot and pick up these crystals because you can sell them to The Duke later on for some extra Lei.

As you follow the path, you'll find yourself inside a room with a flask that belongs to Heisenberg, after which you'll find a boat waiting for you at the end of a flight of stairs. Do not enter the boat just yet. Instead, you'll find the treasure towards the left of the door that you entered to get to the area where the boat is. The treasure should literally be on top of a table, so it should be hard to miss.

The Stronghold treasure, Guglielmo's plate, can be sold to The Duke for 25,000 Lei, which is why it's so important to get your hands on it.

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