How to get the M13B 'Health Hazard' Weapon Blueprint in DMZ - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Here's how you can add a unique weapon blueprint to your modern Warfare II weapons arsenal.

The new DMZ mode, introduced alongside Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, features a ton of new gameplay mechanics and exclusive rewards. You can unlock these rewards by completing the faction missions and other open-world events.

Health Hazard Blueprint Featured Dmz Xfire

One of the exclusive rewards is a new M13B weapon blueprint called Health Hazard. You can unlock it as contraband in DMZ and as an unlocked weapon to use in Multiplayer and Warzone 2.0. Many players are confused about how to get their hands on this unique blueprint.

Look no further, as we've covered everything you need to know to unlock your M13B weapon.

You must fight through several overpowered AI bots to get the weapon. Yes, these bots are actually intelligent and give a solid fight. If you're down, they try to finish you before your teammates can revive you.

When you first spawn in Al Mazrah, open up your Tac Map and look for a region with a biohazard symbol. This is where you can get the M13B blueprint.

Radiation Zone Dmz
The yellow highlighted region is a highly radioactive zone.

However, it isn't as easy as walking in, eliminating a bunch of AI bots, and running away with the weapon. To get the weapon, you must defeat a stronghold boss called 'The Chemist' residing in this region.

The first thing you must do when you get to the region is eliminate one of the soldiers inside the radiation zone. The enemies inside the zone will drop a gas mask upon elimination.

Gas Mask Radiation Zone Dmz
Equip the gas mask, and then venture deeper into the zone to hunt down the Chemist.

The Chemist can be anywhere inside the yellow circle, however, you can identify the Chemist by his yellow hazmat suit.

Hazmat Suit Chemist Dmz
He is easily identified, thanks to his bright yellow hazmat suit.

The Chemist will be well-guarded by other heavily-armored soldiers. The Chemist himself is heavily-armored and will need a number of rounds to go down. It is understood that other players might also be looking for the Chemist. So you might be wondering, how do you know whether the Chemist is still alive or not? It is simple. When you enter the radiation zone, you get an on-screen notification that the Chemist is nearby.

Chemistry Nearby Dmz
You won't get this notification if other players have already eliminated the Chemist.

It can get a bit difficult to see and fight the Chemist as he may constantly throw down smoke bombs and escape.

Chemist Smoke Dmz
It is a tactic used by the Chemist where he will throw a smoke bomb and just run away while his bodyguards will try to take you out.

No need to panic here. Just stay in cover and eliminate the soldiers before you finally empty your rounds into the Chemist. Or, if you're not interested in a heroic gunfight, you can always use a vehicle to run over the Chemist to take him down instantly. The choice is yours.

Once the Chemist is down, he will drop the M13B blueprint.

M B Weapon On Ground Dmz
Go over to his body, and pick it up.

As soon as you get the weapon, start making your way to the Exfil point.

Exfil Icon Dmz
The Exfil point is indicated by a small blue body icon running through a door.

Go to the Exfil site, call in a helicopter, and wait until it arrives. You might run into some AI bots trying to stop you. Try to hold them off until the chopper shows up. Once the chopper gets there, a 35 seconds timer will start.

Exfil Heavy Chopper Arrives Dmz
You and your teammates must get inside the chopper before the timer ends.

Once you and all your teammates enter the back of the chopper, the timer will instantly reduce to 5 seconds. Once the timer ends with all the players in the back of the chopper, you will successfully exfil with the M13B weapon blueprint. You can then access the M13B in both Multiplayer and Warzone 2.0.

M B Weapon Gunsmith
The weapon will also be added as contraband. So you can use it in your next DMZ run.

You must be holding the weapon in your hand while you exfil, as the weapon only gets unlocked for the player holding the weapon. You can use this mechanic to help your friends unlock the weapon. There is a simple trick that you can try with your friends.

You must equip the M13B contraband for this trick in your next DMZ run with your friend. Once you've loaded in, drop the weapon for your friend and let them equip it.

Now Exfil with your friend, and they will also unlock the weapon for their Multiplayer and Warzone 2.0. Since you dropped the contraband, it won't be available anymore in your DMZ loadout. It will now be available for your friend. If you want the contraband, you must either ask it back from your friend or eliminate another Chemist.

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