How to Get the Little Nightmares 2 Secret Ending

Just like the first game released back in 2017, Little Nightmares 2 manages to accomplish a lot with so little.

To say that the ending of Little Nightmares 2 comes out of left field is an understatement would be terribly fitting.

Despite lacking any dialogue and being relatively small in its scale, the game was designed to use its atmosphere and tell a seriously spooky story that's rich in detail, if only you would just pay more attention to your surroundings.

Little Nightmares 2 also features a surprising twist at the end of the story where the game's protagonist, a young boy named Mono, finds himself seemingly betrayed by Six, the coat-wearing female protagonist from the first game.

Of course, as we've explained before, this betrayal was likely for a good cause.

Now, to minimize the risk of spoiling the story even further, let's just cut to the chase and let you know that we're not here to talk about that particular sequence and the secret ending that follows.

Instead, what we're here to talk about is how you can get that hidden ending.

Scroll down below if you want to learn more about the Little Nightmares 2 secret ending and decide for yourself what it could mean.

How to Unlock the Little Nightmares 2 Secret Ending

The game does little to explain the existence of the Glitched Children except that you'll have to interact with them and collect every single one if you want to unlock the secret ending.

The Glitched Children are one of the collectibles in Little Nightmares 2. In total, there are 18 of them. You can tell that it's a Glitched Child because they'll look like shadows that are glitching in and out of existence.

To unlock the secret ending in Little Nightmares 2, all you need to do is to collect all the Glitched Children.

The game doesn't explicitly explain why they're there and who they are. All we know is that you'll need to find them if you want to get the secret ending.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done. The developers went to great lengths to hide them in secret passages and tunnels. Most of these are very easy to miss if you don't look closely.

Luckily, the game does help you out a bit.

When you're selecting chapters from the main menu, you'll be able to see just how many Glitched Children are available in each level. This means that you can check if you missed out on one or two. Then, if you did, all you need to do is to play the level again and get hunting.

Also, another tip, not all levels have Glitched Children -- they're exclusive to the game's first four levels.

So, if you're a completionist and you want to see the secret ending, you might want to keep your eyes open just a teeny bit more for secret passages when playing through the game's first four levels, so that you don't end up missing one.

Is There a Little Nightmares 2 DLC?

Unfortunately, DLC for Little Nightmares 2, let alone a sequel, is looking highly unlikely.

According to Embracer Group's most recent earnings call (Embracer is the parent company of Tarsier Studios), the game's developers will "from now on, focus on creating new IPs", which spells disaster for those expecting a sequel or a DLC to help tie up any loose ends from the game.

If it's any consolation though, there are many games out there like Little Nightmares 2.

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