How to Get the Dragon Bone Smasher in Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls might be a game where you can excel and beat gargantuan bosses with only your skill, but we'd be lying if we didn't tell you that having a powerful weapon or magic spell can make a huge difference.

Getting your hands on the Dragon Bone Smasher is worth it once you find out just how powerful it is.

With that said, in Demon's Souls, very few weapons are as devastating as the Dragon Bone Smasher.

This massive strength sword with blunt edges has high base damage that scales well throughout the game. However, getting your hands on the Dragon Bone Smasher won't come easy, as it requires you to do more than just go to a particular location or exchange a specific Boss Soul.

How World Tendency in Demon’s Souls Works

A Pure Black World Tendency is ideal if you're up for a challenge, but a Pure White World Tendency is better if you want to get your hands on some of the game's secret and most powerful weapons and spells.

Unlike other weapons in Demon's Souls, getting the Dragon Bone Smasher requires you to make full use of the World Tendency mechanic.

In Demon's Souls, this mechanic affects a lot of things - that includes any item and event that might be available in a particular world. So, for example, certain events and items will be exclusive to either a Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency.

To get your hands on the Dragon Bone Smasher, you'll need to get the Archstone of the Digger King to a Pure White World Tendency.

How to Get the Second Archstone to Pure White World Tendency

Once you've beaten the Dragon God in Pure White World Tendency, the Dragon Bone Smasher will be yours for the taking.

To get a Pure White World Tendency, you'll need to do all of the following things: defeat Black Phantom invaders and clear out an area boss all without dying in Body Form and avoid killing friendly NPCs. Also, if you have a Black or Pure Black World Tendency, you'll have to deal with Primeval Demons as well.

In this particular case, you'll have to deal with three bosses like the Armor Spider, Flamelurker, and Dragon God in Body Form all without dying.

Do that and you should see your World Tendency turn to Pure White.

Where Is The Dragon Bone Smasher in Demon’s Souls?

The Dragon Bone Smasher won't be available there unless you have a Pure White World Tendency.

Just right after you've accomplished turning the World Tendency to Pure White, go back to the Nexus so you can warp directly to the Archstone of the Flamelurker.

Once you're there, go back to the boss room where you found the Dragon God. However, instead of heading to the right where the boss is, turn left and you should be able to find the Dragon Bone Smasher lying on the ground just waiting for you.

Now, this is where having a Pure White World Tendency is important.

If your World Tendency is anything but Pure White, there'll be a pile of rubble waiting for you there instead.

Why Is the Dragon Bone Smasher So Powerful?

The additional fire defense granted when wielding the Dragon Bone Smasher will help you out during New Game + and against all the enemies that you'll encounter in the final Archstone.

Of course, that's not all. The Dragon Bone Smasher has a B Strength scaling as well. Used with two hands and fully upgraded, you'll get an attack rating north of 400, especially if you have a high enough strength stat.

Even better, you can still enchant the Dragon Bone Smasher even further to make it deal even more damage.

As a bonus, you can show the Dragon Bone Smasher to Scivir to receive a Pure Greystone.

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