How to Get the Boat Key in Resident Evil Village

Some of the best secrets in Resident Evil Village are purposely hidden, either in plain sight or through a series of obscure and seemingly unrelated events. But, if you want to get your hands on the best treasures and items in Resident Evil Village, you'll have to be willing to jump through some proverbial hoops.

You can use the boat key in Resident Evil Village to get around and reach players that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The Boat Key in Resident Village is a good example of an item that will open up a lot of possibilities for you.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on the Boat Key is not easy. Just as with the other secret items in Resident Evil Village, this literal key item can only be acquired during a certain time at a specific place.

Here's how you can get your hands on the Boat Key in Resident Evil Village.

Triggering the Encounter with Moreau

Don't forget that you can use the boat key to ride all the boats in Resident Evil Village.

Riding boats in Resident Evil Village is only available until you've reached the midway point of the game. By this time, you'll have finished dealing with Lady Dimitrescu and Donna Beneviento, which means that you'll be heading over to Salvatore Moreau next, which is also when you'll have access to the Boat Key area.

Before that though, you'll have to trigger the encounter with the game's third Lord. Thankfully, this is not missable.

All you have to do to get face to face with Salvatore Moreau is to continue following the path right after you finish House Beneviento. Eventually, you'll trigger a scene where Ethan interacts with Moreau. After this, the Boat Key area will be available.

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Getting the Boat Key in Resident Evil Village

Now comes the part that most players miss so that they end up backtracking after they've already gone further ahead in Resident Evil Village.

After the encounter with Moreau, you'll want to head back where Ethan came from where you'll find some slip. However, it won't block your way. It's just there. So, don't bother wasting any time trying to destroy it, and just continue on the path until you reach a point where there's a huge chasm in front of you.

Because Ethan can't jump for the life of him, you'll have to smack the wood on your right so that it will fall and create a makeshift bridge that you can use to cross over to the other side.

Be prepared. After this, you'll be ambushed by a couple of enemies. Take care of them and to your right will be a shack that has some key rings right where you'd usually find keys in real life. This is the Boat Key that will come in handy in unlocking the many secrets and mysteries of Resident Evil Village later on.

Don't be afraid to use the Boat Key as it is not a single-use item. This means that you can use it to drive all the boats you'll find docked all over Resident Evil Village.

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