How to get Reality Seeds and grow them into Reality Saplings in Fortnite

Fortnite's Chapter 3 Season 3 is live and features a new and interesting loot mechanic.

Reality Seeds are a new loot mechanic added in Fortnite and work similar to the tents from the previous season. You can plant Reality Seeds, which grow into a Reality Sapling which you can loot for weapons and other items.

There is also a seasonal challenge in Chapter 3 Season 3 related to the same. It requires that you plant or summon Reality Saplings using Reality Seeds. You will get 15,000 XP for completing the seasonal challenge.

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Where to find Reality Seeds?

Reality Seeds are available in abundance, but only around Reality Falls. Reality Falls is a new point of interest featured in Chapter 3 Season 3.

It is on the western part of the map directly west of Tilted Towers.

If you're a new player or haven't explored that part of the map, it won't show up. You will see a '?' on the map. Simply set a marker on the '?' west of Tilted Towers and drop there for it to show up on your map.

Huge glowing tree in the middle of Reality Falls.

Once you're at the location, look for large purple pods around the base of the huge glowing tree. Use your scythe to break and harvest the pod, and it will drop Reality Seeds.

These pods are hard to miss and can be easily identified.

When you break the purple pod, it normally drops one or two Reality Seeds, which float around the pod. You need to keep an eye out for the floating seeds.

They use their overhead leaves to float, which resemble a mini helicopter.

How to plant the Reality Seeds

Once you've collected the Reality Seeds, they will show up in your inventory or hot bar. You can equip them just like you would equip any other weapon in the game. Once equipped, use your aim button to aim at the ground and plant the seeds.

It will show a blue outline indicating an area suitable for planting.

If it shows a red outline, you cannot plant the seed in that area.

The sapling will show up on your map and minimap for you to keep track of.

How to collect loot from Reality Sapling?

After planting the Reality Seed, you need to play through the game or exit it. Your sapling will grow into a plant in the next game you join. As mentioned before, your sapling will be indicated on your map.

You can also loot other players' saplings but they won't be on your map, of course.

When you join the next game, go to your sapling and clean the weed around the Sapling.

The weed will be on the ground around the sapling. You can expect up to three weed plants.

Once you've cleaned the weed, the plant will produce fruits.

The plant will produce up to three fruits for you to loot and get your loot.
You can get gold, shield, ammo, and weapons from the fruit.
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