How to Get Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2: The Fallen Transponder Quest Guide

Outbreak Prime, the fan favourite exotic weapon from the Rise of Iron expansion for the original Destiny, is back to wreak havoc and is called 'Outbreak Perfected' this time around. Being an exotic weapon, you’d think that there is a long and challenging quest to get the Outbreak Perfected in Destiny 2. Guess what? You’re absolutely right!

But exotic weapons can greatly enhance the experience of playing Destiny 2. On a related note, the Outbreak Perfected looks absolutely amazing, which is all the more reason to get it. Today, we’re bringing you a comprehensive guide to the Fallen Transponder Quest, which will ultimately lead you to the Outbreak Perfected rifle.

Why Should you get the Outbreak Perfected?

The Outbreak Perfected is one of three Exotic pulse rifles available in Destiny 2, alongside Vigilance Wing and Graviton Lance.

Outbreak Perfect Overview and Stats
Outbreak Perfect Overview and Stats

The weapon is incredibly powerful (when you receive it, its power level is 700) and it carries a variety of perks that make it devastating in combat encounters.

Its Intrinsic Perk is called The Corruption Spreads, and allows the weapon to create SIVA nanite swarms on rapid hits and precision kills. The Intrinsic Perk works well with its Exotic Perk, Parasitism, which allows the weapon to do more damage to enemies based on how many nanites have attached to them.

This weapon also has an Exotic Catalyst available, called Disease Vector, that increases the nanite damage done by Parasitism and causes enemies that die with nanites attached to them to make more nanites.

The Catalyst is unlocked by completing the Heroic Version of this quest’s final mission, which we’ll guide you through a little bit later. As an added bonus, Outbreak Perfected is very strong in the new Crown of Sorrow raid.

How and Where do you Start?

This quest has a prerequisite – you must have completed the 'Enemy of My Enemy' world quest to unlock it. After this quest is completed, a Fallen Transponder can be found in a previously locked room in the Tidal Anchor on Titan. This device was apparently left behind for you to find by Mithrax the Forsaken, a character that you hopefully spared in the Enemy of My Enemy quest. Contrary to popular belief, there is no time constraint on when you can pick up this transponder, so don’t worry about going for it directly after the Enemy of My Enemy mission.

Location of the 'Enemy of My Enemy' Quest
Location of the 'Enemy of My Enemy' Quest

There are two ways to find the Fallen Transponder.

Firstly, you can enter the Heroic version of the Bad Neighbors mission if it's available. Note that you must start this quest as the same character that you completed Enemy of My Enemy as. After the cut scene where you spot a Fallen Captain through a glass window, proceed through a door covered in "Hive Gunk" to the side – if you’ve completed the Enemy of My Enemy world quest, this door should say "unlocked" when you get close.

Secondly, you can also find the Transponder in free roam mode, just spawn into The Rig on Titan and progress to the same door. The Transponder is on a desk in the lower room.

Finding the Fallen Transponder Nodes

A Fallen global positioning transponder jury-rigged for operation by human hands. Its encrypted interface seems to require locational data. Beyond that, your Ghost can find nothing remarkable about this device except a brief plaintext message embedded in its header files

- Inventory text for the Fallen Transponder

In order to activate the Transponder, you must find six nodes in various locations in the EDZ and Nessus. Each contains a riddle telling you where to find the next one, but if riddles aren’t your forte, we’ve got all of the locations here for you.

Node #1: The Drain on EDZ

The Drain on EDZ

The first node is found in The Drain Lost Sector on the EDZ. On the path to the boss, take the left tunnel at the first fork. Keep going along this path, blasting enemies as you go, until you come upon a huge cavern that’s decorated with Fallen flags. The node is in between two boxes that are covered with purple sheets.

Node #2: Whispered Falls on EDZ

Whispered Falls on EDZ

To find the second node, you should head to a location about halfway through Whispered Falls, before you reach the final boss. Jump down into the pit and look to your right. You should see a small nook that glows with green light; that’s the node you’re looking for, watched over by some skulls on a spike.

Node #3: Atrium on EDZ

Atrium on EDZ - Part 1

Finding this node requires you to head into the church in Atrium. Take out the first room of enemies and head into a room off to the left. Node #3 is hidden in a small alcove behind a pillar.

Atrium on EDZ - Part 2

Node #4: Widow’s Walk on EDZ

Widow’s Walk on EDZ

This node is remarkably close to Node #3. However, to get it you have to complete the entire Widow’s Walk Lost Sector. After you defeat the boss, check behind where the chest spawns for the node.

Node #5: The Carrion Pit on Nessus

The Carrion Pit on Nessus

We’re done in the EDZ for this mission, now it’s time to move on to Nessus for the last two nodes. Node #5 also requires you to complete the Lost Sector to find it. After you defeat the boss, jump into the pit behind the chest. After that, jump back behind a hidden wall to find the node.

Node #6: The Rift on Nessus

The Rift on Nessus - Part 1

This is the last node – congrats for coming this far. You have to complete The Rift to find the last node. After defeating the boss, climb up and look to the left of the chest. There’s a metal crate that’s resting sort of over the edge of the platform. Node #6 is inside of this crate.

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The Rift on Nessus - Part 2

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What to do After Getting All Six Nodes?

After finding all six nodes, you’re able to decipher a string of code to figure out where to rendezvous with Mithrax the Forsaken. You can do this puzzle if you want, but the end result is that you need to go to The Farm on EDZ.

Once you spawn, immediately head to the right where you'll discover a basement hatch that is newly opened for you. Head inside and talk to Mithrax to receive the final mission. We don't recommend doing that right away, however; once you trigger the mission, you will have only 20 minutes to complete it.

The Zero Hour Mission
The Zero Hour Mission

Zero Hour Mission – The Old Tower

This mission is exceedingly difficult, with power level 690 enemies. It can be completed with a team, and we recommend making sure that you have Arc, Solar, and Void damage covered with your teammates. Enemies will have a lot of Shock Shields, so using Riskrunner is a good strategy, if you have it.

The first two areas of the mission are a mix of combat and platforming. Note that every single enemy needs to be killed in order for you to complete the mission.

Once you reach an area that looks like an air yard called "The Passage", head to the left and underneath a ship to find the entrance to a ventilation shaft. Follow this shaft until you break through your second vent, after which you should take your first right and drop down into the next area.

This area is mostly platforming, but you can skip a few steps by jumping and hugging the wall before pushing yourself up onto a ledge that will appear. Jump your way through some more platforming and over a huge chasm; the exit from this area is on the bottom right. Conveniently, there’s a switch you can hit at the end to make the platforming parts easier for your teammates.

The next part of the mission is a puzzle maze guarded by a killer robot that is lovingly referred to as Trevor. Do not try and fight Trevor; he will kill you if you touch him. The objective of the puzzle is to hit four switches that are located in the corners of this maze. The best strategy for this is to send some of your teammates to the left and some to the right. To avoid Trevor as he makes his rounds, you can hide in vent nooks in the walls. As long as you stay away from Trevor, it should be relatively easy to solve the puzzle and move forward.

The location of Switches
The location of Switches

After the maze, head into the Vault to fight the boss. This boss is relatively straightforward but be warned that his behaviour changes at certain points during the fight. When he’s down to 90% of his total health, he'll start teleporting and spawn a Servitor Shank. When he’s down to 80%, two Walker Tanks will spawn to his left and right. Don’t ignore these extra enemies; in order to complete the mission, you must kill everything in the boss fight.

The Vault boss has a secret up his sleeve
The Vault boss has a secret up his sleeve

Once you kill The Mad Bomber and all of his mini-bosses, you’ve completed your mission! Mithrax will reward you with Outbreak Perfected at power level 700. However, if you’re looking for a challenge and have another 20 minutes to spare, you can complete the Heroic version of the Zero Hour strike to unlock the Catalyst for Outbreak Perfected, Disease Vector. Fortunately for you, we’ve got a guide on how to do that too.

Getting the Catalyst

To get going, start the strike as usual by talking to Mithrax. The first section is essentially the same until you reach The Passage. Instead of taking the vent underneath the ship to your left, you should head to the right and towards the back of the room, until you find an AC box.

Drop down the vent and follow the path again. Move through the next vent and dropdown. You’ll find a small industrial room on a narrow bridge, pull the levers in the corners and continue down the path.

Next, you’ll enter the aqueduct room. Climb to the top and jump onto the lid for Chute 03. After that, platform on the series of staggered ledges straight up until you see another air vent. Follow the vent until you can drop down into a long, narrow hallway with a lever at the end. Pull it and take the left path to enter an outdoor platforming section.

After you’ve completed the platforming, head through an open panel at the top of the railing and go down the adjoining slide. After that, look up and to the right for your next air vent. Once you make it through that, you’ll be back in familiar territory from the first time you finished the quest.

The mission is exactly the same from this point up until you’re about to reach the Vault for the boss fight. The maze with Trevor has been replaced with a much more complicated maze that will simply vaporize you if you take the wrong path.

The path to get through the maze is as follows: take the second entrance from the left, then go up, left, up, up, right, right, down, right, right, up, up, left, and up. Is anyone else getting The Legend of Zelda vibes?

After you’ve gotten through the maze, the last thing to do is beat The Mad Bomber and his minions once again. His power level has been increased to 700 for the Heroic version, but other than that, he behaves exactly as he did the first time.

Congratulations! You’ve finished the quest to get Outbreak Perfected and its Catalyst. Enjoy!

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