How to get legendary gear and traits in Hogwarts Legacy

Getting better gear and traits is essential to becoming a strong wizard or witch in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to play the game as you like and build your characters based on your preferences. You have many gears and spells at your disposal to create your character. However, if you want to elevate your character, you need to find legendary gear.

Gear Rarity

The gear pieces in Hogwarts Legacy have a rarity system represented by different colors. The colors of the rarity are as follows:

  • Standard (Gray): This is the lowest rarity system and has the weakest stats. You cannot weave traits into gray rarity gear pieces.
  • Well-Appointed (Green): This is a level above the standard rarity, and green gear pieces have some decent stats, but you cannot upgrade them or weave traits. You can sell green rarity pieces for 60 Galleons.
  • Superb (Blue): Blue rarity gear pieces also have decent stats, and you can upgrade them and weave traits. But you can only apply tier I traits to them, and the upgrades are not as much as the Extraordinary or Legendary rarity. You can sell the Superb pieces for 90 Galleons.
  • Extraordinary (Purple): These also have good stats, and you can upgrade them to get better offensive and defensive stats, depending on what gear piece you're upgrading. You can apply both tier I and II traits to these pieces. You can sell the purple gear pieces for 150 Galleons.
  • Legendary (Orange): Legendary gear is the strongest gear in Hogwarts Legacy, and you get better offensive and defensive upgrade scaling along with the ability to apply tier III traits. You can sell legendary gear pieces for 200 Galleons.
As you might have guessed, upgrading the higher rarity gear pieces also costs a lot more and requires different magical beast materials.

Getting Legendary Gear

You can get the legendary gear by looting the chests scattered over the map. You can find random gear in all random chests and a special eye chest. You can find plenty of these in the world of Hogwarts Legacy. You can find some in Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade, and the regular World Map.

The items you get from the chests are completely random. However, there is a small trick that you can do to sort of "guarantee" yourself a legendary gear piece. To do this, when you come across a chest, manually save your game. After saving the game, open the chest. If you get a legendary piece, you're good to go. If you don't get a legendary piece, reload the manually saved game and open the chest again.

A Well-Appointed dress found in one of the chests inside Hogwarts Castle.

This time you will get a different randomly generated gear piece. Again, it is random, so you can either get a superb item, an extraordinary item, or a legendary item.

You can also purchase legendary pieces from the Gladrags Wizardwear Shop in Hogsmeade.

Gladrags Wizardwear location on the map.
The shop regularly refreshes the listed items every three in-game days.

Once you've exhausted the shop by purchasing all the items, you can manually go to the map and wait six times to pass three days, and the shop will reset with new items.

It is also worth noting that some legendary gears are tied to specific side quests. This way, you guarantee yourself a legendary gear piece.

Level Locking

When you find a gear, the level of the gear you find is close to or the same as your current character level. Once you pick up the piece, the level on that particular gear piece will be locked, and you cannot change it anymore. Eventually, you will need to replace your gear piece as your character levels up.

The headwear was found in a chest at level 32 and so its static level matches the character level.

While there are plenty of chests around the map, they are still limited, and it is best to save them until you reach level 30+ to ensure your legendary gear is high-level gear. Once you've opened the chest, they are opened forever and do not replenish.

You can work with extraordinary rarity gear pieces until you reach level 30 and then work your way up by finding new gear pieces. Once again, you can purchase the pieces from Gladrags Wizardwear Shop in Hogsmeade. Buy once you reach a high enough level (level 30+).


Traits are emblems you can weave into your gear pieces to boost your offense or defense, depending on what trait you weave. There are over 70 traits you can find by opening a special chest dedicated to traits.

Each trait has three tiers, from tier I to tier III. Of course, the highest trait provides maximum boost benefits, and you can apply tier III traits on your legendary gear pieces.

You can find a small fancy chest in the bandit camps. There are several bandit camps in Hogwarts Legacy. You can find small, medium, and large bandit camps.

Medium Bandit Camp icon on the map.
Medium Bandit Camp.

Once you've cleared a bandit camp, use Revelio spell to locate the chests around it and loot them to get the trait.

The unique chest with four long legs contain the traits.

Unfortunately, the trait you get is also random. But luckily, you can apply the same manual save method on the traits chest until you get the desired trait. Manually save your game and open the chest. If you get the desired trait, move on to the next bandit camp.

If you don't get the trait you wanted, reload the manually saved game and repeat. You see the notification at the top right corner to see what trait you got.

Your goal should be to get tier III (or at least tier II) traits to put on your legendary gear for maximum boosts. You might be wondering what traits are beneficial. Try to aim for the following traits:

  • Unforgivable III - It increases the damage dealt to the cursed targets. This trait is only useful if you're working around unforgivable curses.
  • Concentration III - It increases the damage of all the damage spells (Confringo, Expelliarmus, Diffindo, etc.)
  • Herbology III - This trait helps increase the damage dealt using plants such as Venomous Tentacula, Chinese Chomping Cabbage, and Mandrake.
  • Ancient Magic III - This trait helps increase the damage you deal using Ancient Magic.

While traits like Laceration III and Destruction III help increase the damage of individual spells like Diffindo and Confringo, it is best to go with Concentration III, which helps accentuate overall combos with multiple spells rather than amplifying a single spell.

Upgrading Gear

You can upgrade your gear and weave traits using the Loom in your Room of Requirement.

The Loom inside your Room of Requirement.

The materials used to upgrade your gear pieces come from the captured beasts in your Vivarium. You need to tend to the beasts, and they will give beast materials.

Higher rarity items require more beast materials to upgrade.

Feel free to check out our complete guide on finding all magical beasts and how to use their materials to upgrade your gear pieces.

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