How To Get Johnny Silverhand's Samurai Jacket, Porsche 911 & Legendary Malorian Arms Pistol

We saw a lot of Johnny Silverhand's iconic Porsche 911 and the Samurai Jacket during the pre-release marketing campaign and promotion of Cyberpunk 2077. Upon the game's launch, Silverhand's pistol, the Malorian Arms 3515, was also unlocked for V upon the completion of certain requirements which we will outline in this guide. The Malorian Arms 3515 is a legendary rarity.

Note that these items are missable, and there are certain dialogue options you must choose to acquire them.

How Do I Get the Porsche 911, Samurai Jacket and Malorian Arms 3515?

You need to keep playing and complete the main storyline up until you reach a mission called 'Tapeworm.' 'Tapeworm' starts directly after you complete 'Search and Destroy', so it is not missable.

During 'Tapeworm,' Johnny will ask V to let him take control of his body to talk to Rogue about Smasher. You need to agree to it, and when the time comes, Johnny will assume control of your body.

That settled, you will get a new side job called 'Chippin' In,' which is at the Afterlife bar where Rogue usually hangs out. This mission is the key to getting all three of the Silverhand items.

When you reach the club, Johnny will take control of your body and use this opportunity to get intel on where to find an individual named Grayson who worked for Adam Smasher.

A sequence of events will be played out while you sit back and relax, watching Johnny do his thing. After that, you will wake up in a motel room with Rogue standing over you. At this point, Rogue knows everything about the bio-chip and Johnny's construct on it.

Rogue will leave, asking you to call her after a day. You can skip time by accessing your inventory, after which she will call you to join her at the club from where you and Rogue will infiltrate a dock to get to Grayson.

Go to the Afterlife to start the next part of the mission by talking to Rogue. This is the part where we can now start to acquire Silverhand's items.

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Samurai Jacket

After exiting the club, you and Rogue will get to Rogue's car. But before entering, she will open up the trunk of the car and gift you something interesting.

It is a replica of Johnny Silverhand's original Samurai jacket.

The jacket has a rare rarity level and can be upgraded up to legendary provided you have enough crafting components, a high enough crafting level, and appropriate perks. It also has decent stats on it.

Malorian Arms 3516

The next Silverhand item is the Malorian Arms 3516. This is by far the strongest pistol in the game and has a legendary rarity. Continue with the mission and infiltrate the docks with Rogue.

Either sneak your way in or fight until you reach the end of the ship's dock and finally find Grayson. He will be severely wounded during the fight after Rogue, and you will interrogate him to find Smasher's location. Once you get close to Grayson, you will get a dialogue prompt to take the gun.

It has a unique reload animation where V will spin the pistol.

The Malorian Arms 3516 has a very high damage value with a unique melee style as well. You can also add up to four mods on it, pushing this pistol to its maximum potential.

Porsche 911

Finally, the Porsche 911. Continue the dialogue with Grayson until you get an option to either kill him (draw your weapon) or spare his life (put weapons away).

Spare his life by putting away your weapons, and he will "gift" you something in one of the secured containers at the docks. Grayson will give you the keycard to unlock this special container.

Take the keycard and go to the control panel to lower this container.

Unlock the container using the keycard Grayson gave you.

You will find Johnny's Porsche 911 inside.

The best part about this is that the Porsche 911 will be owned by V from this point onward and can be called via your 'Call Vehicles' menu. The Porsche 911 is probably missable, so make sure you spare Grayson's life to get the vehicle!

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