How To Get Firestorm in Demon's Souls

Magic is the closest thing to a cheat code in Demon's Souls.

Beating the Dragon God is no easy task and is arguably the easiest part of getting Firestorm in Demon's Souls

While the game remains fairly difficult even if you wield magic, there's no denying that magic makes it easier to avoid combat and tank when necessary. But, while there's a spell in Demon's Souls for everything, one stands out for its sheer ability to turn even what's supposed to be the most challenging of slogfests into a trivial matter.

What spell are we talking about? Why it's no other than the Firestorm spell.

Firestorm made its initial debut with the original Demon's Souls title and has since been a part of every Dark Souls game. This iconic spell is no doubt powerful, but it's also not easy to obtain.

How do you get Firestorm in Demon's Souls? Well, scroll down below to find out.

What Do You Need To Get Firestorm in Demon's Souls?

Firestorm takes up at least three spell lots and requires at least 18 Intelligence to use.

A whole lot of skill, that's for sure.

You see, in Demon's Souls, there are many ways to obtain spells. The most common is to trade a couple of thousand souls to Freke's Apprentice in the Nexus. However, for something more powerful, you'll need to claim the soul of a powerful demon and give it to either Sage Freke or Yuria the Witch to earn yourself some new and powerful magic.

In Firestorm's case, it's a multi-step process that mainly involves freeing Yuria the Witch in Boleteria and obtaining the Dragon Demon Soul.

Now, before you proceed, we'd like to remind you that this is a huge and challenging undertaking.

How to Obtain the Dragon Demon Soul

Obtaining the Dragon Demon Soul is straightforward but difficult. It involves beating the Dragon God found in world 2-3.

But, as we've already mentioned, things aren't as easy as they sound, and doing this herculean tasks involves passing through the Digger King's Archstone, where, along the way, you'll encounter the Armor Spider and Flamelurker, as well as two Fat Officials, which will play an important part later on.

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Then, once you've beaten both, as well as the Dragon God, you're still only half-way through getting Firestorm in Demon's Souls.

How to Free Yuria the Witch in Boletaria

Now for the most difficult part of getting Firestorm in Demon's souls.

Freeing Yuria the Witch in Boletaria is a long process that involves doing the following:

  • Beat the Tower Knight in world 1-2.
  • Defeat two Archdemons (the Dragon God is counted, so you'll only need to beat one more if you've already done so).
  • Once you've done both, proceed to world 1-3 until you reach the rooftops where you'll encounter a Fat Official who, upon his death, will drop the Iron Key Ring and a piece of the Fat Official's armor set.
  • After this, use the Iron Key Ring to open the door located just right before the Tower Knight Archstone at world 1-2, where you'll find the Bloody Iron key.
  • If you've already finished beating the Dragon God, you should've already beaten the Fat Officials in world 2-1 and 2-2, which will drop two of the four pieces you'll need from the complete Fat Official's Armor set.
  • With three pieces of the Fat Official's Armor set, simply proceed to the start of world 1-3 where you'll find the Fat Official near the closed gate you'll unlock using the Bloody Iron Key.
  • Wear the entire set and simply continue onto the path where you'll find Yuria guarded by a Fat Official.
  • Defeat the Fat Official, remove the outfit, and she'll be at the Nexus the next time you come back.

Once you're done with this, all you need to do is to trade the Dragon Demon Soul you got for Firestorm and you can now go on your merry way.

Be warned, you'll only get one shot at this. The Dragon Demon Soul only drops once per playthrough and it can be given to Saint Urbain and Sage Freke. Do not be tempted. Otherwise, you'll find yourself missing out on the most powerful spell that Demon's Souls has to offer.

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