How to Get Battle Points (BP) in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Once you grind through the main story of Pokemon Sword and Shield, you'll unlock an array of new places to visit and things to do, one of which is the Battle Tower. The Battle Tower can be located in the same building where Rose Tower stood during the storyline.

Battle Tower essentially tests everything you've learned so far in the story via the hardest Pokemon battles in Sword and Shield. A noob's odds of winning are low, but if you know your way around Pokemon, then you can win these battles an obtain Battle Points. You can then spend these Battle Points on important things like Held Battle Items, EV Training items, Breeding items, Bottle Caps, Mints, and more.

Battle Tower on the Map
Battle Tower on the Map

How to get Battle Points?

The main way to get battle points is to grind through all the battles at the battle tower. You can participate in either Single or Double Battles and hence, earn these rewards twice. Here is the amount of BP you get at each level, as well as other rewards.

Tier Rank Reward
Beginner 2 Rare Candy, 3 BP
3 Rare Candy, 3 BP
Poke Ball 4 Rare Candy x2, Bottle Cap, Mint, 5 BP, IV Checker
5 Rare Candy x2, Mint, 5 BP
6 Rare Candy x2, Mint, 5 BP
Great Ball 7 Rare Candy x3, Bottle Cap, Mint, 10 BP
8 Rare Candy x3, Mint, 10 BP
9 Rare candy x3, Mint, 10 BP
Ultra Ball 10 Rare Candy x5, Mint, Bottle Cap x2, Ability Capsule, 20 BP
Master Ball MAX Rare Candy x 10, Mint, Ability Capsule, Bottle Cap x3, Gold Bottle Cap, 50 BP

If you wish to buy anything from the BP shop, you'd need to at least progress to the 'Poke Ball' tier, as even the cheapest item in the BP store costs 5 BP. However, playing through the 'Beginner' tier twice, once in Single Battle and again in Double Battle, should earn you just enough BP to get started with shopping.

As you grind through the ranks, the battles will become increasingly difficult. If you can't face the challenge with your own roster, then you can approach the man in the green shirt in the Battle Tower to 'rent' Pokemon. The rental Pokemon are well-trained, with phenomenal Individual Values and know the right moves to synergize with their teams.

You can rent Pokemon from the guy in the green shirt
You can rent Pokemon from the guy in the green shirt inside Battle Tower

Other Ways to Earn BP

  1. Participate in online battle challenges: You can earn BP rewards by participating in one of the online battle challenges that take place every now and then.
  2. Mystery Gifts: A few lucky ones can also receive BP in mystery gifts, but you can never tell what lies inside a mystery gift before you open it, hence the name! So while it is technically possible to 'earn' BP from gifts, you shouldn't rely on them.

What can you buy with BP in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

You can buy the following items with BP in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Item Price
Ability Capsule 50 BP
Bottle Cap 25 BP
Choice Band 25 BP
Choice Specs 25 BP
Choice Scarf 25 BP
Assault Vest 25 BP
Life Orb 25 BP
Red Card 20 BP
Eject Button 20 BP
Eject Pack 20 BP
Blunder Policy 20 BP
Weakness Policy 20 BP
Focus Sash 15 BP
Air Balloon 15 BP
White Herb 15 BP
Mental Herb 15 BP
Power Herb 15 BP
Room Service 15 BP
Light Clay 15 BP
Terrain Extender 15 BP
Throat Spray 10 BP
Adrenaline Orb 10 BP
Absorb Bulb 10 BP
Cell Battery 10 BP
Luminous Moss 10 BP
Snowball 10 BP
Rare Candy 20 BP
PP Up 10 BP
Power Bracer 10 BP
Power Belt 10 BP
Power Lens 10 BP
Power Band 10 BP
Power Anklet 10 BP
Power Weight 10 BP
Macho Brace 10 BP
Destiny Knot 10 BP
Razor Claw 10 BP
Protector 10 BP
Reaper Cloth 10 BP
Whipped Dream 10 BP
Satchet 10 BP
Vitamins 2 BP
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