How To Get All Four D.I.E. Wonder Weapon Upgrades In Outbreak (All Locations)

Outbreak Zombies mode now contains the four elemental upgrades required for the D.I.E Wonder Weapon. Previously, it was only possible to obtain the weapon by completing the main easter egg steps of Die Maschine or the free D.I.E wonder weapon easter egg on Die Maschine. In Outbreak, until now, you could only get the base version of the wonder weapon.

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There are four elemental upgrades for the D.I.E Wonder Weapon in four different Outbreak regions. Each elemental upgrade is cleverly placed in a region closely representing the element that the specific upgrade corresponds to.

For instance, the Cryo-Emitter (Ice Upgrade) can be found in the Alpine region, a snowy biome. The Electrobolt can be found on top of the Array signal towers found in the Duga region.

In this guide, we show you the locations of all the elemental upgrades in their respective regions. Note that if you've acquired one of the elemental upgrades for your D.I.E wonder weapon and switched it with another, you will need to play through the difficulty levels until you reach that region again.

It is imperative that once you've chosen your upgrade type, you do not accidentally switch it with another until, or unless, you actually want to.

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Acquiring D.I.E Wonder Weapon

You first need to acquire the D.I.E Wonder Weapon base version, which is the Shockwave variant, to apply the elemental upgrade on it, of course.

There are several methods in Outbreak you can use to get your hands on the D.I.E Wonder Weapon. One of the easiest methods is by doing the trials until you get a legendary reward.

Other methods include eliminating the mini-bosses, completing side objectives, and opening large loot chests. We've managed to acquire two D.I.E wonder weapons in a single game. One by completing the trials at difficulty level 1, and the other at difficulty level 4 in a large loot chest.

Electrobolt Upgrade (Electric)

The Electrobolt upgrade is found on top of the Primary Array radio signal towers in the Duga region.

Nova-4 Upgrade (Poison)

The Nova-4 Upgrade is found at the Train Loading area located near the western border of Golova. The upgrade is on top of one of the tanks.

Cryo-Emitter Upgrade (Ice)

The Cryo-Emitter upgrade is found in the middle of a frozen pond or lake located by the Upper Highway near the southern border of the Alpine region.

Thermophasic Upgrade (Fire)

The Thermophasic upgrade is found in the Burnt Forest near the southern border of the Ruka region.

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