How to Fix VRAM Issue in Warzone

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If you've been having VRAM capping issues in Call of Duty Warzone after the latest update, you're not alone. Many players have been experiencing the same issue, which can lead to severe stuttering, FPS drops, and random lag spikes.

The Fix

The underlying cause could be poor optimization by the developers, as many players are experiencing this cap even though their hardware goes far beyond the minimum requirements.

In this guide, we show you a simple tweak that will fix your VRAM capping issues. The fix involves increasing the video memory scale for Warzone and can be done by going to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder located in the Documents folder.

You will find an .ini file called "adv_options.ini" which you need to edit. The exact location of the file should be C:\Users\\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players\adv_options.ini.

Open up this file, and you will see "VideoMemoryScale = 0.85". Note that this number can differ case by case, and is the root cause of the bug. 0.85 is a scaling factor for how much of your available VRAM is going to be used when running Warzone.

For instance, let's say you have 8GB VRAM, and if the scaling factor is set to 0.85, then 8GB * 0.85 = 6.8GB. This means that you're capping the VRAM usage at max 6.8GB, and the rest of the capacity is not being used. Increasing the value may fix the issue.

We tried this on our Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 6GB card, and it seemed to work. The default video memory scaling value was 0.85 for us, and we changed it to 1.0. There does seem to be some nuance, though, and we do not recommend going all the way to 1.0 if your starting value is very low. Doing that may, in fact, add to your stuttering or lag issues. This is typical of weaker hardware.

This tweak has reportedly worked for both AMD and NVIDIA users, and there's no reason it shouldn't work for Intel as well. If you want more insight regarding your rig's performance during gameplay, download MSI Afterburner for monitoring and optimization. Afterburner and similar optimization utilities and squeeze a surprising amount of extra power from your hardware.

Default Values

The following is a list of values you should put first and check whether the stuttering issues have been fixed or not.

  • VideoMemoryScale: 0.55
  • RendererWorkerCount: 3

The default set of values go for both high-end and low-end PCs. However, if you want to be more precise, then keep on reading.

Value Selection Criteria

Every GPU and hardware has different requirements, and you need to put in the values that suit your specifications best. The following are some of the pre-defined values that we've gathered based on the VRAM and CPU cores.

For the VideoMemoryScale, we always recommend you select values ranging from 0.55 to 1.0. You will have to play around with this value a bit until that red bar in the game is gone.

However, the RendererWorkerCount value must be selected based on the number of CPU cores you have. For example, if you have 16 cores, you should set the RendererWorkerCount to half the number of cores, so in this case, it would be 8. If you have 8 cores, then you should set it as 4. It should always be half the actual number of CPU cores to avoid any "over-burden" on the hardware. Either way, it is a safer practice.

If you are unsure how many cores your CPU has, right-click on your taskbar and open up the 'Task Manager.'

Navigate to the 'Performance' tab at the top and you should see CPU on the left-hand side. Click on it and you will see 'Cores' below the CPU graph. The logical processor represents the number of threads your CPU has.

We've got 8 cores. This means we will set our RendererWorkerCount number to 4. Similarly, you need to check yours and put the value to half of your number of cores.

We hope this fixes your VRAM capping issues. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to use the comments section below.

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  1. I have an AMD RADEON 207 8GB and I tried all the numbers possible. Found some improvements at 1.45, but still giving a lot of lagging problems. PLEASE HELP ME

    1. Hi Beltha, you can try going for 1.2, maybe? Because I've personally experienced that scaling the video memory to a higher value than needed can lead to a lot more lag and stutter issues. Try with 1.2, and that would mean capping at around 9.6GB. That's more than your VRAM but still not as high as 11.6GB (1.45). Let us know how it goes for you. Good luck!

    2. Thank you for the guide however I’m having some issues. I had done this change back in October but I made the VideoMemoryScale to 0.25 because I heard that would help with the FOV bug in MW. I have tried going back in to change the .ini file to the default settings, but it won’t let me change the file. It wants me to save a new file but it says the old file is set to read only. Is there a way for me to fix this issue?

    3. Hi Reshiram!

      Right-click on the file, and under the 'General' tab, you will find attributes at the very bottom. Uncheck the 'Read Only' attribute and save the changes. This should fix it for you.

    1. Hi there, you can try going for 1.0, and if that doesn't work try to go for 1.2 as well because that would cap at 4.8GB which is more than your VRAM but hopefully, it will remove the red bar or the capping issue for you.

    1. You can find that file, on documents C:\Users\Matt\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players

    2. Hello,
      I have 3700x 8 cores
      6900xt 16g vram
      Have you a proposition for me ?
      Thanck you

    1. Hi Patrick, not exactly sure how it will behave on a 3090. But, considering people having 2070 and 2080 had the same issue, it is possible that even 3090 can have this issue since it is not a hardware issue but rather a problem on the devs side.

    1. Hi, you can try either 1.0 or 1.2. 1.2 will give you a value (4.8 GB) higher than your VRAM, but it should remove the capping issue for you. Let us know how it goes for you!

    2. Btw, RendererWorkerCount =2 on standard but u can do it to the how many cores u have works much better than!

    3. Hi Beatzme, that's correct. It is the number of cores you have. But, it is never 2 as a standard for everyone. It depends on how many cores the CPU has. Mine had 6 but by default set to 4.

    4. Hello Hassan Sajid, I have found the "player" folder but It seems like adv_options thing is missing although I did reinstall the game many times and I do not know what do do currently.
      Can you please help me?? I am starting to be hopeless and I ran completely out of solutions 🙁
      I hope you still around to help and thanks in advance.

    5. Hi Badzi!

      The adv_options file comes up after you've run the game at least once. Did you play the game after reinstalling it?

      If you have, then there could be an issue with your default Documents path. Can you please give me the exact path to your Documents folder? If your path has special characters, it can cause this issue. You can try and create a new local user on Windows, then try and run the game and see if the adv_options.ini file is generated or not.

      You can create a new local profile by going to Windows' Settings > Accounts > Family & other users and then clicking on 'Add someone else to this PC' to create a new profile. Note that after creating a new user profile, you will need to reinstall the game on this new profile.

      This solution seemed to have worked for some. I can't promise it will work for you, but it is definitely worth giving it a shot!

      I hope this helps!

    6. Can you set up a guide to do this on Cold War? Can’t find that setting or .ini file ANYWHERE

    7. In the artical you speak about threads and her in the comments about cores. Which one is it? Other guides say it's half of your cores and not threads like your article indicate.

    8. Hi Calli!

      You're right about it being the number of cores. It was set to CPU threads by some misinformation we had. It has been fixed. It is supposed to be the number of cores and the value we put is always half the core count.

    9. I have Vega 11 iGPU with 16 gigs of ram . game runs fluid 60-70 fps with stuttering every few secs. what should I do with the video scale count? cant even buy a GpU for shortages.

    10. Hi Ricky!

      I believe your GPU has 8 threads. You can set your RendererWorkerCount to 4 and the VideoMemoryScale value to 0.55.

    11. did this work for u as i have same graphics card but need to install game again as i delted

    1. Hi Imad, try going for a number between 1.2 and 1.6. But, considering your graphics card is 3 GB only, I would advise you to be cautious as it might add more lag.

    1. Hi Igacio, thanks for your comment. Your graphics card VRAM is quite low but nevertheless, you can try a value between 1.2 and 1.6. Please be cautious as it may result in more lag considering you only have 2 GB VRAM. Using 1.6 will scale the memory up to 3.2 GB.

    2. this worked great for my 1050 GTX 2gb, set it to 1.6 and is running smoothly. thank man

  2. hi mr hassan thanks for your support, i have a question about this setting and would be happy if you answer. ok first of all my gpu is 1050ti and my question is if i set this setting to 1.2 (as you recommend ) it wont cause any trouble with graphic card??

    1. Hi Fabian, thanks for your comment. It shouldn't cause any issues, no, because I've been playing the game on 1.2 personally as well and had no problems so far. But increasing the value above 1.2 has caused some stuttering issues. That's why it is always recommended to increase the memory scale value gradually and see which one works best for you. Always try to set it closer to the original value in the config file.

      And I'm assuming since you have a 1050Ti, it is a 4 GB card? If so, then try going for 1.2. Good luck!

    1. Hi Pherull, I'm assuming your 1080ti is 11 GB? If so, you can go for 0.85 as it will increase the cap to 9.35 GB, which should be more than enough. Let me know how it goes for you.

  3. hey! i recently bought a rtx 3080 10 gb and it works AWFUL... i have the same fps ammount as i had with my 2060 super, what can i do? im desperate

    1. Hi ag5, sorry to hear that. No worries, this is not at all your card's fault. This is an issue on the client (game) side. Try going with 0.85 for your 10 GB card. That should be capped at 8.5 GB. Hopefully, this will fix your issue. Try not to go for a higher value such as 1.2 as it MAY cause more stuttering issues.

    2. We've never tried such a huge value. But, 1.40 would mean increasing the cap to 14 GB, which exceeds the card VRAM value. I would not recommend going that high. First, try 0.85 and then try 1.0. One of these should be good enough. Good luck!

    1. Hi Foxy, absolutely, still answering. We've tried 1.0 on a 6 GB VRAM. I would recommend you use the same and see how it goes for you. Good luck!

    1. Hi 1nside, please try a value between 1.2 and 1.6. Also, I am curious to know, can you please tell me what is your current value in the notepad by default?

    2. My GeForce 1060 6GB was 0.55. I tried 1.0 and saw no results at all, however the VRAM meter in game doubled in size.

  4. Hello Hassan, Amazing topic man thanks!
    I have GTX 1080TI 11GB and Ryzen 9 3900X and I'm getting while playing warzone between 100-120 FPS and Multiplayer 180-220, however I did all my settings to low for better FPS.

    Do you have any tips and tricks to do to improve my FPS in Warzone to make it at least 144-180 in average?

    Knowing that my FPS in Cold war average between 180-220 FPS

    I'm soo desperate I need more FPS 🙁

    1. Hi Trevor, please try a value between 1.2 and 1.6. But try to keep it as low as possible. Good luck!

  5. Just want to say I changed it to .55 and then I couldn’t get my monitor to 4K , so the number in the screenshot for me that is 4 was set to 2 , I set mine to 4 and it was able to go to 4K without showing red. I changed the value of .85 to .55 but apparently 1 works too ?

    1. Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment. I've noticed you're talking about the RendererWorkerCount set to 4 to get 4K. That's fine but setting the VideoMemoryScale is what fixes the red bar issue. You're right about 1. Going down to 0.55 is basically downscaling the memory even more. You are essentially decreasing your memory cap, meaning adding more limitations to the VRAM. If the original value were 0.85, then 1.0 or 1.2 would be good.

  6. Hello, I had VideoMemoryScale set to 0.85 and RendererWorkerCount to 3 then I changed VideoMemoryScale to 0.55 and it works better how that can be if I still have VRAM problem.

    1. Hi Trevor, that's very odd. I've been playing at 1.0 and 1.2. Mostly on 1.0 VideoMemoryScale without any issues. But, I will check out 0.55 personally and get back to you about the performance. As for RendererWorkerCount, I've never changed that and kept it as default, which is 4 for me. You will still have the VRAM issue and get the red bar because by decreasing the value from 0.85 to 0.55, you are limiting the VRAM even more, whereas putting a higher value gives more room for VRAM; hence the red bar going away.

    2. I mean I have 1060 3gb and 5-8400 CPU 2.80GHz 6 cores so what VideoMemoryScale and RendererWorkerCount should I use for best performance? Thanks.

    3. Hey Trevor, you're welcome and for your card try setting VideoMemoryScale to 1. Do not change the RendererWorkerCount and leave it as default. Let me know how it goes for you.

    4. Hey Hassan, I did VideoMemoryScale to 1 but it lag spikes I tried going to 1.2 and it still lags.

    5. Hi Trevor, I think that might be due to your graphics card. You can try playing on Medium-Low settings as your card only supports 3 GB VRAM. Modern Warfare (and Warzone) is quite a resource-heavy game. Also, make sure your graphic card drivers are up to date. That can also cause lag spikes.

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for your comment. 1660 Super is a 6 GB card, so I would recommend going with 1.0. Let me know if it fixed the issue for you. Your feedback is important as I am currently compiling data and creating a table with different values that players can try to fix the VRAM capping issue. Good luck!

  7. i have a 2060 6gb pls :C i have so much packet loss and i drop frames when i'm fighting with some1 or in a crucial moment when i need to make plays.

    1. Hi Sebastian. For 2060 6 GB, I would recommend 1.0. I've personally tried it on this same card, and it fixed the issue. Also, for better, FPS check out this guide:

      Unfortunately, for packet loss, there's nothing we can do within the game files. However, I would highly recommend checking out the ExitLag program. It will help you out with your Packet Loss issue. It is basically a software that directs your connection to a specific server/region of your choosing instead of the game choosing it for you that normally isn't the best. Good luck!

  8. I noticed recently a massive increase to my vram usage on cold war for no clear reason. I am on a 3090 and ultra settings on 4k and no drop in fps as I’m still getting 115 or so. Vram usage was always 11-12 gb but now is up to 18 or so, no red bar since 3090 has 24 gb but was wondering if a similar solution existed for cold war? Thank you.

    1. Hi Anan, I haven't experienced a similar lag on Cold War so far, but you can find a config file where you can play around with the video memory scale for Cold War as well. You can find the config.ini file in the following destination.

      C:\Users\PC Name\Documents\Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War\player\config.ini

      Open the file using notepad and scroll all the way to the bottom to find "Fraction of video memory usage to target." You can set values between 0.5 and 1.0

  9. Hello guys I have gtx980 laptop
    with 8gb vram
    16gb ram
    how may I set my adv options if you know ?
    kindly, Aleksandr

    1. You're most welcome. And for the RendererWorkerCount, I believe it is the number of threads utilized by your CPU. If your CPU has, let's say, 8 threads, then you can try bumping it up to 6. Do not max it out to be on the safe side.

      In my case, I have 6 cores and by default, my RendererWorkerCount is set to 4 which works perfectly fine for me.

    2. Thank you so much I have 8 threads
      and i will try for 6 now.
      I tell you later about my result Hassan.

  10. Can someone give me some help with a RAM issue in Cold War? I have 16 GB RAM and 2060. Playing zombies I will get to 98% RAM usage. My vram in game is only at 2500. Any suggestions?

  11. I have a 1080ti and 32gb RAM 3200hz. What should I set mine to? Been experiences tons of Dev Error 6068 crashes.

    1. Hi Justin, Dev Error 6068 seems to have been associated with an in-game overlay of an external program such as Discord or NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Disable the in-game overlays for both these programs. Another solution you can try is setting the VideoMemoryScale to 0.5. Let me know how it goes for you. Good luck!

  12. I only use integrated graphics from ryzen 3 3200g because I don't have a gpu and my VRAM is 2gb what should I set it at. And what should my rendererworkercount be? pls help me

    1. Hi Dominic, I wouldn't recommend changing the rendererworkercount. As for the VRAM, it is quite low as it is but give 1.0 a try. Or go lower than your current value, as stated by Rodrigo below, it seems to help some people fix their stuttering issues. Good luck!

    1. Hi Kushal, it depends on your current value. Also, you have 1650 Super GPU so I assume your VRAM is 4 GB? If so, then try going for a value between 0.75 and 0.80.

  13. All I read about it it's the opposite. Low values like 0.55 or 0.65 improves or even fix the suttering problem (three yellor/orange/red pages on the left). I will try 1.0, but I do have improvements on 0.65 and even better on 0.55. 5600XT 6GB here.

    1. Hi Rodrigo, thanks for that info. It's good to know. It will definitely help. For some reason, it works differently for different people. Not exactly sure about the exact reasoning behind this, but it's helpful to know that.

  14. Hi Hassan, I couldn't play COD because sometimes game stucks.
    I have RX 5600 XT 6GB what should I do the video memory scale?

  15. hi, im trying to help my friend but when he goes into the mmodernwarfare folder, there is no folder sayin adv_options, neither a players folder... pls help

    1. Hi Jesper. The folder is not inside of your main installation directory. It's in the documents folder.

      C:\Users\\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players\adv_options.ini.

    2. Hi Hassan, could you please help me on this, as i am unable to make any changes for this folder/file : C:\Users\hp\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players
      File adv_options.INI
      Please help
      Thanks in advance!!
      Phne - 9910617463

    1. Hi Akhail, your ram is pretty good, but the card is not really strong. I'm assuming your MX110 has 2 GB VRAM? Regardless, I believe modifying the settings won't have any major effect on your performance.

      Either way, you can try going for a number anywhere between 0.8 to 1.0. Good luck!

  16. hi, I dont have the folder Players inside the folder of Call of duty, where else can I find this doc to change?

    1. Hi Javier, the players folder is not inside of the main Call of Duty installation directory. It is inside the documents folder.

      Here's the directory --> C:\Users\\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players\adv_options.ini.

  17. hello my graphics card is 4gb from amd well i just have a good pc but the game is just chopping up at times i would also like to advise you too before I start drilling in it

  18. I've got a 3070 (8gb vram) and 3800x (8c 16t), what should my settings be? I also want to stream with OBS at the same time if that makes a difference?

    1. Hi Gersh, I don't think the OBS streaming will matter since this red bar issue is game-related. I say that because many players experienced the same red bar issue, stuttering, frame drops, and even high VRAM usage at the lowest possible Warzone settings. This leads to believe that it's not the system but instead the game.

      As for your settings - try out a value between 0.9 and 1.0. Good luck!

  19. can you please tell me what about RendererWorkerCount ? what it is actually and what number should be there?

    1. Hi Damian. RendererWorkerCOunt is the number of threads utilized by your CPU. Suppose your CPU has 8 threads, for example. You can then set your RendererWorkerCount to half the original thread, which will be 4 in this case.

      You can also increase it up to 5 or 6 depending on how strong your PC is but never put the max number of threads as it will result in stuttering and lag issues. We need to avoid stressing the system. Hope this helped!

  20. Hassan, I cant find the adv_options.ini file in the warzone folder. I even searched for it within the folder and it wasn't there.

    1. Hi PG, it is not inside the Warzone folder. You will find it in the Documents folder actually. The exact directory is C:\Users\\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players\adv_options.ini. Hope this helps!

  21. Hi . I have an issue with Warzone too. I installed the game like a week ago. I started to play with no problems and lags and settings set to high. Suddenly yesterday morning when i tried to play , i get lag and framedrops even in the start screen .I tried your way but nothing.Also i tried paging vram . Nothing too.

    My system is :
    inel i5 6500 3,2ghz
    Radeon rx 550 4gb
    Corsair 2400 8 gb ram
    ssd disk 240gb.

    Do you think adding 8 gb of ram will solve the problem???

    Thanks in advance !!!!

    1. Hi, I believe your system requirements are quite low to run Warzone. Adding more RAM won't make any difference unless you upgrade your graphics card. You do have a minimum of 8 GB, which should be good enough to run the game. But, your graphics card is quite out-dated for Warzone to run smoothly. At best, you should be able to run the game around 30-35 fps at the lowest settings with 1080p resolution. Hence the reason your game lags even more when a lot is going on in the game, such as explosions that render particles associated with explosions. If you haven't already, please turn off the particles or decrease to the lowest possible settings. Because sometimes when there is a new update (which there was recently) it automatically changes some of the graphic settings. I hope this helps!

    2. Thanks for your help.. But before you answer me I purchased 8 gbs of ram. The framedrop stopped at all.. The game runs smoothly. The fps are 30 to 35, as you said.. So the lags were from the lack of ram.

    3. You're most welcome, and that's awesome to hear. It's good information for me to know as well, actually. Maybe because 8 GB was the minimum requirement, and the recommended is 12 GB. Out of curiosity, how much RAM did you add on top of 8 GB?

  22. hi , i have a pc with i5 6500 3,2 Ghz , 8 gb ddr4 ram , and Radeon RX 550 4gb . I started playing last week for first time . I was on high graphics and it was ok. Suddeny since yesterday morninh i keep getting frame drops and lag even at low graphics. Especially when players approach me and when explosions go. I tried your way but nothing. I tried paging vram nothing too. Any idea ?? Do you think addind 8 gb of ram would solve the problem ?

  23. Nevermind, for some reason when I went into the Documents folder from my C drive, nothing showed up, but when I opened it from Quick Access/This PC it loaded

    1. Hi Gooselord, I hope you were able to find the folder. Just for your future reference, the exact directory is C:\Users\\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players\adv_options.ini. And yes, you can also get to it via quick access since it is the same folder!

  24. Hi, Ive got a RTX 3070, i9 10900k and 32gb of ram in dual channel mode, all settings are low to high in warzone, i get an average of 180fps - 200 or so, but still stutter a little, when i do stutter i dont notice a big drop in fps maybe a tiny but no rise at all in latency, so not sure whats happening. Ive played with the memory scale a little but not 100% sure at what my memory scale should be at? what should it be? ive also adjusted the rendering working count to match my 10 core processor. Thank you.

    1. I’ve got it at 0.85 and it seems to be okay. Is there a different number you’d recommend putting it at?

    2. Hey Ronnie!

      If it was 0.55 by default, then 0.85 is a good number to go for. I wouldn't recommend going for 1.0 in your case, as it might cause stuttering issues.

  25. Hello, with gtx 970 4 gb when I set it to 0.55 or 0.65 I think it’s smoother than other setting but my vram bar is red.Should I put 1 or 1.2? Also I have 4 cores but renderer is set to 2 should I set it to 4? I have read that putting the half of cores may reduce stuttering?! Is it correct ? Thanks!

    1. Hi Stef. If the game runs smoother for you on 0.55 or 0.65, then, by all means, go for it. The goal is to remove stuttering issues and lag. You can try 1.0 as well. But, for the rendererworkercount, keep it as 2 (half of your total cores) as utilizing all may lead to stuttering or overheating issues.

    1. Hi Orko, thanks for your comment. Normally I would advise you to check your currently value and increase it by maybe 0.5 or 1.25. But, seeing the latest comments, decreasing the value gives a much better performance for some reason, albeit the red bar stays. I would suggest you try both - increasing and decreasing by either 0.5 or 1.25. For me personally, increasing the value from 0.85 (the default value for me) to 1.0 fixed it. Good luck!

    2. Hey, so i tried 3 games today with the 1.0 value, that was incredibly smooth!

      for me it worked, thank you ! I'll try tonight to see if it is better while i'm streaming.

      Anyway, i just ordered a setup upgrade so i'll be soon out of trouble !

      I let you know if tonight was a success !

  26. Hello Hassan, i have this problem since i downloaded this game, and recently i am having a huge problem with the packet burst (or packet loss). I can not fix this problem anyhow.
    I have intel i3-8100 3.6GHz 8 GB RAM GTX1050ti
    maybe you can help me to optimize the game?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Lee, I would recommend you check out our guide on how to optimize your graphical settings here:

      As for the packet loss, I would highly recommend you check out ExitLag. We have no affiliation with them whatsoever, I personally use that, and it has done wonders for me in terms of fixing the packet loss and general lag overall. It is basically a software that directs your connection to a specific server/region of your choosing instead of the game choosing it for you that normally isn't the best. I hope this helps you out!

  27. Hey bruvs. What about a 1050ti and a 16gb? any suggestions of a value a can use? Im on 1 right now and normal settings give me 20-40 fps((

    1. Hi Russian, is 1.0 your default value? If so, you can try bumping it up to 1.25. Although, I doubt it will make any difference since I assume your VRAM is 4 GB? If it is 1.0, then you've already set your maximum VRAM allocation. You can try one thing - reduce the value to 0.55 or 0.65, as others have suggested that might fix the stuttering or lag issues.

      BTW, 20-40 fps is pretty decent if you're playing on 1050ti. Try to play on 1080p low settings or 720p low settings. You can expect around 60-70 fps on 1080p low settings. Good luck!

  28. Hi Hassan, I could use some help if possible im new to the pc world and I’ve recently bought a gaming pc with:
    i5 9400f
    Rtx 2060
    16gb ram

    What would you suggest the average fps should be on warzone with low settings? Currently averaging 108

    And what video memory scale would you suggest ?



    1. Hey Darren, I've used RTX 2060 for a year before switching to RTX 3080 recently, and the average FPS you're getting is good. I used to get similar FPS if not the same. Also, you can get 80-100 fps on medium to high settings as well. For the VideoMemoryScale, if it is 0.85 by default, then switch it to 1.0. But, if it stutters more, type a value below 0.85 (try 0.75 or 0.65). Good luck!

    1. Hi David, if you are not experiencing any stuttering issues, you do not have to change the value. Also, is your VRAM bar red or white? If it is not red, then you're good to go!

    1. Hi Acid, your is VRAM already quite low but try going for 1.0 only if you're experiencing stuttering. If you're lagging, then try lowering your graphical settings, no need to change the VideoMemoryScale. You need to run the game on either low or medium settings for it to run smoothly, assuming you already have sufficient RAM. Good luck!

  29. Hi, im having the same issues with my gaming PC.

    Currently running;

    Ryzen 5 3500x AM4, Zen 2, 6 Core, 6 Thread, 3.6GHz, 4.1GHz Turbo, 32MB L3, PCIe 4.0, 65W CPU
    AMD Radeon 5600xt Graphics Card
    corsair vengeance lpx 16gb(2x8gb) 3200mhz

    What do you recommend?

    1. Hi Dammy, AMD Radeon 5600xt is having 6GB VRAM, correct? For that, I would suggest setting your VideoMemoryScale value to 1.0. Hopefully, it will fix your issue!

    1. Don't worry about the RendererWorkerCount. But, I assume your CPU has 12 threads since it is AMD Ryzen 5 3600x. You can try setting the RendererWorkerCount to 6 as the total threads on that CPU are 12. It is recommended to keep it at half the original thread number.

    2. i have 6 cores and 12 logical processors. my default adv options settings
      VideoMemoryScale = 0.85
      RendererWorkerCount = 4
      I increased the video memory scale but I feel the fps low. So I made 0.85 again.

    3. Hi Roger, if increasing it is giving you lower fps, then try going down to 0.55. That seemed to work for people having issues going above 0.85. let me know how it goes for you!

    4. my fps so low :(((( idk why not only me but everyone experiences it i think map optimization problem 🙁

  30. Hey,
    My dedicated Video Memory is 4096MD..

    When I play warzone, I have 3995 max, and I am currently almost hitting the max and that’s on everything on low..

    I upped my RAM today to 16GB in hope that would work, but it hasn’t..

    My FPS is so so bad, is there any advise you can give to up my VRAM?

    1. Hi bro im running on a 1060 6GB and intel i5 7500 and my game is very laggy what can i do fix it

    2. Hi Lexie. The main component that will give you better performance is your graphics card. To increase your VRAM, you must get a new graphics card with the desired VRAM. Also, make sure whatever CPU you're using is good when it comes to compatibility with your GPU or else it might cause bottlenecking. If it bottlenecks, you might not get the full potential of your GPU. Good luck!

    1. Hi Kriss. AS per your system requirement, you should be able to play the game decently at around 60-70 fps on 1080p High settings. But, you should have at least 16 GB of RAM. Also, you can try putting the VideoMemoryScale value as 1.0. If it doesn't fix your stutter issue, please change the value back to default, or else it might cause more stuttering issues for you. Good luck!

    2. Hi what about for ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ram, amd rx 6800 xt trio x 16 gb vram? I recently changed my gpu from 2060 super to 6800xt and that's started my stutter

  31. guys So I install new windows and reinstall warzone but my player folder is missing that's why I'm unable to change video memory scale.

    1. Hi Rafay!

      After installing the game, did you run it once? I would recommend playing one or two games of Warzone after installing and then check.

    2. Hi hassan, I have a question, my game keeps going into safe mode, even when i shut down the game correctly... How do i fix it?

    3. Hi Casper! It seems some files of the game might be corrupted, causing that issue. There's a simple fix for that. Try the following:

      1) Open your Battle.Net Launcher and go to Call of Duty: Warzone.

      2) Click on the 'Options,' which is just below the game logo on the page beside 'Redeem a Code' & 'Shop Call of Duty.'

      3) Click on 'Scan and Repair'

      Wait for the process to finish and then run your game. Also, restart your PC just for extra measures. Let me know how it goes for you!

  32. Using a 1050Ti 4gb with 16gb RAM. I have been getting a lot of packet burst. It micro-stutters for a second and then goes back to normal. Sometimes when I ADS, it massively drops the FPS making it impossible to aim. Any idea Hassan?

    1. Hey Husky. Thanks for your comment. Okay, so for the packet issue, I would highly recommend trying out ExitLag. It will help you out with your Packet Loss issue. It is basically a software that directs your connection to a specific server/region of your choosing instead of the game choosing it for you that normally isn't the best. Yes, you do have to pay for it, but I'd say it is worth it! I personally use it as well.

      As for the micro-stutters, I believe it is the low VRAM. It is good that you have 16GB RAM as it compensates for the lack of VRAM but will cause stuttering issues when VRAM is at maximum usage. Try lowering the texture resolution so that the VRAM usage decreases a bit. The more VRAM frees up, the better your stuttering issues will get. You should be able to play around 50-60 fps average at 1080p with low to medium texture resolution without any stuttering issues.

    2. So far, I have tried putting the render scale at 1.1. Currently I'm using around 3.6GB of VRAM out of the total 4. The GPU usage is around 80-90%. But I notice that during the micro stuttering, it hits 100% and then drop backs to normal. Any idea why? WZ was working fine for me a couple of weeks back. Idk how this has suddenly changed.

      Also Hassan, you're doing great work on this forum! Your responses and content are spot on! Appreciate your work!

    3. Update: Played at 720p resolution, but I am still getting micro-stutters. My roommates play on the same network and don't experience this, so it isn't my ISP. Done changing the slider right from 0.2 to 1.1 and I still face this issue. VRAM usage is still around 3.2-3.6gb. RivaTracker shows GPU usage spiking to 100% during stutter and goes back to 80% when not stuttering. Pls suggest something!

  33. Update: Played at 720p resolution, but I am still getting micro-stutters. My roommates play on the same network and don't experience this, so it isn't my ISP. Done changing the slider right from 0.2 to 1.1 and I still face this issue. VRAM usage is still around 3.2-3.6gb. RivaTracker shows GPU usage spiking to 100% during stutter and goes back to 80% when not stuttering. Pls suggest something!

    1. Hi Husky! Thank you so much for your positive feedback on the content. I appreciate it!

      So regarding the stuttering issues, I believe it's the poor optimization that is causing high hardware usage. I do have a solution but I am not sure whether it will help you with your stuttering problem or not, but it is worth a try.

      1) Go to windows search bar and search for 'Power' and select the 'Choose a power plan' option.

      2) Power Options windows will open. On the left click on 'Create a power plan'

      3) Select 'High Performance' and name your power plan whatever you like. Since we are doing it for Warzone, you can name it 'Warzone Settings.' Click next and then click on 'Create'

      4) Now, you will be back on the Power Options windows with your new plan selected. Click on 'Change plan settings' next to your plan name.

      5) Then click on 'Change advanced power settings'

      6) Expand 'PCI Express' > 'Link State Power Management' > Choose 'Moderate Power Savings' option.

      7) Next, expand 'Processor power management' > 'Minimum Processor State' > Set it to 85%

      8) Within the same 'Processor power management,' expand 'Maximum processor state' > Set it to 90%

      9) Once done, click on OK and make sure your plan is selected.

      After all that try running the game and see the CPU and GPU usage. Also, can you please tell me what CPU you're using?

      I really hope this works out for you. We are essentially limiting the usage of the CPU to avoid stuttering. Most of the stuttering issues mostly arise due to processors. Your card is decent enough to run Warzone properly!

      If the solution does not work for you, you can choose the previous default power plan and delete the above-created plan by clicking on Change plan settings next to the name of your plan. Good luck!

    2. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz is my CPU. I could effectively run WZ for the last year or so. Idk how this has suddenly changed and made it so BAD. After trying your steps, the stutter is still there. The GPU spikes to 100% and freezes for a second or so unfortunately before returning back to normal. All my drivers are updated!
      I'm so tired of having literally nothing work for me. Countless reddits, YT vids. At least I do have a voice to speak to here. Again I appreciate it Hassan!

    3. Hey Husky, I am sorry to hear that the solution didn't work. I'll be sure to keep a lookout for any solutions in the future. If something comes up, I will let you know.

    4. Hey huskyy, did u find solution cuz i got same shit like u and nothing fixes it.
      P.S. Hassan,bro, u r doing blessed work here

    5. Hi Hussayin!

      Thank you so much for your kind words. We try our best to help the community!

    1. Hi Fabioi, the file directory is still the same. Make sure you are opening up the players folder in the documents.

      This is the exact directory.

      C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players\adv_options.ini.

    1. Hi Anon, it should still be in the directory shown. Open up your 'This PC' and click on the 'Documents' on the left where the 'Quick Access' is. You will land in the folder where you will find the Call of Duty Modern Warfare folder. Open that folder, and you should see 'adv_options.ini'

  34. Heya! I don't really know specs that well, but I do know that I have a gtx 1050, and Core i7. Both ram slots are 8gb if that makes any difference? But this is not just about warzone, but a general question about why some games simply are just choppy... Any help would be amazing! Also, for warzone, what should my render count be? Thanks!

    1. Hi David!
      Sometimes the games just lag due to poor optimization from the devs side while other times it's related to hardware such as low overall RAM, or bottlenecking of the GPU due to weak processor, etc.

      Can you please specify which GTA 1050 do you have? Is it the Ti (4 GB), 3GB, or 2GB? In any case, try out 0.55 first. If that does not fix the stuttering issue then try going for 1.0. Good luck!

    2. i have a Rx580 4gb vram 16gb ram what would i change mine to if it was 0.85 already as when i try to change my texture resulution from low to normal it goes well over max

    3. Hi Tyler, if it is 0.85 then try changing yours to 1.0. If it still stutters then go down to 0.55. Good luck!

  35. Hello Hassan! When I change my VideoMemory scale from .9 to 1.2 it Changes right back once I open the game. I save it properly and it shows correctly prior to starting game. Once I start to load it changes back to .9 on its own. I have a gtx 1060 3gb. What can I do to fix this?

    1. Hi Daniel!

      Please right-click on the adv_options.ini file and see if "Read-Only" is checked. If it is, then uncheck it. After unchecking that, change the settings again and re-save them. This should fix the problem!

    2. That did not fix the problem. 🙁 Any other suggestions?

      Also - the name of my file is adv_options (no .ini)

    3. Hi Daniel. That's weird. Would you mind sending me a screenshot of your folder through my e-mail? We can discuss it further there. I'll try my best to help you out there.

      [email protected]

  36. hello I have Rtx 3060 12 gb and intel i5 10400f with 16gb of ram 3200, which videomemoryscale do you recommend? I'm very sorry if my English is bad. a greeting and I await your answer, grace

    1. Hi Daniel!

      Your English is good! As for the settings, try going for 0.55 as your VideoMemoryScale value.

    2. thank you very much for your reply. With 12gb of vram, would 0.55 be the right value to get the most out of my graphics card? I thought it would be a higher value.

    3. Hi Daniel!

      Your GPU is already really good. And, setting 0.55 would limit the card usage to 6.6GB. It should definitely help with the stutters and lags. Also, if it doesn't work for you, try going with 0.65 (7.8GB). Good luck!

    1. ty for your reply just i am wondering what if i use 1.6 is it bad for my gpu because i watched many videos on youtube someone using 1.0 another guy 1.6 what is the difference.

    2. You're welcome. Actually, putting 1.6 won't have any major effect as it means you will be extending the VRAM to 9.6GB which is not possible as your VRAM is only 6GB. It does, however, increase the limit to the max VRAM possible, which is 6GB. It is better to go with 1.0 as it is the equivalent of 6GB (your VRAM). Putting 1.6 won't be useful here.

  37. Hola Hassan,

    Tengo una RX 6800 y no encuentro una configuración optima, en 0.85 que es la que sale por defecto me da tartamudeo. Mi procesador es un i5 9600k (6 Nucleos). Y he leido que con 0.55 va bien, me podria indicar?


    1. Hi Alex!

      Yes, please try 0.55. It should fix the VRAM issue for you. I'm assuming your card is a 16GB card? If so, you can also try going for 0.65.

      Good luck!

  38. Hi, i have ryzen 5 3600x and rtx 2060super 16gb ram, and have avg fps 105-115 120, some places in warzone even 130-140, but watched sum videos of others playing with same specs, and having 160-180fps alltime.. have done everything (videomemoryscale renderworkercount etc.) Is it possible that in some update, remembering that someone said after season6 update doesnt work anymore properly, is it true or is there anyrhing tjat i can fo to increase fps?

    1. Hi Hhemb!

      I agree. In a lot of Youtube videos, you will see that the YouTubers have higher FPS. The reason for that is lower settings. Many YouTubers reduce their overall graphical settings for better visibility and better FPS to get that competitive edge over the other players.

      You can try doing the same, and I am sure you will get higher FPS as well. If you want, feel free to check out our guide on the most optimal settings for Warzone to get better visibility and FPS in-game:

      Good luck!

    2. Yeah i have been playing with similar settings, but just cant get better fps, been fighting with this problem 3 months now, and just cant figure the problem. And i think with mu specs i should get better fps... ssooooo frustrating

    3. Thanks this fixed my issue. Vram would max out and eventually crash. I used 0.55 and now vram maxes out at 11-11.5gb on rx 6800 xt 16gb vram

    4. Hi T Money, I'm glad this fixed this issue for you.

      Thank you for your comment!

  39. i5 4570
    8gb ddr3
    gtx 950

    my game was laggy and I changed the vram limit to 1.6, it runs much better but there are still a lot of serious lag spikes, please help!

    1. Hi chcknlsyr!

      I'm sorry to hear you're still experiencing the occasional lags. May I ask, what was the default value? Was it 0.85? I would suggest changing the value from 1.6 to 1.0. Try it out and see if it fixes your lagging issues. Good luck!

    1. Hi Sajjad, your GPU VRAM is quite outdated for Warzone. 2GB is not going to be that good for Warzone unless you play on the lowest possible settings, which won't be a good experience for you.

    2. Hey Hassan
      AMD ryzen 5 1600 3.20
      16 ram
      GeForce gtx 1060 gb

      I tried 1.2 and it was still doing the same thing
      What should I put ?

    1. Hi John!

      I would recommend going with 1.0 (assuming you're current default value is 0.85).

    2. None of these work. I have a 1660ti. Changed it to 1 to .95 .89. Nothing changes the vram limit this I'd all false and bull

    1. Hi Dominik!

      Since you're having GTA 960, I'm assuming its VRAM is 2 GB? If that is the case, then the VRAM is quite low to run the game at medium to high settings. The first thing I would recommend is turning all the settings down to low to medium settings. Then, you can go with 1.0 (if your current default value is 0.85). If your current default value is not 0.85, then type in 0.85. Good luck!

  40. Hi Hassan, could you please help me on this, as i am unable to make any changes for this folder/file : C:\Users\hp\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players File adv_options.INI (Not able to save any changed value)

    Please help. Thanks in advance!! Phone - 9910617463

  41. Hello Hassan, i am unable to make any changes for this folder/file : C:\Users\hp\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players File adv_options.INI (Not able to save any changed value)

    Please help. Thanks in advance!! Phone - 9910617463

  42. Hello. I have GTX 1050 2GB, R3 1200AF, HyperX 8GB DDR4 3200MHz The Latest Drivers of GPU ,I cant play this game:( When i launching the game keeps crashing/random crashes, sometimes i can go to menu and this game giv me fatal error, all what i can do is launch the tutorial , but when tutorial start it work very bad like 5FPS and it crash few sec when tutorial started.

  43. Hey, i got a Asus Rog Strix 2070 OC 8GB. my Vram is on 90-100% und tryed to set up from 0.85 to 1.5 but does not help. Could anybody help me?

    1. Hi Affe!

      If those values are not working for you, can you please try 0.55 as it has worked for a lot of people. Let me know how it goes for you!

  44. hi, I have done all of this (as well as more such as using nvidia to lower all my settings as low as they can possibly go) and while the season thumbnail is on the screen and my shaders are updating my game just crashes (I have an i5-8400 cpu, 16.0 gm ram and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070)

  45. So I have 16gb of ram but when I load into warzone it says I only have 4275 mb of vram how do I fix that? Please help!

    1. Hi Damien!

      Can you please let me know your default VideoMemoryScale value in the notepad?

  46. Any advice for a GeForce RTX 3070 8 GB and a AMD Ryzen 3700X processor (8x3.6GHz/32MB L3 Cache)

    1. Hi Munanyo!

      I am surprised to hear that you're experiencing lag/fps issues on RTX 3070. Try going for 0.55

    2. I have a 3090 FE and experience horrible lag (wired internet connection at 480+ mbps) and I’ve tried setting adv_options to 0.55 and render count to 8 after experiencing it with 0.85 (default). 3090 has 20+ GB and my settings get no where close to the VRAM limit but still experience lag (yellow/orange/red squares in WarZone) every game, mid to late game it seems. Lag is so bad but I never lag out of a game. Any ideas as to what the solution might be? Thanks in advance

    3. I have a 3090 FE and i-9900k and get really bad lag. I’ve tried everything from 0.55-0.85 and 4-8. What should I use next? 1.00 and 12-14?

    4. Hi Abe!

      The lag that you're talking about is related to the internet and not your graphics card. You do not have to worry about modifying the config file.

      However, if you're experiencing internet lag, then I would suggest you choose a different region. You can change your region by clicking on the 'globe' icon next to the 'Play' button on the launcher.

      - Americas: for players in North America, Latin America, South America, Australia, and New Zealand.

      - Europe: for players in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, and the Middle East.

      - Asia: for players in South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

      Please choose your region by confirming where you live.

      Good luck!

  47. so as of the new update i no longer have the advance options folder or players folder and studders are back. was the folder removed with the update or is my install messed up?

    1. Hi Timothy!

      We still have players folder as well as the adv_options.ini file inside the players folder. Try running the game and completing at least one multiplayer match. After that, exit the game and check the folder again. Sometimes, the settings are automatically reverted when the new update is installed.

  48. hey hassan
    I have gt 840m 2gb. I have to tell you I'm in love with this game. do you have any suggestion for me?
    keep try on this status or give it up?

    1. Hi Kaveh!

      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, Nvidia GeForce 840m is an outdated card for Warzone. I recommend getting an upgrade. It will not run smoothly even on low settings.

    2. oh man how much fast!!
      I'm so appreciate your response but in my country the amount of money that anyone spend to such as this upgrade is too much. but thank you

  49. Thanks for the tip about Renderer...mine was set to only 4 for a cpu with 24 threads! Changed it to 18 and haven't had a crash since.

  50. Hi, I have an RTX 3070, my number actual number of RendererWorkerCount is 7 and my logical processors are 12. Which number should the RendererWorkerCount be???

    1. Hi German!

      7 seems like a pretty good number. If you're not experiencing any issues, I would suggest you leave it as it is. If you are experiencing any difficulties, then you can bump it up to 10. Good luck!

    2. Hey man I have a 3080 gpu and 32 gig ram what should myy render work count and vid memory scale set at for best performance best frames i have 10 cores and 20 logical processors

    3. Hi!

      You have the exact same specs as me. I wouldn't recommend changing anything if you're not having any issues, honestly. You can leave the VideoMemoryScale as it is, but you may set your RendererWorkerCount to 18. Let me know how it goes for you.

  51. I have an Intel Core i7-11700 with a 3070 but my PC restarts atleast 2-3 times a night when I play WZ. VRAM usage is pretty high. What should I set my render count and memory scale too? Also how do I expand the allowance of VRAM usage? Thanks for answering!

    1. Hi Kush!

      That sounds like an overheating problem. Have you been checking your CPU temperature when playing the game? If the VRAM usage is high, it is likely that the temperature of the CPU was also high. Can you please let me know your default values in the config file and also how many logical processors do you have?

      Also, just a quick solution that might work (or not) - try lowering your texture resolution from 100% down to maybe 80%-85%. Do this and try running the game. Good luck!

    2. Hi there, I didnt get it very well, first you said the we should put 1.0 and then I'm the second point you said we should try 0.53 and 3, the default values? 🤔

    3. So I have been checking the CPU temp and its always stayed 60 degrees. I have 16 logical processors and the render count was at 7 but I moved it up to 8. CPU usage is always really high with this game. I will try out lowering the texture resolution. Currently I am re-installing the game

  52. Hi Hassan,

    Ever since the new season 4 update, I’ve been in tears.. the stuttering is killing me. My PC is running nvidia 2060 6GB and i have 8 cores. I have tried all the values from 5.5 to 1.0. My default if not mistaken was 0.85.

    Any idea what could be the issue?

    1. Hi Yanz!

      Sorry to hear that. I've had 2060 6GB before, and I set my VideoMemoryScale to 1.0, and I didn't touch my RendererWorkerCount. I left it at default value which fixed all the lag or stuttering issues for me at the time. Since you have 8 cores, you can try bumping up the RendererWorkerCount to 6 with VideoMemoryScale set to 1.0. Let me know how it goes for you.

    2. Hey Hassan,

      It didn’t work, my in game settings are all set to low. I still cannot pin point what could be the issue

    3. Hi there,
      I have issues with massive FPS drops after a few games of warzone. When this happens the GPU usage is up around 95%.
      My Spec are 3070 ti and i9 10850k (10 Core)
      Frames will be up around 144 then when this happens it’s down to around 40 to 60.
      My default settings are
      0.9 and 9
      What can I change

    4. Hi James!

      That's weird. You have a pretty decent setup. Try going with 0.55 and 8. Do let me know how it goes for you. Is your CPU temperature also increasing after a while?

  53. Hi,
    I have issues with massive FPS drops after a few games of warzone. When this happens the GPU usage is up around 95%.
    My Spec are 3070 ti and i9 10850k (10 Core)
    Frames will be up around 144 then when this happens it’s down to around 40 to 60.
    My default settings are
    0.9 and 9
    What can I change

  54. I've done the changes but ther eisnno change on my games vram I've been missing with it for 3 days think my heads gona fall off

    1. Hi Joseph!

      Sorry to hear that. Can you please let me know your system specs?

    1. Hi Exanimalus!

      For VideoMemoryScale, try going with 0.6, and for RendererWorkerCount, I would suggest you check out the value selection criteria of this article. We have to check the Cores and not the Logical Processors in the Task Manager. It would be best to check your task manager for the number of cores you have, and half that number will go under RendererWorkerCount. Good luck!

  55. Hi I have a gaming laptop: Asus tuf gaming Fx505dt
    Amd Ryzen 5 3550h with Radeon Vega mobile Gfx
    16 gb ram
    NVDIA 1650 Mobile (4 GB)

    1. Hi Timothy!

      Try putting 0.5 or 0.6 as your VideoMemoryScale value. As for the RendererWorkerCount, from your CPU, I am assuming the number of cores is 4? If so, then set the RendererWorkerCount to 2.

  56. Ryzen 1600af (this version is almost equal to 2600) 1660 and 16gb ram 3000mhz

    some configuration for me?

    1. Hi Martin!

      You can try setting your VideoMemoryScale to 0.5 and RendererWorkerCount to 3 (assuming your CPU core count is 6)

  57. RendererWorkerCount should be set to your FULL core amount for any modern CPU, especially ryzen. Not halved.

    1. Hi Scott!

      Yes, you're right but that is applicable for modern CPUs only. We have given a value that would be good for all - slightly older and modern CPUs alike.

    2. Thank you Scott, this would have killed me, i have built a super rig... i don't need baby spec.

  58. The folder "players" Isn't in my download? would u recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the game? would that be any help

  59. I have a pretty solid PC (i7-10700F CPU @ 2.90GHz, 2904 Mhz, 8 Core(s), 16 Logical Processor(s) with a 2070 Super and 16gb of ram) I used to run warzone with constant frames with my graphic settings on either normal or high while streaming no problem, but now i can't even run the game on all low settings off stream without constant frame drops. I have changed RenderWorkerCount to 4 and my VideoMemoryScale to 1.0, it fixed the frame drops for one game and then they returned, any idea why?

  60. Hi Hassan, i have an i5 6500 and a Asus ROG STRIX RX 580 TOP 8GB but ive had to down clock to standard RX 580 settings as its a bit more stable.
    So i have video memory scale @ 0.85 and renderworker at 2... do i need to alter that in any way??

  61. Bonjour je possede Une carte graphique 16gb RX 6900 XT XFX et un proc RYZEN 5950x , que me conseillerais vous .. Car je trouve que jai de faible performance en stream ( 100/120 Fps ) en Dual PC. Meme si vous avez une solution de discutez plus facilement cela m'interresserais..

  62. I have a Nvidia GeForce GT 1030 2gb and followed everything and my bar is still red and lagging. I currently have it set @.55 & 2

  63. Hi,
    I have a amd rx 570 8gb.
    Can I know the rendercount mine should be? its on 0.55 and I have 6 cores and I put it to 3 but it still stutters

  64. Hello, I have a 3080 10gb, Ryzen 7 5800x 8 cores, and 16gb of ram and am having a lot of stuttering. I tried adjusting the values based on what I gathered from this article but that resulted in severe frame drop (like down to 40-50 frames). also if it matters I was set to 1440P which would think would be possible. Thank you in advance for any advice

  65. I have a 960ti with 8gb, I set the memory to 1.2 it kinda fixed the MP but not warzone. Default was at 0.85 but that was worse

  66. I have an i7 8750H gtx 1060 3gb Alienware m15 and am getting lots of stutters what should I set my number to in adv options

  67. Used this fix in the past but had to reinstalled the game this week. To my suprise there seems to be no "adv_options.ini" file anymore. Anyone know where this went? Did this change with the new season maybe?

  68. I was a previous owner of aa 5600xt paired with a r5 3600. I was averaging from 90-115 fps on warzone. I swapped to a 3060ti and I am getting 80fps average. I clean reinstall windows and the game and it still is the same, I now cant find my adv_options.ini. What should i do?

    1. I spent all wekend trying to solve this issue. Turned out my new 3080 ti has increassed the load on my cpu. I had to back off slightly the OC on my CPU which has solved the issue. THe dll that was failing didnt point towards a hardware issue but the game is now stable with a slightly lower freq and higher mV. Go figure!

  69. Hi I have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Quad-core processor, with 8gb ram. What setting should I use or run with. Please help

  70. I have a GEFORCE GT 1030, And my cores is 6. What should my settings be? my VRAM SAYS 1983MB when i check it in my setting and in warzone, ive tried changing it to something else, but im still getting like 17 20 30 frames In game. any way i can get more like 60frames-100? i can play fortnite at 144hz and 144frames but when i play warzone its too much i guess

  71. I have a nvidia GeForce GTX 1650ti. This happened with me before and i changed it from 1.6 to 0.85 and it started working fine. But now again suddenly my VRAM went up (even though I'm using my normal settings) and it is on 0.85. can you please help

  72. I cannot find the right file anywhere. I am using an SSD which is my C: file, and I am also currently using a harddrive, which is my E: file, as my main storage. I am able to get into the Call of Duty Modern Warfare file, but the .ini file is nowhere. Is there anything that you can do to help me with this?

    1. Hi Sam!

      Do you have OneDrive synchronization enabled? If so, then go to the same directory mentioned in this guide. However, you should have a OneDrive folder just before the Documents folder. The directory should now look like this - C:\Users\\OneDrive\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players\adv_options.ini. If you still cannot find it, try using the search bar (top right corner) when you are in your "This PC" directory and search for "adv_options"

      I hope this helps!

  73. I have 3090, i capped my fps to 120 using riva tuner. My in-game settings are low and showing less than 20% of Vram but after playing for 3hours or more my game starts to drop FPS at 80-90frames. i have mem reduct so my memory constantly cleans wen it reached 60% but the issue is the VRAM usage is showing 85% on mem reduct info. Mem reduct only releases RAM but VRAM it stays to 85% which i think the culprit of my FPS drops. I have set my memory scale to 0.65 and worker count 12 on my R9 5950x. by the way my Temp stays low at CPU 41deg and GPU 57 Deg. Any recomendation?

  74. Hi there i have AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 core processor with 12 logical processors and 16gb ram .. any ideas for me please ?

  75. Hola, espero me puedas responder, tengo un ryzen 5 3600, 32gb de ram a 3200mhz, una rtx 3060 oc de 12gb de vram, que me recomiendas poner? en mi caso hago streaming para casos así es diferente o no importa si se hace stream o no?

  76. How about setting the render count in I7 12 gen processor. It has 8p cores and 4E cores. Overall 20 Threads. Do you want to set the count to 4 considering 8p cores. Please advice. Thanks for your help in advance.

  77. I tried too but the adv options folder doesn't look right it shows me symbols and numbers help please if you have time

  78. hey. I have a massive CPU bottleneck issue going on and was hoping you would know how to fix it. My pc build is a rtx 2060 (6gbvram) , i5 9400f, 16gb ram. My frames are capped at 70-80 which doesn't seem right. I've optimized everything on my pc for less CPU usage that didn't work. I have tried changing the render worker count in my game settings from 4 to 3 and still nothing.

    1. I tried using 6 out of my 6 cores for the render worker count, and that gave me better FPS than using 4 or 5. I have a Ryzen 5 5600X CPU 6C 12T. It's OC at 4.6GHZ at 1.256 V. DDR4 RAM 16GB (8 X2) 3200 MHZ at 1.35V.
      GPU is an OLD Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB. I run warzone on all lowest settings. Antialiasing turned all off from the in-game and the Nvidia control panel settings. VSYNC is OFF. LATENCY is set to enabled and NOT ULTRA. I had slower FPS with ULTRA ON. I have tried 0.80 for the VideoMemoryScale = 0.8 and that seems to be smooth and fast. I max out at 117 FPS due to that is how I have locked the FPS at MAX FPS in game warzone settings. I do not want to have TEARING in my screen. Monitor is a 120Hz. I do not think I will benefit from turning VideoMemoryScale to less or more. But I will keep trying to see if I notice any difference.

  79. Hello I have a 3080ti and 32gb Ram 4000 mhz also a i9 10900k .. I found 6 to get the best for the render worker count .. what should my video memory scale be tho.. I do occasionally get some stutter… it’s currently at 0.85 thank you

  80. I have 3070 with of course 8GB of VRAM - the stuttering in MW2 is still present. I solved this issue 100% FINALLY by adding extra 16GB of ram. With 32GB i have ZERO problems with game 😀 😀 😀

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