How to find Opulent Chests & Keys in Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted

This guide covers how to obtain the Opulent Keys and pinpoint the Opulent Chest locations using the key clues in the Leviathan.

The highly loved Opulent loot is back and ready to be plundered by the Guardians. Although the Leviathan is filled with darkness and corruption, it still has many secrets, collectibles, and powerful loot.

Oculent Chests And Keys Featured

The Derelict Leviathan contains multiple Opulent Chests spread throughout the open spaces and can be opened up using Opulent Keys. The Opulent Key is a dark-green legendary consumable that you can loot in a number of ways.

Opulent Key In Inventory
Opulent Key as seen in the inventory.

Each Opulent Key opens only a specific Opulent Chest in the Derelict Leviathan. While the location of all the chests remains the same, the Opulent Key you get may vary. To determine which chest can be opened up using the obtained key, you can check the description of the acquired key from your inventory as shown in the image above.

Opulent Chest Clear Image
One of the Opulent Chests in the Pleasure Gardens.

It gives the location and the clue, which helps you determine which chest to open within that stated location. The clue is vague and only gives a glimpse of where to find the chest. Since the locations of the chests are the same, you can easily get to them after learning the locations. Later on, it'll just be a matter of finding a key and going to the stated location.

Opulent Key Held
When the chest corresponding to your held key is in the area, it gives a notification.

In this article, we will guide on obtaining the Opulent Keys and how to determine and find the Opulent Chests.

How to get the Opulent Key?

The first step is to find the Opulent Key. There are several ways through which you can get the Opulent Key. You get one guaranteed Opulent Key at the end of the Leviathan Returns quest.

Levi Returns Opulent Key
Visit the Crown of Sorrows to redeem your rewards after the completion of the introductory quest.

Afterward, you need to farm the keys by completing tier III Nightmare Containment, opening Destination Chests, or looting Haunted Alcove Chests dropped after defeating powerful Nightmare enemies and bosses.

Opulent Key From Loot Chests
Opulent Key obtained from one of the enemy dropped loot chests.

Haunted Alcove Chest bosses are spawned in specific areas inside the Derelict Leviathan. There are a total of four Haunted Alcove locations - two in Royal Pools and two in Pleasure Gardens.

First, you should know how to navigate the Leviathan to reach Royal Pools and Pleasure Gardens. When you fast travel to Castellum, you are in the Derelict Leviathan. Castellum is like a central hub area branching out to other major areas such as the Royal Pools and the Pleasure Gardens.

Royal Pools Pleasure Gardens Map
When you're in the Castellum, taking the left corridor leads to Royal Pools and the right corridor leads to Pleasure Gardens.

Haunted Alcove - Royal Pools

There are two Haunted Alcoves in the Royal Pools:

Nightmare of Qalec, The Sniper

You can find this nightmare boss inside the Haunted Alcove. When you enter the Royal Pools area, keep hugging the right side of the section and enter through the first doorway.

Royal Pools
Go right when you reach the main Royal Pools hub.
Royal Pools
Entrance to the room on your right.

Inside this room, you go up the stairs to your left and go to the far-right corner. You will find a hole. This is the first Haunted Alcove. It is the same location where you can also find one of the Calus bobbleheads at the end.

Royal Pools
You will find a hole in the ground.
Royal Pools
Go through the hole and you will encounter a bunch of nightmare enemies.

At the end of the tunnel, you will find an open area. This is where the Sniper is. Once you defeat the Sniper, a loot chest will spawn that has a chance of rewarding you with an Opulent Key.

Nightmare Qalec Sniper
Nightmare of Qalec, The Sniper.
The Haunted Alcove Chest The Sniper
The Haunted Alcove Chest after defeating the Sniper.

Nightmare of Sy'Ad, The Unending

There is a small hole in the wall at the very back of the Royal Pools.

The Haunted Alcove The Unending Entrance
The hole in the wall that takes you to the Nightmare of Sy'Ad, The Unending summoning location.

Patrol the area until you get a notification at the bottom left corner of your screen that reads, "Dark Ether thickens in the air..."

Go through the wall and defeat the nightmare enemies when you get the notification. Go through them, and you will get a prompt to "perform a summoning ritual." You will get this prompt in three specific spots in the indicated area. Once summoned, the Nightmare of Sy'Ad will spawn.

Summoning Spot
One of the summoning "spots." There are three of them next to each other in a triangular formation.

Defeat him, and you will get a chest with a chance of rewarding you with an Opulent Key.

Haunted Alcove - Pleasure Gardens

The two Haunted Alcove locations in Pleasure Gardens are as follows:

Nightmare of Carun, Beastmaster

You can find the Nightmare of Carun, Beastmaster, when you get to the Pleasure Gardens main area. There is a small hole at the base of the Calus statue.

Beastmaster Entrance Hole
Hole at the base of the Calus statue at Pleasure Gardens.

Patrol the area until you get a notification at the bottom left corner of your screen that reads, "A distant snore of sleeping War Beasts..."

Go through the hole when you get the notification, and a number of nightmare enemies will welcome you.

Beastmaster Spawns
Keep eliminating the nightmare enemies and the Beastmaster will eventually spawn in.

Defeat the Nightmare, and loot the chest for a chance to be rewarded with an Opulent Key.

Nightmare of Kra'lok, the Sword and Ha'lok, the Shield

The location for these two Nightmare bosses is also in the main Pleasure Gardens area. It is near the entrance of the Pleasure Garden when you're coming directly from the Castellum.

Nightmare Of Sword And Shield Entry
After entering Pleasure Gardens, look up to your left and you should see a small entrance.

Patrol the area until you get a notification at the bottom left corner of your screen that reads, "A sword and shield clash together..."

Sword And Shield Nightmare Area
Area where the Nightmare of Sword and Shield spawn.

Defeat both the Nightmares and loot the Haunted Alcove loot chest for a chance to be rewarded with an Opulent Key.

Clearing all four Haunted Alcove locations is also part of a seasonal triumph. So, you will be getting the best of both worlds with this - the triumph completion and the Opulent Keys.

All Opulent Chest Locations

You've got your hands on one of the Opulent Keys and now want to utilize it on one of the Opulent Chests. Before we get into the locations, it is worth noting that you can only hold one key at a time. If you get one, make sure to use it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won't be able to pick another one up and would essentially be wasting your time exploring and fighting the enemies inside the corrupted Leviathan.

As mentioned earlier, the keys have a location and a specific clue that leads to a particular Opulent Chest inside the stated location. The clues are phrases that vaguely represent where the Opulent Chests are placed inside the given location. The given location is always one of the two - Royal Pools or Pleasure Gardens.

Among The Ruins Clue
This means the Opulent Chest that this key belongs to is inside Pleasure Gardens. The 'among the ruins' is a clue as to which Opulent Chest exactly.

One example of a phrase is "by fallen greatness." This is a location inside the Pleasure Gardens. The fallen greatness refers to the fallen statue head of Calus. The chest is right by the fallen head. We've gathered all the locations below, so you won't have to sit and decipher them yourself.

Pleasure Gardens Opulent Chests

There are three Opulent Chests in the Pleasure Gardens area. The following are the locations and their corresponding clues.

By Fallen Greatness

The chest representing this clue is very easy to get to. As soon as you enter the Pleasure Gardens area, turn right and move to the south-eastern corner of the room. You will find a statue head of Calus fallen to the ground. There will be a white Opulent Chest resting right in front of it.

Opulent Chests Pleasure Gardens
By Fallen Greatness Opulent Chest

If you have a key with the 'by fallen greatness' clue, use it on this chest to open it for legendary rewards.

Guarded by a Loyal Companion

When you reach the main area of the Pleasure Gardens, head straight to the back wall section, and you will find a large War Beast statue. You will find the Opulent Chest at the statue's base, next to the paws.

Opulent Chests Pleasure Gardens
Guarded by a Loyal Companion Opulent Chest

Among the Ruins

When you enter the Pleasure Gardens, turn left, and just a few steps after, you will find some large urns and broken pillars. The Opulent Chest is by the wall among the ruins.

Opulent Chests Pleasure Gardens
Among the Ruins Opulent Chest

Royal Pools

Royal Pools also has three Opulent Chests and, rightly so, three clues.

At the Feet of Greatness

This one is the easiest to find. As soon as you enter the Royal Pools, you will see a huge statue in front of you. There will be an Opulent Chest at the base of the statue just to its left. It is just before the entrance to the main room in the middle.

Opulent Chests Royal Pools
At the Feet of Greatness Opulent Chest

Where Water Used To Fall

As soon as you enter the Royal Pools, go to the left side of the area. Continue to move forward, and you will see an elevated area. Go up to the elevated area, and you will find an Opulent Chest resting against a wall to the left.

Opulent Chests Royal Pools
Where Water Used To Fall Opulent Chest

Among Stately Columns

Upon entering the Royal Pools, go to the room to your right until you reach a small corridor connecting the main room and the room to the right. Go inside, and you will see the Opulent Chest directly ahead of you in front of the wall. It'll be resting in between two gigantic pillars.

Opulent Chests Royal Pools
Among Stately Columns Opulent Chest

Opulent Chest Loot

The items you get from the Opulent Chests include the weapons from the Season of Opulence:

  • Austringer (Hand Cannon)
  • Drang Baroque (Sidearm)
  • Calus Mini-Tool (Submachine Gun)
  • Beloved (Sniper Rifle)

We hope that this guide helped you navigate the mighty Leviathan and find the Opulent Keys and their corresponding chests. If you haven't already, be sure to check out our Calus bobblehead collectible guide as well.

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