How To Evolve Snorunt In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Snorunt is one of those Pokemon with a unique evolution method. The overwhelming majority of Pokemon have a linear evolution pattern, as they only require a certain level to evolve. Snorunt, however, may be evolved into a Glaile which can be male or female, or the all-female form, Frosslass.

Snorunt Stats And Location

Snorunt is a Generation III Ice-type Pokemon. It is a small black Pokemon with blue eyes and wide teeth. Snorunt is covered with a yellow cloak that looks like a triangle.

Snorunt is very sociable. It lives in packs of five with other Snorunt. They are usually found in caves. Below are Snorunt's stats.

Stat Value
Attack 50
Defense 50
Special Attack  50
Special Defense 50
Speed  50

Snorunt’s Total Combat Points is 300.

Below are the locations where you can find Snorunt.

Location Weather Level Range Chance
Rolling Fields – Non-Overworld Snowstorm Lv. 7-9 20%
Dappled Grove Non-Overworld Snowing Lv. 11-15 20%
Dappled Grove Non-Overworld Snowstorm Lv. 11-15 40%
Watchtower Ruins – Non-Overworld Snowing Lv. 11-14 40%
Watchtower Ruins – Non-Overworld Snowstorm Lv. 11-14 30%
East Lake Axewell - Overworld Snowing Lv. 10-15 5%
East Lake Axewell - Overworld Snowstorm Lv. 10-15 60%
East Lake Axewell – Non-Overworld Snowing Lv. 8-12 45%
West Lake Axewell - Overworld Snowing Lv. 8-14 60%
West Lake Axewell – Non-Overworld Snowing Lv. 7-11 30%
South Lake Miloch – Non-Overworld Snowing Lv. 11-13 40%
Giant’s Seat - Overworld Snowing Lv. 33-38 25%
Giant’s Seat - Overworld Snowstorm Lv. 33-38 25%
North Lake Miloch - Overworld Snowing Lv. 26-28 10%
North Lake Miloch - Overworld Snowing Lv. 26-28 10%
North Lake Miloch – Non-Overworld  Snowstorm Lv. 14-16 40%
North Lake Miloch -Non - Overworld Snowing Lv. 14-15 10%
Route 8 – Overworld - Overworld  All Weather Lv. 39-43 25%
Hammerlocke Hills - Overworld Snowing Lv. 29-31 34%
Hammerlocke Hills  - Overworld Snowstorm Lv. 29-31 34%
Hammerlocke Hills  - Non-Overworld Snowstorm Lv. 28-30 40%
Giant’s Cap – Non-Overworld Snowing Lv. 26-28 30%
Giant’s Cap – Non-Overworld Snowstorm Lv. 26-28 40%
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Glaile - Snorunt Evolution

Snorunt evolves into Glaile

Glaile evolves from Snorunt starting at level 42. Snorunt will always evolve into Glaile if you just let it level to 42 without introducing the Dawn Stone, which will be discussed later in this guide.

Stat Value
Attack 80
Defense 80
Special Attack 80
Special Defense 80
Speed 80

Glaile's Total Combat Points is 480.

Glaile is an Ice-type Pokemon that looks like a floating Dragon Ball Z's Frieza's head. Its head is actually its body made of icy rock.

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, it usually wanders around Giant's Cap, Giant's Seat, and Watchtower Ruins during Snowing and Snowstorm weather conditions. Below are Glaile's additional locations.

Location Weather Level Range Chance
Route 10 (Near Station) - Overworld All Weather Lv. 45 - 48 10%
Lake of Outrage - Overworld Snowing Lv. 55 - 58 25%

Frosslass - Snorunt All Female Evolution

Flosslass is an Ice and Ghost-type Pokemon

Frosslass only evolves from a female Snorunt if exposed to a Dawn Stone.

The Dawn Stone is an evolution item used in Pokemon Sword & Shield to evolve certain Pokemon. It is found in the Lake of Outrage (Wild Area), north-west of the Wild Area. There you can find big rocks in a circular formation. Behind these rocks are different types of Evolution Stone, and one of them is the Dawn Stone. You need to unlock the water bike first, before you can reach this area.

Frosslass is a humanoid Pokemon that looks like it wears a kimono. It has a red band around its waist and floats in the air.

Frosslass lives in frigid areas and has the ability to freeze enemies and create illusions to impair others.

Below are Frosslass' stats.

Stat Value
Attack 70
Defense 80
Special Attack 70
Special Defense 70
Speed 110

Frosslas' Total Combat Points is 480.

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