How To Do The Song Easter Egg On Firebase Z (All Cassette Locations)

As is tradition, the new Firebase Z map contains a musical easter egg as well. There are three cassette tapes scattered around the map. Upon collecting all three tapes, the music starts playing similar to how it was for Die Maschine.

Easter Egg Tape featured Image

In this guide, we show you all three locations of the tapes. You can find two tapes at the spawn location and one more at the firebase. Note that you must have turned on the power before doing this easter egg. Feel free to check out our power and pack-a-punch guide for Firebase Z.

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Location 1

The first location is in the Scientist Quarters at spawn. Go inside the Atrium upstairs, and you will find it on a wooden shelf.

Location 2

The second tape is found inside Equipment Storage. It is the same building you unlock that takes you upstairs towards the teleporter. The building also has a purple arrow on it. You will find it on a shelf beside a cabinet.

Location 3

The third and final tape is found in Firebase after going through the portal. You need to open the rightmost gate access from the central 'helipad' area. Go to the Motor Pool Office, and the tape will be on the floor, resting by the green cabinet.

After collecting all three tapes, a song called 'Lost' by Julie Nathanson and Kevin Sherwood starts playing. Fun fact, Julie Nathanson is the same voice actor who plays Samantha Maxis in Cold War Zombies.

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