How To Do The Safe Easter Egg On Firebase Z (Free Random Perk & All Sergei Head Locations)

In addition to the main easter egg, Firebase Z is full of side easter eggs. One of the side easter eggs is called the 'Safe Easter Egg,' and as the name suggests, it involves opening up a locked safe.

Safe Easter Egg Featured

Upon opening up the safe, you will get a random free perk from the seven available perks and C Cipher, for story and cipher lovers. To perform this easter egg, you must turn on the power and build the pack-a-punch machine. Feel free to check out our complete guide on how to do that.

This easter egg also requires you to do the first step of the main Firebase Z easter egg. We will go through that as well. We also have a complete video guide for you to follow along if you prefer a more "visual" guide. The below guide continues assuming you've already turned on the power.

Video Guide

The Serums

The first step of the main easter egg is to get the serums from three different lockers. These lockers are scattered around the Firebase Z map and can only be unlocked using a specific keycard obtained from Ravenov.

To obtain the keycard, you must first go and talk to Dr. Peck in the Mission Control building with one of the Aether Reactors.

When you finish talking to him, Ravenov will call you back to the spawn village. Go back to Ravenov and talk to him.

Once he finishes talking to you, he will give you his keycard ID. You can use this keycard to unlock the lockers having serums in them.

Locker 1

The first locker is in the Equipment Storage building right across the Atrium at spawn. It is the same building with the purple arrow on it. Instead of going upstairs, head inside and look to your right to find a locker with a keycard slot on it. Interact with it to unlock it and get your first serum called 'Compound S16.'

Locker 2

The second locker is in the Firebase. Go through the portal on the balcony, and you will reach the Helipad area of the Firebase. Go left through the gate and straight into the Engineering section under OPC. You will find another locker in here. Unlock it using the keycard to obtain a serum called 'Compound 36.'

Locker 3

The third and final serum is found in Colonel's Office in the Military Command Control Room. This serum is called 'Compound P65.'

After retrieving all three serums, make your way to the Field Hospital just past the Barracks. In the Field Hospital, you will find a Chemical Mixture on one of the tables.

Interact with it to mix all your collected serums. It'll take a couple of seconds, so give it some time. As the serum mixing comes to an end, some hellhounds will spawn near you. So, be careful when going through this process.

After taking care of the hellhounds, go back to the same table and interact with it to transfer the serum mixture into a Gas Dispersal Device.

After transferring, you will get an option to pick up the Agent Delivery System.

Pick it up, and then make your way back to the OPC. Go to the OPC roof section, and you will find an air conditioner directly above Dr. Peck's locked room.

You will get an option to interact with it and place the Agent Delivery System on it. Place the system on it and return to Dr. Peck to talk to him once again.

You will notice that Dr. Peck's room will be filled with a pink/purple gas. Now, you will need to sit through a long conversation and witness Dr. Peck's impeccable dance skills.

After he is done with his dance, he will tell you to go to the Data Center. This step is actually part of the main easter egg, but we don't need to go any further than this.

Head over to the Data Center, and you need to approach the Memory Transference Station. Once you get close enough, Dr. Peck will start speaking about the station. Wait for him to finish speaking, and then you will get an option to interact with it to unlock it.

Once unlocked, you will be able to grab an 'Essence Trap' device.

Grab one device and then find any random zombie to trap into the device. To trap a zombie, you need to first lower the health of a zombie to almost zero and then throw the device using your Tactical Equipment bind-key.

Once thrown, activate it just like you would detonate your C4 explosives, and the zombie will be sucked into the device. You must do it when the zombie is close to the device.

You will notice that the device will turn purple upon successful capture of the zombie.

If the zombie is not captured, the device gets destroyed, and you will need to return to the Memory Transference Station to get another one. You can only keep the zombie in the device for 3 minutes, after which the zombie will be released, and the device will get destroyed.

Once you have the zombie, run back to the Field Hospital again, and this time interact with another table with a metal plate on it. When you interact with it, the essence trap will be slotted into a device on the table. You are now done with the main easter egg part of this side easter egg.

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