How To Do The Bunny Easter Egg On Firebase Z (Free Jugger-Nog Perk)

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If you've played Die Maschine, then you would've definitely completed the infamous Coffin Dance Easter Egg. Similar to that, there is a brand new version of the Coffin Dance Easter Egg in Firebase Z, called the Bunny Easter Egg or The Evil Blue Bunny Easter Egg.

Upon completing this easter egg, you will get a guaranteed free Jugger-Nog perk similar to how you got one performing the Coffin Dance easter egg, salvage, and a high tier weapon. You can also get the RAI K-84 wonder weapon if you're lucky!

To perform this easter egg, you must first turn on the power. If you haven't already, then we highly recommend you check out our guide on how to turn on the power and build the pack-a-punch machine on the Firebase Z map.

After turning on the power, you need to return to the spawn area of the map.

Go inside the Atrium and go upstairs.

Look at the narrow balcony across the bench, and you will find a blue bunny.

Keep looking at the bunny for a couple of seconds, and the bunny will stare back at you. You will also hear a distinct sudden "impact" sound effect when the bunny looks back at you. This will confirm that the easter egg was activated successfully.

Wait for a couple of seconds, and the bunny will fly towards you, teleporting you to Dark Aether.

Once in the Dark Aether, you will notice a purple glowing light. Go to the purple glowing light, and you will observe that it is the same blue bunny.

Shoot the bunny, and it will disappear, changing its position. Note that during this whole process, the zombies will continue to spawn.

Once again, look for the purple light and go to the bunny. Shoot it, and it will change its location for the second time.

Shoot it again for the third and final time, and all the spawned zombies will die, and there will be a legendary crate somewhere around you. Look for bright yellow light and approach it.

You can open the crate to get your rewards, such as the free Jugger-Nog perk, high grade and uncommon salvage, and a high tier weapon. As mentioned before, you also have a chance of getting the wonder weapon from the crate. This helps you get the wonder weapon as early as Round 9-10, if you're lucky, of course!

Once you open the crate, it will be destroyed shortly after and you will be teleported back to the spawn area.

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