How To Do The Bubby Easter Egg Guide On Forsaken - Black Ops Cold War: Zombies

The Bubby easter egg on Forsaken is an equivalent of the classic bunny easter egg found on other round-based maps such as Firebase Z, Die Maschine, and Mauer Der Toten.

Bubby Easter Egg Featured

On Forsaken, the bunny easter egg is associated with the infamous Bubby. Many old-school Call of Duty players will remember Bubby from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Exo Zombies. Bubby makes its triumphant return in Forsaken and is part of the bunny easter egg.

Completing this easter egg rewards you with a new music tape called Samantha's Ballad. Feel free to check out our video guide. The background music used is the same music you unlock through this easter egg.

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For this easter egg to work, you need to upgrade your PhD slider to tier V. Upgrading it to tier five allows you to create explosions when you jump from an elevated surface. When you hit the ground, it creates an explosion. This mechanic is needed to complete this easter egg.

Another important thing you should have is the Chrysalax Wonder Weapon or any other wonder weapon such as a raygun. Unlike the previous bunny easter eggs, this one is not as easy, and if you fail the easter egg, you will have to restart the game to do it again.

We highly recommend going through the free Chrysalax Wonder Weapon easter egg guide, which guarantees you this weapon.

When you're in the game, first buy the PhD slider perk from either the respective perk machine or the Der Wunderfizz perk machine located in the board room.

Jump Spots

To perform this easter egg, you need to go to three locations having scorched marks on the road.

You must jump on these scorched marks with PhD slider perk equipped to create an explosion on them.

When an explosion occurs, you get a random drop from these scorch markings. The random drops can include several drops such as insta-kill, max ammo, fire sale, etc.

One of the jump spots always has an aether bunny which you can pick up to proceed with the aether bunny easter egg. More on it below.

First, let's look at the locations and how you can jump on them.

Jump Spot 1 - Video Store

The first spot is the easiest. It is on the road next to the video store on the western side of Anytown.

There are some sand containers in the corner at the end of the road next to the scorch mark.

You can climb on these and jump on the marking to create an explosion.

It will then drop a random power-up. We got fire sale from this one.

Jump Spot 2 - Cinema

This one is the hardest to achieve. You will find this scorch marking on the road next to the cinema entrance.

In order to jump on this, you need to go on the roof with the Speed Cola perk machine.

Once here, go to the Hind trap just past the crafting table.

Jump on the sandbags.

After jumping on the sandbags, jump on the fence to get back a little. You need space to be able to run and jump.

From here, you can see the scorch mark.

The issue here is that you need to angle your direction right, or you will bump into the flag that is right in front of you, blocking your path. This flag is the reason this jump is a bit tricky.

Once done successfully, you will slide directly on top of the mark (or at least near it) and get a random drop.

We got an insta-kill.

Jump Spot 3 - TV Store

The third jump spot is also an easy one. It is right next to the TV store on the eastern side of Anytown.

You need to climb the bar rooftop. You can use the rappel at the back of the bar to reach the rooftop.

From this rooftop, you can see the scorch mark.

Run, slide and jump on the scorch mark to get a random drop.

But, since it was our third and final scorch mark, we got an aether bunny.

Protect Bubby

Now comes the most challenging part of this easter egg — the lockdown and protection of Bubby, the mascot.

Approach Bubby and go behind it. You will get a prompt to interact and open its access panel.

When opened, you can interact again to place the aether bunny inside the access panel.

A green force field will surround you as soon as you place the aether bunny inside, putting you in lockdown with a timer of 2 minutes.

Bubby will also throw cheeseburgers for you to heal instantly in case your health goes down while protecting it.

You will also notice that there will be a health bar just above the timer. This is Bubby's health, and you must protect Bubby until the 2-minute timer expires.

At first, there will be a single portal from where the zombies will come out and attack Bubby, and they will be slow.

Shortly after, another portal will open, and this is where things get hectic. The zombies get more challenging as the timer gets close to expiring.

Krasny Soldat will also spawn. As the timer closes to expiration, multiple Krasny Soldats will spawn.

Our recommendation is to prioritize killing the zombies that go for Bubby first.

The Reward

If you fail to save Bubby, the lockdown will end, and you won't get any reward. But, if you manage to save Bubby, you will get a reward.

The main reward for the successful completion of this easter egg is the music tape called "Samantha's Ballad." Unlike the other round-based maps, you don't have any traditional "collectible" music easter egg.

You will also be rewarded with a large loot chest containing some high-tier loot, such as high-grade salvage, scorestreaks, and more.

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