How to Defeat the Frog King in Loop Hero

Loop Hero has multiple bosses and enemies. However, there is a particular hidden boss that can only be unlocked by placing specific card tiles on the map. The Frog King is a hidden boss that you can unlock and defeat in Loop Hero. While the boss itself does not give any particular item or resources, defeating the Frog King is a satisfying challenge to overcome.

Summoning the Frog King

You need to replace all the wasteland tiles with swamp tiles to summon the Frog King.

The Frog King is a hidden boss, and you can only encounter this boss after replacing every wasteland tile on the loop with a swamp tile. To Unlock the Swamp card, you need to build the Herbalist's Hut in your campsite first. The Swamp Tile spawns mosquitos every three days and while they are low in health, they can be tricky to deal with.

Keep in mind that the Swamp tile reverses regeneration and vampirism effects, meaning you would lose a lot of Health if you build vampirism on your hero. The Swamp tile makes surviving the loop difficult, and you would need a lot of Swamp tiles to replace all of the wasteland tiles.

Best Build for Defeating the Frog King

The summoning conditions for the Frog King are simple. However, preparing and surviving the loop before the Frog King comes can be challenging. Below are the best builds for defeating the frog king and surviving the swamp tiles.


Build a deck that can help you survive the loop until you get all the necessary Swamp cards.

Obviously, we would need to have Swamp Tiles in our deck. Aside from Swamp Tiles, we would also need to choose some roadside, landscape, and special cards. Below are the best deck for summoning and defeating the Frog King.

  • Swamp
  • Village for healing in the mid-portion of the loop
  • Road Lantern to help reduce enemy spawn
  • Bookery cards can help you reshuffle your deck
  • Oblivion helps you replace tiles
  • Storm Temple card can help give you more damage but you may need to sacrifice some of your health
  • The Treasury card can help give you more resources after the loop
  • You can also add the zero milestones golden card to help reduce the enemy's strength

You can take any Landscape card to your liking. However, the meadow cards can cause damage to you every morning because of the Swamp tile, the effects are reversed and it will cause you to lose health instead.


The rogue class has default vampirism but it also has a high attack speed.

To survive the summoning of the Frog King, you need to focus on evasion and attack. While vampirism works on normal expeditions, you will need to place Swamp Tiles all over the map, making the effect of vampirism hurt you instead. The Rogue class already has default vampirism, which means that you will take damage with every swamp tile. However, this class also has the highest chance of hitting the frog King with the added attack speed.

The Rogue is definitely more of a double-edged sword. You can choose whether you want to survive the loop easily or have more chances of hitting the Frog King. The warrior class heavily relies on regeneration as well, making it challenging to pass through Swamp tiles. Instead, you can choose the Necromancer class, where it does not rely on regeneration and vampirism to pass through the loop. You can choose any class that you would like.

As stated above, avoid both regeneration and vampirism equipment. Instead, you can focus on evasion, counter, and increasing your attack speed. Both the Forest and Thicket cards can help you increase your attack speed. You can also get more damage by unlocking traits that increases counter and skills. Placing Suburban tiles can give you more XP from every battle.

What to do during the Fight?

The Frog King has a 99% evasion stat.

Once you replace every wasteland tile with a Swamp tile, the Frog King will spawn on a random Swamp tile. There are no dialogues or indications that the Frog King has been summoned. Instead, you can find a frog icon hovering on the map. The Frog King only has 2 HP, but the Frog King has high evasion and Steel Flesh trait, meaning you need to connect two hits to defeat the Frog King.

By focusing on increasing your attack speed, counter, and evasion, you can get a lot of chances to attack the Frog King until two attacks connect. The Frog King has a high evasion stat so you need to focus on surviving long enough to hit him twice.

Frog King drops

The Frog king does not drop any special resources.

The Frog King does not drop any special resources like other bosses in Loop Hero. Instead, the Frog King only drops multiple cards that can replace your hand. The Frog King drops a lot of equipment as well. Defeating the Frog King is more of overcoming a challenge instead of defeating him for rewards.


Building your deck and equipment correctly can help you survive the hidden Frog King boss.

The Frog King is a hidden boss in Loop Hero. To summon the Frog King, you need to replace the entire wasteland tiles with the Swamp card tiles. Surviving the loop is challenging because you cannot rely on vampirism and regeneration with the Swamp tiles around. The Frog King also has a 99% evasion stat so you need to increase your attack speed to increase your chance of hitting him.

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