How to Defeat all the Bosses in Loop Hero

Loop Hero has multiple bosses and enemies. There are four chapters in Loop Hero, and whenever you fill up the boss meter, the boss for that chapter spawns. Each boss has different stats, and you need to prepare differently for each one. This guide will guide you on how you can beat all the bosses in Loop Hero, including the hidden boss.

Chapter 1: Lich

You can unlock the Necromancer class by building the Crypt.

The Lich is the very first boss you will encounter. You can make the Lich spawn faster by killing more enemies and filing up the boss meter. You can summon the Lich very early in the game. However, we recommend summoning the Lich after you have unlocked the Rogue class. You also need to summon the Lich very early on in the loop to avoid the spawning of Lich Palaces.


The Lich summons Lich Palaces around your camp when the boss meter is full.

The unique skill of the Lich is to summon Lich Palaces on the loop map. These palaces increase his overall health and damage. When the boss meter becomes full, the Lich Crystal will spawn. Build around the Lich Crystal as soon as possible to prevent Lich Palaces from spawning. Below are the cards you should take when building the loop.

  • Sand Dunes and Desert cards lower the health of your enemies.
  • Grove enables the use of Blood Grove.
  • Blood Grove can devour enemies that have low health.
  • Blooming Meadows can help with regeneration every three days.
  • Mountain Peak cards can increase your overall health by 135, build rocks and mountains around it to increase your HP by five more points.
  • A shipwreck can give you better quality gear, prepping you for the fight.
  • Oblivion cards are necessary for replacing cards and removing Lich palaces.
  • You can use both Spider Cocoons and Cemetery cards to help speed up the summoning process of Lich.
  • The Chrono Crystals and Meadow tiles can help with regeneration as well.
  • Place battlefield cards to increase your chances of getting better gear.
  • Beacons can help increase your attack speed

The trick here is to use the grove and build blood groves around your campsite. When the boss meter fills up, your campsite will be replaced by the Lich Crystal. The Lich Palaces will then spawn around the crystal. Build around the crystal and use the Oblivion card to remove any Lich Palaces. Turn your blood grove into hungry groves by removing the grove with Oblivion cards.


The warrior is the very first class that your hero can use.

You can use any class you want when it comes to defeating the Lich. However, if you are new to the game, you may only have the Warrior class. If you would like to defeat the Lich early, you can make do with the Warrior. However, unlocking the Rogue will drastically help in defeating the Lich and surviving the Loop. What matters most is the stat you need to focus on when building your equipment.


Use your oblivion cards to prevent the Lich from getting stronger due to the Lich Palaces.

If you are using the Warrior, you can focus on the regeneration stat and making your Hero as tanky as possible. However, one of the best ways to increase your chances of defeating the Lich is to increase your evasion stat. You can also add a vampirism stat so you can avoid the attacks of Lich and increase your survivability.

You can aim to have at least a 30% evasion stat. However, the higher the better. You can also get the Amulet from the Arsenal so you can utilize the Sand Dunes and Desert cards. If you have the Gymnasium unlocked, the following Traits will also help you in the battle:

  • Blissful Ignorance is important for removing the Lich Palace and Grove cards and turning your Blood Grove into Hungry Grove.
  • The shield given by the Article of Protection is also helpful for surviving the Lich battle.
  • The Somersault trait can give you a chance to perform a counterattack when you evade. Our focus will be on the evasion stat, so this trait is useful as well.


You can choose between three traits that you can unlock.

After defeating the Lich, you will be presented with a set of rewards that you can choose. You can choose to unlock a new trait that you can use for future loop runs or a set of resources that can help with building structures around your campsite. The traits can help with your future loop runs especially if they are combat-related, so do unlock the traits that will help you survive the loop if you can.

Chapter 2: Priestess

The Priestess will restore the windows protecting her instead of attacking for one turn.

The Priestess is the second boss that the Hero will face in Loop Hero. The unique skill of the Priestess is to have a percentage chance of a shield protecting her whenever she is attacked. Before going to battle the Priestess, we recommend unlocking the Necromancer class. The Necromancer class can be unlocked by building the Crypt. You will need to unlock the Field Kitchen or Herbalist's Hut, the Gymnasium, the Cemetery, and finally, the Crypt to get the Necromancer class.


Focus on increasing your regen per day using card tiles to survive the loop.

Aside from choosing the proper class, you will also need to build your deck correctly so you can set up the loop and prepare the Hero before facing the Priestess. Because the Necromancer class does not attack directly, you can spawn the wooden warrior enemies to improve your Hero's strength.  Below is the deck you can choose for your loop:

  • The Blooming Meadows tile can help with your regeneration whenever you start the loop.
  • The Cemetery and Spider Cocoon can help spawn more enemies and get more equipment and card tiles before the boss fight.
  • The Village and Wheatfields can increase your regeneration during the loop.
  • The Grove unlocks the use of the Blood Groove.
  • The Blood Groove devours enemies whenever they have less than 15% of their health.
  • The Battlefield can improve your chances of getting better gear before the fight.
  • Both the Rock and Mountains can increase your base HP.
  • The Meadow tile can heal you for 2 HP at the start of each day.
  • Oblivion cards can help you replace tiles and make your Blood Groove tiles turn into Hungry Groove.
  • The Beacon card can increase your movement speed and increase your attack speed by 20%.
  • You can place a Vampire Mansion beside the village to increase the experience you get and unlock traits for the Priestess fight.

Earning EXP and unlocking traits are essential for surviving the Priestess. However, you have to keep in mind that you must not overwhelm yourself with enemies, or else you would be too low on health before entering the boss fight. If you are using the Necromancer class, you need to focus on increasing the


The Necromancer is the most suitable for defeating the Priestess.

As we have said before, the best class that can defeat the Priestess is the Necromancer. The Necromancer has skeletons that will increase the chances of hitting the Priestess indirectly. The Priestess has a twenty percent chance of being protected every time she is attacked. It is also best that you get Resurrections first by unlocking the Cemetery so you can respawn during the loop.

If you are not confident in surviving the loop, you can also get the Ancestral card that will respawn you at full health. However, the Ancestral card prevents you from getting HP gain from your gear. The Priestess also repairs the windows instead of attacking when they are destroyed. The Necromancer class can remove the threat of window protection.


The Priestess has windows that reflect damage.

If you are using the Necromancer class, you need to focus on increasing your Max Skeleton stat so you can have as many skeletons as possible. You also need to increase your attack speed. If you are using the Necromancer class, the attack speed is converted to summon speed. The summon speed means you can summon all your skeletons on the battlefield.

You also need to focus on the Skeleton level and raw power of your skeletons to deal more damage during the fight. You also need to get enough exp to get the following traits:

  • Field Practice is a good trait to get because it increases the level of your skeletons.
  • The Art of Control Trait increases the number of Skeleton you can summon.
  • Unseen Care also scales your magic HP by 0.5 depending on the number of Skeleton you have summoned.
  • The Edge of Impossible gives you a 20% chance to summon extra skeletons even if the field is full of skeletons already.


Defeating the Priestess gives you a lot of resources to build your camp buildings.

Just like the Lich, after defeating the Priestess, you can choose between unlocking a new trait that you can use for your loop or a batch of resources that can help you build structures in your camp. Choose whichever you prefer and you can advance to the next chapter.

Chapter 3:Hunter

Increasing your attack speed is essential for defeating the Hunter.

Unlike the previous bosses, the Hunter has Hounds that fight alongside him. The hounds have "The Pack" ability that heals their allies whenever one of their allies dies. The Hunter also has the Hunter's Horn which fills up the Hound's attack bar. Plus, the Hunter has the Star Gunpowder skill that forces your Hero to stop attacking and switch to another target. You will need to focus on increasing your attack speed and vampirism throughout the loop.


Before facing the Hunter, you must farm for good equipment first.

For the Hunter, you will need to work on getting good equipment and traits before facing the Hunter. Below are the cards you can use for the Chapter 3 loop.

  • Cemetery and Swamp cards spawn enemies that can give you both equipment and card tiles.
  • The Village card gives you healing every time you enter the village. It also gives you quests that give you Exp and unlock traits.
  • Both the Grove, Vampire Mansion and Swamp tiles give more enemies during the loop. However, be careful of using the Swamp tile as it can negate any healing effects and reduce your Health instead.
  • Adding the Ruins card on your deck can give you extra resources throughout the loop as well.
  • The Battlefield card gives you a chest at the start of every loop, giving you more opportunities to get better gear.
  • Both the Road Lantern and Outpost help make the loop more survivable because it decreases the number of monsters and spawns an assistant on the adjacent tiles.
  • Adding the Rock and Forest tiles to your deck is essential for increasing your Hero's attack speed and base HP.
  • The Suburbs tile card is used in the same manner as the Village tile, giving you extra EXP to get more traits during the loop.
  • The Beacon and Temporal Beacon card can speed up your loop and give you extra attack speed.
  • The Treasury card is great for getting more resources during the loop.
  • The Arsenal card gives you an extra item slot. However, note that it lowers your item quality by 15%.


The Necromancer and Rogue class works well in defeating the Hunter.

The Hunter hits hard and the boss also has hounds that fight alongside him. The tactic here is to hit him as much as you can while surviving his attacks. The Hunter is pretty accurate so it might be wise to not use the evasion build this time. You can use any class you want for this boss fight. However, you need to focus on increasing the attack speed for your hero.

Both the Necromancer and Rogue are great for this boss fight. However, the Necromancer may need to rely a lot on RNG for its equipment. You can also use the Warrior class and focus on increasing its vampirism and regen stat. You can build the warrior as a tank. However, we recommend bringing extra potions with you.


Picking up the Edge of Impossible Necromancer trait can increase the maximum number of skeletons you can summon.

Depending on the class you chose, you need to build around them. For Rogue class, focus on increasing your attack speed with forest and thicket cards. If you are using the Necromancer class, focus on increasing your summoning quality as usual and getting your skeleton level equal to or higher than your loop number.

As for the Warrior, you can focus on increasing your regen and vampirism cards. However, if you are going this route, we do not recommend getting the swamp tiles as it can reverse the effects of healing and deal damage to you instead. Below are the traits that are great for fighting the Hunter:

  • Both Field Practice and Unseen care work best for the Necromancer class for increasing the level of their skeletons.
  • You can also get the Edge of Impossible trait to increase your chances of summoning an extra skeleton.
  • If you have the Arsenal card, you can get the trait "Picky" to increase the quality of your gear.
  • Lethal Weakness works well with the Rogue class as well in dealing more damage.
  • The Article of Protection increases your defense and attack as a Warrior.


You can defeat the Hunter multiple times to unlock all the traits that you want.

The Rewards for this boss are the same. You get to choose between the three traits that you can unlock for future use. We recommend redoing the bosses a few times so you can get the trait that you want to unlock. Unlocking traits are essential for the next chapter.

Chapter 4: Omega

The Omega is the last story boss that you are going to face in Loop Hero.

You might want to prepare before going into Act 4 or Chapter 4. Remember all those three bosses you killed? Well, you are going to face all of them in one loop plus the final boss, Omega. You can face the last boss using any class you like, as the final boss heavily relies on RNG, However, each class will bring a different set of cards.


You can choose whichever class you prefer for the Omega boss so long as you focus on surviving the four phases of the loop.

Each class differs in playstyle and you are going to need a different set of decks if you are using a Necromancer. Below are the decks needed for each class.

Warrior and Rogue

  • Village
  • Grove
  • Vampire Mansion
  • Battlefield
  • Blood Grove
  • Outpost
  • Forest
  • River
  • Desert
  • Suburbs
  • Oblivion
  • Storm Temple
  • Arsenal


  • Village
  • Grove
  • Vampire Mansion
  • Battlefield
  • Smith's Forge
  • Forest
  • River
  • Desert
  • Suburbs
  • Oblivion
  • Ancestral Crypt


Increasing your attack speed and evasion is essential for the Rogue class.

If you chose to get the Warrior or Rogue, you will need to use both the Outpost and Blood Grove card to survive the loop and get good gear. The Outpost summons an assistant that will help you in battle and the Blood Grove devours enemies with less than 15% health. Focus on placing both the Outpost and Blood Grove tile card near your campsite so they can help you with the fights.

If you are using the Necromancer, you can add the golden card "Ancestral Crypt", which gives you plus three HP for every enemy killed that has a soul. It also resurrects you once, so you can have a backup plan with this card. Below are the traits you should get for each class:


  • Field Practice
  • Unseen Care
  • Residual Heat
  • Art of Control
  • Horde
  • Edge of Impossible


  • Picky
  • Smoke Screen
  • Gift of Blood
  • Child of the Forest


  • Article of Protection
  • Somersault
  • Dominant Mass
  • Survivalist


Getting the "Picky" trait increases the quality of items you receive as a Rogue.

Both the Rogue and Warrior class benefits well with increasing their Attack Speed. Both classes should aim to increase their attack speed as high as they can. As a rogue, you can try to achieve 200% attack speed during the run. Once you have a high attack speed, you can focus on the Critical Chance, to increase your damage to bosses.

As for the Warrior, you can choose any build you want so long as you focus on max evade and attack speed. You do not have to focus on vampirism when using the Warrior class.

For the Necromancer, you need to get gear that would give you at least an extra summoning slot for your skeletons and improve your summon quality. You should focus on improving your skeleton level as well.


Defeating the Omega gives you the ending to the story and rewards you with traits you can unlock for future loops.

Omega, just like all other bosses, gives you a choice of unlocking traits or getting a pack of resources. However, since this is the late game already, you may not need the resources anymore. Focus on unlocking traits if you still want to continue to the secret boss.

Hidden Boss: True Creators

The True Creators appear on the loop once you destroy the center of the Dimension Rift tile.

You may think that is the end of it. However, if you would like to achieve a secret ending to the Loop Hero, you can try to summon and defeat the Hidden boss, True Creators. This boss is a personification of the developers of Loop Hero and defeating this boss will give you a hidden ending.

How to Summon

You need to create a Dimension Rift to summon the True Creators.

To Summon the True Creators, you need to create what is called a Dimension Rift. You need to overlap six areas of effect and then remove the center tile. For this, you need a touching and adjacent card like Spider Cocoon and Bookery. You will know that you have done it right once the center tile starts sparkling. Remove that tile using the Oblivion Card and the True Creators will visit the tile.


Focus on decreasing the HP of your enemies and increasing your HP.

Just like in Chapter 4, you will need to defeat multiple bosses. You need to get enough Exp and gear to survive the bosses, so be sure to complete the Dimension Rift only when you are ready.

  • Village
  • Wheat Field
  • Spider Cocoon
  • Vampire Mansion
  • Battlefield
  • Blood Grove
  • Bookery
  • Road Lantern
  • Smith's Forge
  • Chrono Crystals
  • Rock
  • Forest
  • Meadow
  • Suburbs
  • Oblivion

Class and Equipment

You can always retry the True Creators whenever you like, as long as you create a Dimension Rift during the loop.

There is no best class in defeating the True Creators. Each boss will have different traits and stats, and whichever class you chose, you need to focus on improving their stats. Boosting their HP, increasing evasion and attack speed for both the Warrior and Rogue Class works great. You can also invest in gears that deal damage to all for some AoE damage. For the Necromancer, you can focus on max skeleton summon, summoning quality, and skeleton level.


Defeating the True Creators does not give you any rewards but gives you a secret, easter egg ending.

When facing the True Creators, you need to face four enemies. The Deceiver, Blinch, TheRandom, and Finlal. Depending on the class you chose, you target different enemies. If you choose the Rogue class, you will attack Finlal first. If you chose the Necromancer class, you will attack TheRandom first and if you chose the Warrior class, you will attack the Deceiver first.

Blinch will always come second, no matter what class you chose. Defeating the True Creators does not give you any reward. However, it will give you a secret ending to complete the game.


Loop Hero focuses on the tales of a Hero trying to survive in an empty world.

Loop Hero can be challenging and complicated with its combination of deck-building and strategic mechanics. There are multiple bosses in Loop Hero, including hidden bosses. Each boss needs a different approach and some classes may be more suitable compared to others. However, the key to defeating these bosses is to come prepared for the fight.

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