How to Craft a Debugging Station in Breathedge

Amidst so many releases and postponements in the gaming world, every now and then a hidden gem comes along to surprise us. One of these is Breathedge, a sci-fi comedic survival released on Steam that is earning a growing reputation.

Nothing like a good old-fashioned space trip between a Man, his late grandfather, and a chicken.

Breathedge puts the player in the role of The Man, who, all things considered, seemed to have a pretty ordinary life. He is trying to take his grandfather's ashes to a location in space but ends up getting caught up in a universe conspiracy. It's a familiar mix of survival, crafting, and lots of death screens. The game's flair is in the satirical comedy and a pretty unusual companion, your grandpa's former pet, a chicken, which by the way, is immortal.

To survive in space, you must craft, a lot. The essence of this game is finding loot in deep space by floating or riding on your space bike. Then crafting and repairing your recently damaged ship, sometimes using your chicken as a material or tool, and enduring the AI dark humor about your imminent death.

One of the key tools you need to craft early in the game is the Cryptographic Debugging Station. It's needed to fix the communication system and also works as the game's crafting tutorial.

The tabs seem a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, they continue confusing.

What Materials Are Needed?

Luckily, or not, since it's one of the first missions, the materials needed are as common as The Man and can be easily found floating in space around the ship.

To learn what are the materials needed, go to your processing table and use it to open your inventory. Select the "Equipment" and "Tools" tab to find the Cryptographic Debugging Station. You can see technical information about it, its durability, and the information we require, materials.

You will need the following materials:

  • Metal x 2
  • Wire

Finding The Materials

How hard is it to find metal or wire in a spaceship, right?

To swim we put on a swimsuit. In space, what should we do? Yeah, wear a spacesuit! No dying on me now or else you will sue my guide.

Finding metal is like finding sand on the beach, easy-peasy. Leave the ship via the air hatch and keep floating forward, looking for small orange and white metal balls that will be floating through space. Pick them up with the left mouse button. Don't stop at two, grab 'em all because it's a commonly required commodity in space. But remember to return to the hatch to get some air before continuing your spacewalk.

Metal is pretty easy to spot from afar. An orange round material in complete silence since there's no sound in space.

The wire is equally easy to find. Leave the ship again and move towards the large wrecked ship, just a bit ahead where you found metals. Go up toward the dismembered part of the ship and you will find some frayed wires sticking out. Approach them and grab some wire.

Walk a little further after you find the metal, looking up, and you will find the wires waiting for you.

Could you get both materials on a single journey? Sure! Should you risk it? Nah. You are not immortal, the chicken is.

Crafting The Debugging Station

Metals and wire in hand, go back to the processing table, browsing again the Equipment and Tools tabs, hover the Cryptographic Debugging Station, and left-click to build it. To finish the mission, move over to the broken receiver unit at the end of your ship and fix it.

With the Debugging Station on hand - or on a desk - you will learn a lot about crafting and inventory management to increase your odds of surviving space and honoring your grandpa's memory.

If by any chance you can't seem to find the Debugging Station blueprint, you have to fix the antenna, check the steering wheel and the suit will give the blueprint to you.

There's also this video tutorial if you don't want to read my needlessly rambling and prefer a visual approach:

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