How To Connect The PS5 DualSense Controller To PC

While Sony's PlayStation 5 is only launching tomorrow in some regions and on the 19th of November worldwide, the all-new DualSense controller is already available. You can also connect the new DualSense to your PC in lieu of the PS5 if you're itching to try it out. Here's how.

Since the PS5 itself is, as of yet, unreleased, the official drivers for the DualSense aren't available anywhere. This doesn't mean it isn't useable, it just means any special features are nonfunctional and you're basically left with a basic controller like any other.

This also means that for now, you'll only be able to use it with games launched through Steam. Steam is the only game platform on PC that allows for the customization of controller inputs, and lacking drivers this is your only way to actually use the DualSense for playing.

Setting up the DualSense

This part is easy - you can just plug the DualSense straight into any free USB port on your PC or Laptop, but keep in mind that the controller uses a USB Type-C connection. If you prefer Wireless connections, press the PS and Create buttons simultaneously to turn on pairing-mode, and look for the device on your PC's Bluetooth menu.

Button Mapping

Using Steam's control mapping feature is essential to using the DualSense on your PC. Each button will need to be individually mapped to the desired function - you can mirror the classic PS layout entirely, or tweak things around if you prefer.

Once you've opened Steam, you need to navigate to Settings, then Controller and General Controller Settings. You'll see your new DualSense in the Detected Controllers tab. Select it, and click on Define Layout.

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Once you are done mapping your controls, pick the game you'd like to play, bring up the properties, and toggle the Steam Input Per-Game Setting to “Forced On.”

For now, you'll have to stick to this setup, but we imagine that after the drivers are released, you'll be less restricted in your use!

Aron Gerencser
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