How To Complete The Fallen Star Challenge In Genshin Impact

Now that the Unreconciled Stars Event has entered its third phase, Genshin Impact's players can finally participate in the Fallen Star challenge. The reward for completing this challenge is a number of Fading Star's Essence. The bigger reward for this challenge is obtaining Fischl.

Preliminary Requirements

First, you must complete the 'What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals' quest from the Star of Destiny phase of the Unreconciled Stars Event. This is not a difficult quest. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Speak with Mona.
  2. Head to Qingce Village.
  3. Participate in at least two Meteorite Salvage Runs.
  4. Interact with sleeping sickness victims.
  5. Speak with Mona once again.
  6. Mona will ask you to complete the fallen Star activity.

What To Do In The Fallen Star Challenge

The object of this challenge is to fill the progress bar up with Celestial Energy. Celestial energy is acquired by defeating enemies for a set amount of time. However, you can only carry a limited amount of this energy. So, you have to fill up the bar and deposit the energy, and then fill up the bar again until you reach the required amount. You will need to go to the Submission Zone to submit the cumulated Celestial Energy.

The entire process requires a lot of time. It can also be interrupted, so be sure you are not going to get hit while submitting. You can lose all of your Celestial Energy if you are not careful since there is an Astral Anomaly that will affect the loss. You must be sure to destroy or restrict the movement of nearby opponents first.

The entire challenge can be played in Co-op. You can do this with your friends, or with some random stranger, you get through online matchmaking. If you are not a fan of playing with others you can always proceed with it solo. However, we recommended that you complete the Fallen Star challenge in Co-op. Your allies can protect you while you are submitting the energy. It shortens the time in dispatching the monsters. Additionally, nearby allies also gain from a buff making the killing of monsters much faster compared to dealing with them alone.

The Celestial Energy submission process

Random Buffs and Astral Anomalies

Certain characters get random buffs during the challenge. These buffs are certainly helpful in completing the challenge. The Fecund Starburst buff will give the character and all those nearby the Fecundity buff. This increases the efficiency in the submission process of Celestial Energy.

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The other buff is Heroic Starburst. Heroic Starburst will slowly increase the attack power of the character and their nearby characters.

For every start of the challenge, one of the three Astral Anomalies may happen. The Orbital Shift changes the location of where you need to submit the Celestial Energy. The Dark Omen makes the monsters that were involved in the challenge become extra violent. The Inauspicious Star will make Celestial Energy submission a lot riskier since an interruption would cause you to lose all the energy accumulated.

Battle Tips

You must use Anemo characters to restrict the monster's movements. Doing so will allow you to submit the Celestial Energy without too much of a problem. The same goes for using Cryo. Cryo freezes enemies, and during this time you can head to the submission area and let those Celestial Energy go

The following characters have Cryo and Anemo:

  1. Venti
  2. Sucrose
  3. Jean
  4. Chongyun
  5. Qiqi
  6. Traveler (only has Anemo)

Some characters are also buffed with event bonuses. They receive a 60% boost to their attacks during the Unreconciled Starts Event and Fallen Stars challenges. So if you are looking for a Co-op partner, make sure that they choose any of the following:

  1. Tartaglia
  2. Mona
  3. Fischl
  4. Beidou
  5. Ningguang
  6. Chongyun
  7. Lisa
  8. Noelle
  9. Xiangling

Enemy waves will differ in elements. You must make sure your party is focused not just on a single element. The longer the monsters stay alive, the more difficult for you to submit the Energy. So make sure you get your bases covered.

Abyss Mages and Mitachurls, monsters that appear in this challenge, use shields. This will prolong your suffering, so you better take those shields off them. Having characters with the appropriate element should knot the shields through Elemental Reaction.

After Finishing this challenge, you will have to spend 40 Original Resin. This will allow you to obtain the Fading Star's Essence and other rewards for completing the challenge. The possible rewards will vary depending on your Word Level.

Fischl can be obtained by completing Prizessin's Pact missions. This mission requires you to complete the Fallen Star Challenge 7 times.

Fischl in all her glory
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