How to Complete Bounty Contracts in Fortnite

The new Season 5 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite brings a lot to the table, including a new side task in the map called Bounty Contracts. That's right. These are bounty contracts similar to the ones you might have seen in an equally reputed free-to-play battle royale, Call of Duty: Warzone.

Some new non-playable characters (NPCs) have been added around the map that you can interact with and start bounty contracts, among other various tasks. If you complete these bounties, you will be rewarded with Fortnite Gold Bars that you can spend at any one of the NPCs.

These characters are found in all the major locations of the Fortnite map. Whenever you are close to one of the NPCs, you will see a speech bubble pop up on your mini-map. This speech bubble represents the NPC that you can interact with to start your bounty (or other tasks).

Menace at Colossal Coliseum

NPC Locations

Here are all the NPCs' known locations that you can interact with to start bounties or tasks.

  • Menace: You can find Menace in the middle of Colossal Coliseum
  • Big Chuggus: You can find him at in the factory at the Slurpy Swamp
  • Bullseye: Bullseye is at Steamy Stacks
  • The Reaper: You will find the Reaper just west of Sweaty Sands
  • Tomato Head: You can find him northeast of the Colossal Coliseum in the Pizza Hut located on the edge of the new desert
  • Lexa: Lexa is found in the house just west of Hunter's Haven
  • Beef Boss: Beef Boss is easily found north of Pleasant Park. Look around a shack to find the Beef Boss
  • Mancake: You can find this NPC around a house (or inside) located in the desert, in the middle of Colossal Coliseum and Hunter's Haven
  • Burnout: Burnout is just outside Sweaty Sands. Look under the "S" of "Sweaty.." on the map and you will find a white speech bubble pop up
  • Ragnarok: West of Holly Hedges in a small house
  • Doggo: Doggo can be found at Retail Row
  • Kit: The infamous Kit is found in Catty Corner
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To start a bounty contract, approach the NPC and talk to it. You will get a range of tasks to choose from, including the bounty contract.

Bounty Contract Option when talking to the NPCs

Once started, you will have 6 mins to eliminate your bounty.

Bounty Contract Timer

The bounty target's general vicinity will be marked on the map with a big yellow circle.

General vicinity of the bounty target represented by a yellow circle on the map

One good thing about these bounty contracts is that it shows you what skin your target is wearing, making hunting your target a bit easier.

Skin shown upon accepting a bounty contract

You can also complete the Mandalorian challenge that requires you to complete five bounties for 55,000 XP points.

That's all you need to know about the new bounty contracts in Fortnite. So what're you waiting for? Get hunting!

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