How To Change Your Valorant Name

Valorant is a tactical shooter that has borrowed the CS:GO formula, only with unique heroes. It's also the first game from Riot that does not follow League of Legends lore.

Valorant is a 5 versus 5 team-based shooter. The match ends when one team wins 13 rounds out of 25. Players pick their agents, each with different skills and special abilities. Similar to Overwatch, players of opposing sides can pick the same agents, so there is a possibility that the enemy team will feature the same agents.

Valorant is only available on PC and you will need a Riot ID in order to play. The Riot ID can only be changed within your Riot Account itself.

In order to change your Riot ID (which is also your name in Valorant) you must first quit the Valorant client and then log in to your Riot account via a web browser.

This is the page where you can find the option to change your Valorant display name.

Your Riot ID can be a combination of numbers or letters. If your name is unique, there is no need to add a hashtag (#). However, due to the number of players playing Valorant, your preferred name is probably already taken, so it is quite possible that you will need a hashtag. Hashtags can be 3-5 numbers or letters.

You can also randomize the hashtag if you cannot decide what to put in.

Simply confirm the new name and then fire up Valorant in order to see the changes. Note that while changing your Riot ID is free, you can only do so once per month.

Jasper Nikki De La Cruz
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