How To Catch An Oarfish In Animal Crossing

December is here, and that means the Oarfish is back in Animal Crossing!

How To Catch An Oarfish In Animal Crossing

The Oarfish is a very rare ocean fish. It was introduced in New Leaf. Oarfish can be caught the entire day from the months of December to May. You have four months to catch this elusive fish to fill your Critterpedia. The Oarfish can be sold for 9,000 Bells, while C.J. will buy an Oarfish for 13,000 Bells.

Here is the guide on how to catch an Oarfish in Animal Crossing.

Check The Date

Maybe you unwittingly changed the date of your Nintendo Switch, so you have got to be sure that your system settings have the current date. If you have terrible luck and are not able to catch an Oarfish from December to May, you can change the system date manually. It is recommended to change the date to past time, not future time. Forwarding the system date to the future may produce unwanted effects like bugs or crashes in the game.

Check The Place

The Oarfish is only found in the sea. The best place to look for an Oarfish is by the beach. You can hunt for Oarfish on your own island or other player's islands, and you can also participate in a Nook Tour to other islands.

As for the actual catching, just go to the nearest or your chosen dock, place the bait and wait for the Oarfish to spawn. It will be obvious that it is an Oarfish since it casts a massive shadow when it finally appears.

Just note that the Oarfish has a scarce rarity in Animal Crossing, it will take a lot of time and luck for one to appear in your game.

Check The Time Of The Day

Fortunately, unlike the other fishes, an Oarfish can be caught at any time of the day: morning, noon, afternoon, night, or dusk. There is no specific time period that will increase your chances of catching one.

How To Catch An Oarfish In Animal Crossing
Critterpedia entry of the oarfish

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