How to Become a Vampire in Elder Scrolls Online

In 2020, Elder Scrolls Online received a major update. Greymoor introduced a whole new portion of Skyrim to explore, as well as a ton of new quests, NPCs, and game mechanics. One of these mechanics is especially exciting; the ability for players to become vampires. Vampires had existed in the game in a limited capacity up to this point, but the skills and infection process was completely overhauled for Update 26.

The infection process is a standalone storyline, but it also fits into the Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure, taking the player through new, Gothic adventures against monstrous enemies. But how do you become a Vampire? And do you even want to? Read on to find out.

Becoming a Vampire

There are three ways to become a Vampire in Elder Scrolls Online.

  1. The first way is to simply purchase the Curse of Vampirism from the Crown Store for 1500 Crowns. While this path is the simplest, it’s also the most expensive.
  2. The second way is to get another player who already has Vampirism to infect you. For this method, you need to make sure that you’re near one of the three Vampire Shrines, and that the player who is going to infect you has the Blood Ritual skill unlocked in their Vampire Skill Tree.
  3. If you want the most authentic Vampire transformation experience, then you can attempt to get infected by a Bloodfiend. These enemies can be found in Bangkorai, The Rift, and Reaper’s March. They usually spawn around midnight during a Blood Moon. They don’t spawn every night and can be quite tricky to find. If that wasn’t difficult enough, getting bitten by a Bloodfiend doesn’t automatically mean that you will get infected. If you’re having trouble getting infected, make sure that you’re not already infected with Lycanthropy; players who have that condition cannot be infected with Vampirism.

Keep at it, and eventually, your persistence should pay off. Once you’ve been infected, a condition called Noxiphilic Sanguivora/Vampirism will appear in your Character Menu. You have to complete a quest to complete your transformation.

The Vampire Quest

After being infected, read the Ceremonial Scrolls and head to the dungeon titled “The Monument of Lamae Bal.” Speak to the NPC with the quest marker inside the entrance to start the mission.

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Speak to Rahaja to start the quest
Speak to Rahaja to start the quest

Afterwards, find the two basins on either side and watch the vision that triggers with each. Make sure that you destroy the monument after you’ve watched both visions, then enter the centre pool that’s filled with blood.

Once you finish the prerequisites, Lamae Bal will appear and begin the ritual to turn you into a Vampire. You will lose health during this ritual, but don’t worry; you won’t die.

Lamae Ball

After the ritual has been completed, Lamae Bal will ask you to kill 10 Worm Assassins throughout the dungeon. After you’ve completed this task, return to Lamae Bal to unlock your Vampire Skill Tree as a reward.

Vampire Abilities

Congratulations! You’ve officially become a Vampire in Elder Scrolls Online. You now have access to a whole host of Vampire Abilities. You’ll notice that your character’s appearance will begin to change; with every Vampirism Stage, their skin will become paler and paler. There are a few skins that you can use to hide this if you don’t want other players instantly knowing that you’re a Vampire:

  • Meridian Purified 
  • Blackmarrow Necromancer
  • Maormer
  • Decayed Zombie
  • Arctic Rime
  • Peryite’s Afflicted

Stages of Vampirism

There are four stages of Vampirism, each with their own perks and downfalls. To increase your Vampire Stage, you need to feed on NPCs. You can also use a drink called Corrupting Bloody Mara, which will instantly put you up to Stage 4. Below are the stats of each Stage:

Stage Health Recovery Extra Fire Damage Regular Ability Cost Vampire Ability Cost Unlocked Abilities
1 -10% +5% +3% -6% Feed, Dark Stalker
2 -30% +8% +5% -10% Strike from the Shadows
3 -60% +13% +8% -16% Undeath
4 -100% +20% +12% -24% Unnatural Movement

You can also drop in Vampire Stages; if you don’t feed on NPCs, your Stage will decrease over time. You can also use a drink called Purifying Bloody Mara, which will decrease your stage by 1 for each use. This allows you to move fluidly between Vampire Stages as situations present themselves. Plan your strategy carefully.

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