How To Beat Molten Acari In Outriders

So you're finally prepared for your first and biggest challenge to date in Outriders... Or not prepared, that's why you are having a hard time and looking for a guide. Well, look no further, because right now, I'm going hand over the entire strategy that I developed with more than 300 hundred hours of Molten Acari analysis, anatomy, and Sun Tzu's Art of War theory to practice.

Say hello to this disgusting bug, but be prepared to say goodbye because, with this guide, it will soon meet its maker.

Grab some long-range weapons like SMGs or Heavy Assault Rifles because I'm about to teach you how to beat Molten Acari in Outriders. Blindfolded. And using bananas as controllers.

Equipment and Level

You look like someone ready to die. But that day is not today, and if it is up to me, you will never die.

I recommend you be between Levels 10 to 12. Less than that and you will need sunscreen to endure the scorching arena. As I said before, long-range weapons are your best choices, like SMGs or Heavy Assault Rifles. You can also use a Sniper Rifle, but since the lava spider will do some quick attacks on you, you may lose momentum or shot opportunity. Armor-piercing status is nice to have.

Prioritize abilities that add Anomaly Power to your shots, since this fight is essentially about maximizing your damage output while avoiding attacks. 101 Guerrilla Interspace Tactics. And unless you have a powerful mod on your armors, do favor high Armor status and Health, since they will do something quite important, keep you alive.

You will probably be around World Tier 06 when you reach this fight. If you are still having a hard time even with these golden tips, which is unlikely, there's no shame in reducing the World Tier. Go on, I won't tell anyone. But I can't guarantee you will shrug off the reek of helplessness.

First Phase

There are three phases in this boss fight, and I'm going to start with this first one because we are not Benjamin Button.

Molten Acari has three main attacks in this phase and you can avoid them by paying attention to the giant blue area on the ground. The first is a leap towards your last location, so whenever the giant boss jumps and disappears from your screen, you should do the same. Sometimes it will do a small leap in the same position and lava will spawn in a small radius around it and also in various rectangle-shaped directions. Avoid it if you cherish life.

The second attack is a shower of lava spilled from its butt. You will need to dodge small attack areas and move away from them, possibly giving you an opening to put your finger on the trigger and machine-gun the bastard. When a blue rectangular area appears in front of you, it could be either a lava spit or charging attack. If it does charge, it will go up the wall. Grabbing the wall, Molten Acari will keep pouring lava at you.

Aim at this yellowish part. Some call it the spider's abdomen, but since I am not an expert on arachnids, we will call it the weak spot.

Every chance you get, shoot her. The rounded top on its back is like a shell and with a lot of perseverance and bullets, you can break it, exposing a kind of yellowish gooey skin. That's where the armor-piercing attribute will shine. Fire away at the yellow bright spot because it is the monster's weak point. In no time, you will deplete its first bar and start the second phase.

Second Phase

The spider will hide in the lava, afraid of your unequaled power, and will send its family to their death. These little spiders are jokes around you, so destroy them as soon as possible. Although their damage is minimal, if you let them gather, it will be a mess by the time Molten Acari returns from the sauna.

When it returns from the lava, its attacks will continue in the same patterns. It will continue to spawn suicidal spiderlings to hinder you during the battle. Use this time to recover health according to your class or collect ammo that the puny ones drop. When Molten Acari jump into the lava and has its back turned to you, prepare to run. Preferably toward the giant boss.

It will drink lava and with the fastest digestion in the world, spew a lava whip across the arena. Staying close to it will protect you from the attack. Also, you will be in a great position to constantly shoot its back to unwrap its weak spot until you eliminate one more health bar and transition to the third phase.

Stay close to it as it hits a big nothing. No one told it to turn its back on the enemy.

Third Phase

Molten Acari will jump into the lava again, probably shitting itself, but it will come out of there in the center of the arena having digivolved into a sort of giant worm. The arena will shrink down, so pay mind to your surroundings.

As soon as it emerges, blue markers will appear on the ground. Avoid them, but don't standstill. Keep running following the blue area because the giant worm will be spinning around while discharging lava. Be careful not to get too close to the center, as the lava floor will damage you.

Continue following the blue marker, avoiding stepping the lava on the ground, defeating numerous spiderlings, and shooting the giant menacing boss. Easy-peasy.

The boss will keep throwing big chunks of lava, which are easily avoided if you spot the giant blue marker on the ground. Spiderlings will spawn continuously and must be defeated simultaneously while damaging the boss, so that they don't accumulate and become a nuisance. Aim for Molten Acari's body. It's easy to hit and since there's no actual weak spot, why wouldn't you sight for the biggest target ever. Ignore the head. It's too far up and you may cause less damage.

Eventually, you will kill it and be the glorious victor. Thanks to you, but mostly thanks to my guidance. If you are still struggling, remember you can reduce World Tier. You can also check out our class guide to see if another one fits your playstyle.

Murillo Zerbinatto
Murillo is a passionate lover of role-playing games, fantasy books and super powers' anime. Has just begun a career in game writing, hoping to one day co-write Final Fantasy XVII.
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