How to Beat the Crab Warden Boss in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Your route towards taking out your second Mako reactor after rejoining Avalanche in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will put you up against another Arachnida class mechanical monster in the form of the Crab Warden.

The Crab Warden is a welcome change of pace in Final Fantasy 7 Remake as arguably the easiest boss you'll encounter before things get hard.

However, unlike your fight against the Scorpion Sentinel in Chapter 1, you'll have a party of 3 at your disposal and a better understanding of the in-game combat system. This makes the Crab Warden one of the more entertaining fights in the game, albeit one that doesn't come with its fair share of difficulty.

Scroll down below to learn more about how to beat the Crab Warden boss in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Tips for Beating the Crab Warden Boss

Similar to other machinery that you get a chance to fight against in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Crab Warden is susceptible to Lightning. We recommend having the said Materia equipped on all three of your party members and spamming it whenever you can.

You should actively try to avoid using normal attacks and abilities to take on the Crab Warden unless it gets Staggered, in which case, you're free to wail on it. Focus on dropping one Lightning attack after another on its individual parts and eventually, you'll leave it in a Staggered state and it should be easy pickings from then on.

The Crab Warden boss also has no particularly damaging attack that your party should have difficulty recovering from. So long as you keep on spamming Lightning attacks and using Ether to restore your MP, the fight should be pretty straightforward.

Speaking of MP, don't be afraid to use your Ethers or all of your spells on the Crab Warden.

Because the Crab Warden marks the end of its chapter (Chapter 5), you'll have plenty of time to rest and restock before your next big fight.

Once you've destroyed every individual part of the Crab Warden, it should be dead or almost dead.

How to Beat the Crab Warden in Hard Mode

Taking out the Crab Warden in Hard mode is a bit more difficult as it hits harder, but so long as you can keep everyone topped off properly, it shouldn't take too long for you to finish this chapter-ending boss.

Unlike the previous other bosses that you'll encounter in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the Crab Warden isn't particularly difficult, even in Hard Mode.

The only thing that we recommend changing is to equip Cloud and Tifa with the Elemental and Thunder Materia. This is to help boost their normal attacks to make the fight go a lot faster. Even if you don't do that, you should be able to use Thundaga on at least two characters at this point.

It should already go without saying, but the boss can hit hard if you're careless, especially in Hard mode.

Just make sure that you keep your distance when necessary and have at least one party member equipped with healing spells. You can use the Prayer Materia or the combined effect of the Magnify and Healing Materia, as well as Magnify and Revival Materia.

Personally, we recommend the Prayer Materia. Being unable to use items in Hard mode makes MP a more valuable resource.

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